Keke's Breakfast Cafe

504 N Alafaya Trail STE 101, Orlando
(407) 559-1400

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Nicholas Martin

Keke's is a breakfast resturaunt that will deliver with delicious food and astronomical portion sizing. Pancake fans can rejoice as you will be lucky to finish through 2 pancakes and if you are brave enough 3 pancakes. The flavor is amazing and you will get your moneys worth!

Victor R.

I probably have reviewed this place before but I recently went here for breakfast last Sunday for first time in a while. The food was great and service was quick but this review is for our server who's name was Hunter. Lately due to post Covid quite a few good establishments I have visited have had issues or are just not the great service we all like. I understand times have changed slightly and there are shortages but you can do everything else right but if servers aren't great it won't be your "go to place". Hunter made this one of the best breakfast out service that me and my family had enough so my wife was hoping manager would come back to tell him but we missed the chance.

memoirs of a Fricken Rican

Great phenomenal food Herr, for sure, fantastic staff also.

sham k

Had a party of 8 most of the orders was wrong. On top of that I never receive my food. We waited over an hour for the food. When we ask for a manager three times. He finally came. He was unprofessional and condescending. He tried to redeem himself at the end and offer the food free, however it was too late. We will never go there again. If no stars option was available I would select it.

Sonali Patil

Kudos to whoever hired Eric, the server I had the luck to get this morning!!! Not only is he pleasing to the eye, he is so considerate and thoughtful. Saturday morning are crazy busy so the kitchen is backed up so I understand but I'm starving. My partner asked me where's our server and Eric just happened to be right next to us, so he came over and asked how it was going, I gave him my sad eyes and said I'm just really hungry. He replies a normal there's a lot of orders in right now, sure it's coming soon and walks off and I have slight disappointment. Not even a second later he comes back and asks if I'd like some toast. My eyes got bright, he got it immediately and I have toast to hold me over until my waffle gets to me. That's amazing customer service and people skills. May everyone feel taken care of the way I do right now. Thank you, Eric!

J T.

Service at this location is horrible. We've given it several chances and always the same awful service. Food took over 35 mins and then the order was wrong. We sat with empty drinks and no condiments while service staff and manager congregated at the hostess stand talking and laughing. Once our food was dropped by the expeditors the server never stopped back by to check in. She just walked right passed us with no acknowledgement on numerous occasions. This is a poorly managed restaurant. The food is okay, nothing great for the money. And certainly not worth the awful service. Don't waste your time or money.

Betsy Rodriguez

Our server was great, however the food not so great. I ordered the french toast combo, french toast tasted like it was prevously frozen and not fresh made. My husband ordered the pancake combo. The pancake was so thick, he could only eat half of it. Not going back. Kitchen needs improvement.

Barbara Cotto

The best breakfast place I ve ever been

Marypat B.

Very expensive for breakfast bill was 38.00 for breakfast for 2 before tip 43.00 after potatoes inedible brunt to a crisp

Amy Kellison

Excellent service on par with Keke's. I used the online ordering app to purchase breakfast to go. Process was seamless. Note- the pick up door is located on the left side of the building g when you are looking at the front door.

Justin Talavera

For starters Caitlin M and her partner were amazing from initial seating to the moment we left. Very courteous, friendly and attentive. Made the mood right before we got our food until we were finished. Food was delicious. Great atmosphere and great food was a plus for me being visitors to the area.

Pauline Lloyd

Lovely waitress and great food!

Pat Byrne

Had to wait a long time to be seated. Kitchen was off. Delivered my pancakes, and waited 20 minutes for my wifes.

Chablis S.

Service is the worst. After we were seated waited 45 minutes and no food to be found. Server said I might have to wait another 10 minutes so I decided to leave at that point. How long does it it take to make a BLT. REALLY !!


Excellent service. excellent food. And the prices are so freaking reasonable I was actually satisfied it was great. A great place for breakfast and lunch. If you're nearby. stop by here. you won't be disappointed. ✌?

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