3318 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington
(302) 999-1442

Recent Reviews

Melissa Stanton

Needed something fast.. they have curbside up pick. Drive thru was backed up like crazy but seems like its moving pretty fast.. we didnt want to wait in drive thru for our food.. hubby went inside to order and took forever by the time he came out drive thru was done being crazy!!


What can I say. Great service

Nancy Hammond

Drive thru very quick, no waiting, order was correct. Food hot and fresh.

April O

Enjoyed my Big Mac Meal $8.49..fries hot, big mac warm, drink (root beer)fountain drink with plenty of ice, fast service

Mike Overhulser

The breakfast value menu was priced higher than other McDonald's by 30 to 50 cents, but the store was much cleaner than others

Debbie Stockman

They need to cook there bacon so its crispy not raw!!

Tina Hartnett

Lots of choices of food and beverages. Items are always fresh. Good prices. Fast, friendly service.

Zach Gregg

Online order. Was wrong had to wait even know I didn't get there right away. Took 2 people to find my order after waiting for 15 min. They tossed extra Fry's in the bag would have been col but no salt.. made it all for nothing. Won't be back late night

Molly Barth

This McDonald's used to be alot faster and cleaner but anymore no matter if I'm picking up for a delivery or even just getting food myself, this specific McDonald's is consistently the slowest in making orders. I don't like being someone to remind staff of my order but I had to after 15 minutes of nobody even starting it after they asked me upon walking in. I'm just disappointed. It could be a lot better.

Kevin Etter

Open 24hrs but cancel my order because the store closed? Good for me as I got a full refund and $15 credit for my order taking so long and another $15 when it got canceled on an order of $13. Don't order here it's not worth the hassle. Got to wawa as they are actually available 24/7.

Ash T

Literally the slowest McDonald's I've ever been to. Consistently sitting in line for well over 30 minutes to be served. Rude staff, inconsistency in orders. You're better off driving to a different location.

Lennie Amores

Very hygienic. Everyone wore masks properly and service was good.

susana lemus fonseca

They are NOT open 24/7 though employees are there. Once we pull up the the drive through they say they are not open at the moment. This was at 4:25am


Consistency is key. When I go here, I know exactly what I am going to get. Lines are processed very quickly, with the expected food and accuracy you expect of the franchises in the area.

Calea Nylei

It was super nice. Our order made us sound like we were high as heck, but we're all just fat. Then a friend of mine was being extra and asked for 7 of 3 kinds of sauces AND THEY SURE DID GIVE US 21 SAUCES. The only thing is that they never put my large order of fries in the order. But that's okay we gave them a good laugh and the nuggets tasted good. 10/10 would recommend

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