Mr Sushi Express

5770 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy #157, Kissimmee
(407) 507-3852

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Lawrence G.

I have never had a "Wow!" moment when eating sushi until i ordered from Mr.Sushi. I had the Tuna Salmon Tempura Roll when i first tried this restaurant and i was completely blown away. The FRESHEST Sushi I ever had. I have been ordering almost every single day from Mr.Sushi because Me and my Girlfriend have cravings for sushi from this restaurant. Every single time we've ordered, it's as if they've poured their hearts into making these immaculate sushi rolls. They are huge, good rice to fish ratio and did I mention they tasted Extremely Fresh? Best sushi Place to eat at hands down! Also, the pricing?! Cheap as heck!! I've seen sushi restaurants charge $20 for 8 pieces of sushi. Mr.Sushi offers the BEST prices and the BEST QUALITY sushi! I will be ordering here again and again! Our new favorite sushi spot! Love this place!

Katherine F.

The sushi is delicious! I'm a vegetarian, so I always look for veg options. They have plenty of options, for everyone, great for take out or a quick bite.


I always buy from Mr. Sushi Express and it's always amazing. I've ordered for around 4 years, and the food never disappoints. I've ordered countless of sushi's and party trays, and they're always warm and the prices are just right. I've got to try the Ramen one day, although with no doubt it'll be amazing.

Rouse Andrea Ferrada

El mejor sushi de Orlando, hay opciones de sushi veganos y son exquisitos! Lo recomiendo al


This place is amazing, they helped me during an emergency as well. Every time I come here the food is amazing. I never had a problem with them. But today their service was phenomenal. I was stranded in old town because I couldn’t find my chauffeur (my grandfather), they let me stay after hours until I safely got home. They also charged my phone for me. This place has amazing staff. And I am extremely thankful for them.

Ita R.

I came here for lunch with my mom and we had the tempura california sushi. The sushi was pretty good but the strawberry boba was too sweet and was like a slushy. I'd recommend getting boba tea from an actual boba store but overall, the food was pretty good.


Very inconvenient location if you're picking up your food. Quality of sushi rolls is a bit worse than store bought, bland and tasteless. Somehow good reviews trick you into ordering from this place.First and last time

Kenneth Hicks

In addition to our beautiful server... Food and prices were terrific!

Alex Esquenazi

Ordered from Postmates. We placed specific instructions to keep two rolls, chicken and crunchy veggie separate from other rolls because of a fish/shellfish allergy. Unfortunately the rolls with SPECIFIC instructions were placed with shellfish rolls. When we called the restaurant they tried to ignore the issue. It started with manager not on duty but when the severity escalated a manager appeared. When the manager got on the phone they checked with kitchen staff whom none of which recall placing special rolls with shellfish rolls. The situation was poorly handled and no fault was taken on behalf of the restaurant. It would have been a simple fix but we were advised by the manager to take it up with Postmates. Terrible experience. They tried to blame us for the accident when the instructions were clear and not followed but no staff members was interested in owning up to their fault. So to the manager who didn’t believe us, here are the photos.

Raphael Alcala

First time here from texas, i was very pleased! prices are reasonable and the food was very savory, will definitely return here next time!

Saul S.

We were very pleased with our order. It looked good and tasted even better! We will definitely be back again. This place was a very pleasant surprise. Don't be put off by it's looks. Ps Be prepared for a long line waiting to get orders.


Great sushi, awesome menu with a lot to choose from and good service. The to go wait was only 15 minutes so I made sure to get some to take home for later.


I came here with my friends while on vacation and the food was SO good and also really affordable! The people working there were also very polite. I recommend it.

Hanny Valiente

It was a favorite sushi place in orlando. I moved from the city a year ago and returned to visit and of course I did not hesitate to return to the restaurant to spend an evening with some friends. I am disappointed that now the rolls come half rice and half stuffed. Supposedly because now they do it with a machine. VERY BAD. Invest better in personnel to do them because their quality is below 50%. Such a pleasant place and those who serve EXCELLENT and who lower the most important portion on their plates is NOT pleasant for their customers.

Belinda Camacho

I had the California roll. It was delicious. Clean establishment. Quick service.

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