Panda Express

4163 North, US-98, Lakeland
(863) 858-2907

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Bonnie Bachand

In the mood for Chinese, go to Panda Express for the 1st time. They had no chicken out, they had cooked chicken w/almonds. They loaded my plate with rice and 5, and I mean exactly 5, pieces of chicken. No sauce, dry. There was no way I would eat nor have my family eat at this place. I walked out with the server holding what he was going to serve us in his hand.

odilia Santiago

This place seemed like a good place to first. The chow main tasted burnt and the egg roll tasted like chemicals I would give it a 1 star if it weren’t for the friendly staff.

The Scrimmiest Bingus

The manager is working serving food and he only gives you about 6-7 pieces of chicken each. Pray he isn't the one that serves you. I chose a new entree that night and didn't like it so I ended up only having 7 pieces of chicken to eat.

David Wied

I asked my friend out for his birthday. He picked Panda Express, a fast food Chinese restaurant in Lakeland. We ordered our meal at the counter. I asked the attendant at the what her favorite meal was. She told me. I ordered it. They were out.There was no cashier to check us out for over 10 minutes. The customers in front of us asked if the store had a cashier. One of the cooks said to them, “I thought you were waiting for me to cook your meal.” They replied, “We’re waiting for a cashier so we can pay for it.” The meal it’s self was mediocre. The service was terrible.I ordered a drink. Tried to get lemonade from the dispensary. The lemonade was out. I mentioned this to the person who was working. She said “oh, we know we just haven’t put a sign up yet.”I told my friend, next time I’ll take him to a nice restaurant. We had a pleasant talk. A good laugh with the other customers. And a pleasant time despite the restaurant’s problems. I refused to allow this restaurant to ruin my day. My suggestion? Go somewhere else.

Lance Hunt

Good food...reasonable prices...had to wait a while as they didn't have any rice ready

Edwin Enrique Tolentino

Food is good. If you want yor order fast, go inside and order it. I ordered online 2 times, the food was not ready and I had to wait little longer.

Bobbie Abbott

I liked the almond chicken but pieces were too big and texture was too hard.

Samantha Burke

What a great Panda Express! The food was hot and delicious; the staff was very friendly :)

Joshua Borem

This drive through is so slow it puts every McDonald's to shame. It averages 5 to 10 minutes per car. I don't understand how inept the crew/management could be to make fast food take this long.And how stupid I am to wait 25 minutes in line before even making my order. Always delicious food though!

Tupat Shakurtis

This place is so hit or miss. I always order orange chicken and chow mein. They over lord the noodles with vegetables... totally unacceptable. There was twice as much lettuce as there was noodles. The orange chicken was way over sauced and they didn’t even have string bean chicken during dinner time at 5pm. It’s sucks because this place is sometimes great but lately it has been terrible. Doubt I’ll be coming back unless they undergo new management.

Lisa H.

8 people working one in the drive through, one on the line one only on the register (was not very nice). Taking care of one customer every 10 minutes. Out of noodles so we asked to wait for fresh ones when they came out our order was forgotten about. We had to remind them. Once we got the food it was fabulous. But the trash cans We're all overflowing

Andrew Diaz-Recurt

We were not greeted with smiles from the staff. Walking in, the trash was over flowing, the was garbage on the floor, and tables were dirty. We waited for our meals to be made and asked for water as drinks. I looked under where the drinks come out and there was lots of mold. It was disgusting. Decided to purchase a water bottle instead which was warm. The drink station was sooooo disgusting. A worker cleaned the station but failed to clean underneath where all the mold was. That area needs to be cleaned atleast once per week. There must have been a month or more of build up there. Bathrooms were not in great shape and women’s bathroom had roaches. Big disappointment here. Panda is known for having high standards. What’s going on at this location???

Sweet Dreams

25 minutes before closing on a Friday evening and they are out of egg rolls no fried rice no orange chicken no broccoli and beef. Really, they only had black pepper chicken and mushroom chicken. Giving me NOT so fresh menu options. I don't want left overs.If you can't offer a full menu right up until closing time then close earlier.

Javier Alva

Be careful of this location when ordering Take Out.Every time Ive order from this location, they forget or intentionally leave an item behind!$10 lost on the last one. Ordered 6 Egg Rolls and only 1 was in the bag. Its just a common occurrence.Spread the word avoid this location.

Veronica Perez

Love the food and the staff is doing a great job. ?

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