Carrabba's Italian Grill

3021 SW 34th St, Gainesville
(352) 692-0083

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Donna Epting

We ordered a pickup order online today. When we arrived at the supposed time to pick up, it wasn’t ready. Once we picked up the order and got it home, the order was incomplete. I ordered the spiedino with shrimp and scallops and requested mashed potatoes. There was no mashed potatoes in the order. We also requested xtra salad dressing on the sid for the salads—there was no extra dressing.Additionally, it appears that Carrabba’s has added sugar to every entree as well as to the wine/lemon butter sauce on the muscle appetizer. The lemon butter sauce for the shrimp and scallops did not taste of lemon, it was rather extremely sweet; the roasted asparagus was also seasoned with some sort of sweetener. All in all, not a great meal. Disappointing to say the least. What has happened to Carrabba’s Italian Grill? It used to be the place to go for a treat; however, from my experience today, that’s no longer true.

Janet Diebold

Excellent as usual. Great salad, great food and great dessert. Great anniversary meal.

Elizabeth Reed

To go order. Hostess is friendly and conversional, waiter is friendly and courteous. Food was ready a little after recommended time. Food wrapped in paper bags. Smells delicious.

Morgan Wall

I've never had a bad experience at this location. The food and service are always good.

Julia Cottrill

This past Friday I had a pleasurable experience going to Carrabba's for dinner. The sign on the front door of the restaurant encouraged people to wear a mask entering the building as well as sitting in the waiting area. I was very pleased, on such a busy night for restaurants, my wait was only 7 minutes. As I was seat, not even a minute later, I was receiving service from my waitress on what I wanted to drink. I had been to Carrabba's before an new pretty quickly what I wanted to eat, especially with their very legible menu. I will say in the past with my parents they needed their reading glasses due to the dimmed lights in the restaurant. The food came out after a reasonable waiting period. Also, the service was amazing, the waitress regularly checked on me and gave me refills on my drink frequently. The great part about the service was my waitress wasn't too over bearing continuously coming back to the table she made her rounds with great amount of time between each return. Overall I would definitely recommend Carrabba's for a nice Italian steaming hot meal with exemplary service!!

Robin Lin

Absolutely surprised by the quality and presentation of Carrabba’s food over the years. Although the Lunch Specials are a little light, they taste great at an affordable price for dining out.

Sherman Cachola

I stopped in for a drink and a bite while my car was getting tired next door and I'm glad i did! Dylan was at the bar and he was great. The food was very good and very well prepared. Highly recommend

Amtrak 98

Never had a bad experience here, in person or to go. Staff are always nice and quick, food is always delicious!

Lois Smith

The staff was very pleasant the atmosphere was terrific the caprese was excellent the Caesar salad dressing needed help the pasta was magnificent and a lobster ravioli with scrumptious

Debra Johnson

Had not been in a while and was not disappointed at all. The staff was spot on, was nice to see food actually being prepared in front of you and the whole atmosphere even at lunchtime is pure Italian Charm. The food was cooked to perfection and the taste was nothing like what is found in cans or freezer food as some places try to pass off. I had a Blackberry Sangria which was FABULOUS. So much food that I had to get a Togo box and my Togo box fed me for 2 more meals with each tasting better than the 1st as the flavors had time to blend.A definite return here as well.

Ken Fraser

Best experience in some time in our travels this summer. Our server Dylan was exceptionally friendly and took excellent care of us. This same service was given to all the tables around us. Now for the food. EXCELLENT! Hats off to the Chef and the line crew. We also appreciated the Manager coming around to ask if we were ok and enjoying in a time when many restaurants are so strained for help. This an exceptional restaurant for the area. Would certainly return if we travel thru again.

Ken F.

What a great experience! Our server Dylan was exceptional. My wife and I were so impressed. His same care was given to all tables around us. We appreciated the Manager asking if we were ok. Means much these days when so many restaurants are hurting for help. Food was exceptional. Hats off to the Chef and the line crew. We would definitely stop again coming thru Gainesville!

Saiana Pianka

Our waiter was very tentative to our needs, he was great. The food was spectacular ??definitely getting lobster ravioli again in the future!

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We're not really big eaters so my wife and I can share an appetizer for about the same price as most folks can go to McDonald's their muscles are really good and the salads and pastas everything's always good there so anytime we get a chance to be at a crab as we are

Tina Cook

My favorite place to eat. I let the waiter order my food. Oh my it was the best.

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