9225 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville
(352) 336-5930

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Ben Phillips

Son of a Baconator and Baconator Fries were disappointing to say the least. The burger was kind of blah. Not heaps of bacon like one might think and the bacon that was on there was not crispy. The fries were even more disappointing. The fries were undercooked and luke warm at best and could not even melt the cheese. The bacon was not chopped nor crispy either. Photos don't lie. At least I had a delicious frosty to clean my palate.

anne reynolds

The morning I went there I sat in drive thru a very long time. Finally I called on the phone. The lady said they had no help but she would take my order and it would be free for my inconvenience. I drove to window. Apparently another women arrived she said nothing was free . I was willing to pay. But the original girl said give it to me for free. They need to find some help!

Susan Strickland

Drive through attendant was fast, order was right.

Darlene Kenee

Service was slow but worth the wait. Food hot and delicious !

Jess Yingling

The Wendy's off of NW 39th Ave always provides good service and food for us! There is one woman in particular that I wanted to point out today who did an amazing job. Her name is Peyton, like Peyton Manning, but she can throw a football better! Peyton seemed like she's a manager based off her shirt, but if she isn't, she deserves to be! She provides excellent customer service, and she's literally the only reason I'm writing this review. Please give her some recognition, because she most definitely deserves to be recognized!


The restaurant was very clean the service was fast and staff very friendly!! But why yall giving out paper straws if you still have plastic cups n lids?? I have a limited amount of time before this jawn gets soggy ? but overall great experience ?

Miriam Walsh

They fried the potatoes fresh for us. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

Darryl partee

The manager was confused with our order and possibly with the order ahead of us. It took about 10 minutes from the 1st window where we paid. At the second window they had to ask us again what was our order. Our fries and chicken nuggets were cold. They did fix the order but not very friendly as if it was our fault. The drive thru line was backed up. Please train your employees like Chic a fla, and maybe pay them more. Maybe you can get better workers

chandra hayes

Bun was a little dry along with fries. Normally good.

CC fReEdOm Seeker & Constitutionalist

I had an awesome ?? experience Tonya was awesome.

buttercup b.

Absolutely terrible service, i don't expect much and don't even bother writing bad reviews but this was so uncalled for and rude. My boyfriend is super sweet and polite, so no reason to even act like this at all.. he asked for some sauces for us and a lady at the window (Manager I believe?) slammed the window in our faces as we were talking to her then proceeded to yell that they don't have the sauce we wanted before slamming it again immediately after that. It was so strange.

Janie Monahan

If you like your fries cold and your coke hot... But seriously, we were served cold fries and the drink machine was out of half of the syrups and ice. Floors were greasy and crumbs were all over the tables. Bathrooms were dirty and the floors were even greasier than the main floors. Not the best experience.

Ann McGregor

Biscuit for breakfast it was delish except sausage was Burt black and crunchy. Yucky

Vicki Johnson

Fast service. Hot food.

Gerald Garza

Good service.Girls on the a.m. shift are very nice..Given they are short employee's they still are timely in getting food out.

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