Hunan Chinese Restaurant

3375 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview
(850) 682-2223

Recent Reviews

Samantha Lemay

This place has never let me down. It was the first Chinese restaurant I found when I moved to Florida. 14 years ago. The customer service is always out of this world. The cuisine is consistently delicious and perfectly cooked. I have never had a bad experience, or any kind of issue like the wrong order.

Dairyn Gulick

Food was fast and delicious! Friendly service!

Alex Gulick

Our go to Chinese take out restaurant. Always wonderful service and food

Lil dixon D.

I saw dogs being shot in the ba k kitchen being killed please help dem poor baby's. HELP THE. HER FREE OH HELP THEM POOR BABYS

Stephfon williams

This might be THE worst Chinese restaurant in all of Florida, the rice had more peas and carrots than rice ?, and the shrimp and broccoli was terrible. The shrimp wasnt fresh and I could taste it so you know that's old lol, and the broccoli was DRENCHED in Soooo much sauce it made the meal undesirable. 10/10 would never recommend

Orlando Rodriguez

This shop is run by an elderly couple and they were very nice when I came by. The food is great for the price and hot too. If you don’t mind an empty dining room this place is pretty great to come and eat at

Julian Meares

The place to go for Chinese in Crestview. Walked in ordered and food was ready in 5 min hot.

Sheri Glavan

Everything is made to order. Fresh on the spot. I just started suresmile retainers, so could only order soft food... the egg drop and wonton soups are both delicious... as well as the steamed dumplings!

randy simmons

The food was prepared fresh and it was delicious. The service was great. The guy behind the counter was very nice and very polite.

Kyle Johnson

Messed up order. Egg drop soup is just oily, like how do you mess that up? They deliver but I'd rather go pick up from Jin Jin, it taste better there and they get your order right.

Rose Keith

People weren't joking about the lady screaming in Chinese cause she's still screaming but didn't bother us none. Food was good and decently priced.

Karen Grogan

My family placed an order tonight and it was terrible! I ordered the Szechuan chicken which was supposed to be hot and spicy. There wasn’t any spice in it at all. It smelled and tasted like someone poured a bottle of soy sauce in it. It was disgusting!My son ordered Orange chicken which had no flavor and my daughter ordered General Tso’s chicken. It also had no flavor. The spring rolls tasted like they were cooked in old grease.I will say the staff was very friendly.

Judy D.

This restaurant should be avoided in my humble opinion. The inside of the restaurant is filthy, including ceiling fans and the ceiling itself. The food was below mediocre and should be avoided as well. Since we were traveling, we wanted to use the bathroom, however, the bathroom is closed. I am not sure how this business stays open due to health department concerns. The outside temperature was 86° in Crestview Florida, however the inside temperature of the restaurant was well above 95. The owner has chosen not to use the air conditioner in his store.

Michelle Wise

When I ordered the boneless spare ribs, they were ok... but you could smell the oil they were cooked in was turning rancid.


Got a takeaway last night. Had the chicken and mushroom with egg fried rice. Very salty and chicken tasted like rubber. However the spring roll was nice.

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