Two Stones Pub Wilmington

2502 Foulk Rd, Wilmington
(302) 439-3231

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Leo S.

The two of us went on a Thursday afternoon around 6:00. It wasn't crowded, but we chose anyway to sit at the bar. For drinks, we ordered a fruity cocktail and sour beer. The cocktail was great! For food, we ordered the soft pretzel, pork tacos, and cheeseburger. The pork tacos came out first, and then the pretzels and cheeseburger came out at the same time, which was kind of odd. The pork tacos were good. The pork was flavorful and the shells were soft. The soft pretzel, although small in size, was warm and salty, just how a soft pretzel should be. Unfortunately, the cheeseburger was awful. We asked for it to be cooked medium and it came out undercooked. We sent it back and they cooked us a new one. Although the new one was cooked enough, it was so salty! It wasn't a great burger experience. The bartenders were nice and provided decent service, but at times it was difficult to get their attention. I didn't have a great time; my experience was slightly below average. But I think 2SP has great potential and will give them another chance in the near future.

Taylor Smith

The staff there is just incredible. Andrew is one of the fastest and most intellectual bartenders I've ever had the pleasure of being served by and the server that brought my food Zach, was an absolute joy. When the manager Thomas came by to make sure everything was good he also made my experience amazing with his charming personality.The food and drinks are always spectacular but the staff here makes it all the better.

Eileen Knorr

Two experiences there. First time there was course curly dark hair in my food. 2nd time I had meal customization where I told the server I can't eat anything spicy. Out of the 3 fish tacos, 2 still had spicy stuff in it

Larry Harshyne

Excellent service, great food and tasty beverages. They have a great selection of craft beers.

Bill S.

Once again, I have someone telling me I "haveta" try the Foie Gras burger at Two Stones pub. When these statements are made to me, I try not to judge. If they consider Applebee's Jalapeño poppers life changing, I usually smile and go about my business. But when someone says Foie Gras and Truffles to me in the same sentence? Somethings cooking. (See what I did there?) Waking in, I'm greeted by the hostess. I'm told there is bar seating but theres a wait for a table. The bar it is. A cheerful bartender greets me and gives me a few menus. I told her I drink Allagash beer at home, I see a grapefruit summer beer that looks interesting. She comes back with two tasting glasses. The IPA grapefruit beer had too much going on. How the hell do you pair an IPA with food?? I'll stick with my summer Allagash thankyouverymuch. I place the order for the burger. I'm told it comes with chips but for an upcharge, the truffle fries are really good. Take my money and truffle me!! The burger comes to me quickly. It's a nice brioche bun topped with fig jam and Arugula. The patty, is a little thinner than what I expected but has very nice meat blend. And there it is, a nice size piece of Foie Gras. It's a piece of heaven on a plate. What's throwing it all off? Why are there bacon strips on a burger of this caliber? It's like seeing lipstick on a pig, it doesn't belong. I took off the strips and moved them to the side. First bite? Man, that is a well designed handheld burger. And the truffle fries with the aioli dip?? This gastropub would be typically seen in Williamsburg Brooklyn than Wilmington. Great job everyone, fantastic burger. There's a guy sitting at the end of the bar, he orders the bread pudding. I guess he got the same advice to swing by for some good food. I totally agree.

Daniel Koman

Great atmosphere, a little pricey but the food is great. Good vibes

Jacqui B.

Awesome spot - delicious food and great staff- Hugo was off the charts pleasant helpful and delivered great service! But giant con for me was the restaurant serving foie gras- please reconsider!!!!!!!!!!! Unnecessary cruelty:(

Vidul M.

Entrees + drinks are spectacular. Appetizers are okay but not worth the money in my opinion. Good vegetarian option

Rachael Schoenberg

I have eaten here twice now and both times it was delicious. This time I got the foie gras burger and it was hands down the BEST burger I have ever had in my life. No competition.

George Taylor

I generally don't do negative reviews. But man, we moved to the area about 2+ years ago and without fail they have always disappointed me food wise. They do on occasion have good beer on tap, including theirs. But almost without exception the food has always let them down.

Timothy Detwiler

Great bar, really good food, and friendly staff. Really love the beer selection!

duncan hughes

Never had a less than really good meal here. Interesting specials, local beer, cider, mead. Follow staff recommendations.

Rachael S.

The foie gras burger was hands down the best burger I have ever had in my entire life. No competition.

Becky S.

Kimber is the best!!! Definitely sit in her section. She keeps you laughing and taken care of the whole night. Busy night but she was still cracking jokes and being friendly.

Amanda Nersasian Sheets

Fantastic and attentive server. Ice cold raspberry seltzer, amazing Brussel sprouts and juicy burgers

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