Domino's Pizza

7670 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne
(321) 254-1166

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Stephen Merritt

Close by, I love the drive thru window. Using the app to order is a breeze. Delivery tracking is pretty cool too.

Randy Taylor

I wish I could leave 0 stars and be able to review this restaurant because after tonight’s experience I am furious and outraged at the way I was treated. I placed my online order at 6:56 p.m with pay cash on delivery as payment option. So I’m waiting and watching the tracker. My order goes out for delivery and I watch the map and the little car comes to the are but I never get a knock at my door. The order does not show delivered and the delivery time keeps adding time. No bi...

Joan S

Best decision: order from our local Suntree Dominos! The Pizza, chicken and other food delivered to us is consistently delicious.Still... MELISSA made such delicious pizzas for us with even, generous toppings on every inch, that we had to order again less than two days later!! So YUM!! The excellent Management Team really cares if their customers have a high-quality experience. We are regular customers for 10+ years for all these good reasons.

kenneth stoner

This Dominoes is the best. The staff is polite and the restaurant is clean. The Pizza is ready and hot when I arrive. I even completed the management on a job well done! Great job!

Andrew Arnabat

Excellent service. These guys are fast, and mean business. They go above and beyond for you

Mr Arnabat

Excellent service. These guys are fast, and mean business. They go above and beyond for you

Alice Latonik

We ordered two sandwiches of different ingredients and they were delicious, still nice and warm and we love the artisan rolls they were made on

Noah Johns

Didn't give me my Rootbeer.

cyrise brousseau

Every time we order from this Domino’s the pizza is good. They recommended bacon on the pizza once and now we are hooked. It’s Domino’s so remember it’s not high quality but it gets the job done. Keep up the good work feeding us hungry people when it’s too late to cook and every other place is closed for the night.

Clifton Dorsey

The first 2 pizzas were burnt. the second two were barely cooked. They both are in the trask...won't be doing that again for a very long time.

David Romans

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Darius is amazing and he deserves a raise right now.

Don B.

We've been coming here since 2015, and we always get a delicious pizza. Throughout the years everyone who works here and has helped us has been kind, professional, and gracious. I get it, there are other boutique pizza places around and they are good, but the thin crust extravaganza is our go to order and has always been delicious, hot, and tasty fresh!We really appreciate the hard work the employees put in, and always with a smile! You really can't go wrong at this Domino's.

Terence Plizga

This store used to be very good, but their performance has declined substantially since last year. The guy who took my order sounded half asleep, and kept confusing the order as being one for carryout (I asked for delivery ... three times). When the two medium pizzas arrived, one had the wrong set of toppings. The dough of both pizzas was very thin: almost as thin as the cardboard box they came in. One slice had a hole in the middle of the dough. Both pizzas tasted bland. The delivery was prompt, but it was not contact-less as advertised. The driver stood two feet from me, and made me sign a credit card receipt using a pen and clipboard used by others.

Jonathan Callahan

My kids favorite Pizza place.

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