Maxine's On Shine

337 Shine Ave, Orlando
(407) 674-6841

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Gilda H.

Great atmosphere, great service. The food was amazing. I went for Magical Dining. The portions were great and good quality/taste. Definitely going back. They have live music on the patio.

Edgar G.

Magical Dining has always been a good way of sampling amazing food Maxine'sOnShine. This sparkly gem tucked in a residential area has a warm, laid back & friendly atmosphere. Relax in their comfy garden seating if available & enjoy live band with good glass of wine & excellent service!.

Uniqueka W.

My new fav brunch spot. Delicious chicken and waffles. I even enjoyed the bloody Mary! I am usually not a fan of this drink but they changed my mind!

Barbara R.

Always a delicious treat. Food is amazing, Staff is great, and the space is very unique. My kind of place! I'd you haven't dine at Maxine's, you are missing out. #alocalthing.

Amanda R.

I came for their Sunday Rejuicination Brunch, because I've heard such great things about it. Maxine's does not have their own parking, you'll have to fend for yourself with the residential parking on the street. I had a reservation, which is highly recommended here because of the small size and popularity of the place. They sat me at this spacious high top tucked in the corner between curtains, which I loved. I started off with a pint glass of red sangria. Their pint and quart glasses are so cute and antique looking. The sangria was juice though, should have went with the mimosa. I ordered the Key West Crab Cakes, which were ok. Then I ordered the Brie Shrimp & Bacon Omelette, which I was super excited about. The omelette was equally as bland. Minimal salt on the omelette, the spinach really helped to bland it out, none of the items in the omelette were cohesive. The breakfast potatoes were good with some ketchup, and I'm not a biscuit person so I didn't even try it. Overall, a little disappointing food wise. The service was bland too. Granted, it was pretty busy. But it felt like I was bothering my server every time I wanted to order something, or I needed a straw with my drink, or I wanted more water. I can't speak for all the servers, I'm sure they were better. And before I finished my omelette, a staff member, I believe she might have been another hostess, asked me to move to a standard table in the middle of the restaurant so that another party can sit here. I was gunna stay and at least enjoy the vibes, listen to the live music playing outside. But I took that as my queue to just leave. I'm not ever going to say don't come to a restaurant just because of my experience. It could be completely different for someone else, someone with a different palate or a go-with-the-flow personality. Everything isn't for everyone. But the community seems to like it, it's very much recommend by my peers and the Yelp Elite team, and there was a whole waiting list full of people wanting to eat here that morning. So try it out for yourself.

Taiesa H.

I've been to this establishment 3 times. The first 2 times were great experiences. This last time was a train wreck. I invited 4 of my black women friends for brunch on August 15, the day before our classes were starting for the semester. Everything was going well until upon leaving, Maxines husband, came over to my table to ask about how service was. A few of us said the service was fine and he said he noticed that of the group of 5 of us, only 2 of us tipped. So for clarification, we let him know that 3 of us had tipped (which we all had our own tickets prior to him coming over, i assumed everyone had tipped) and two of them explained why they did not tip. He then said collectively, we hadn't tipped enough. He stated that they are one big family and that he is looking out for his servers. After he walked away, we felt maybe we overstated our welcome and began to leave. Well, the experience didn't leave there. We walk out the side of the restaurant and "Mr. Maxine" follows us out, again stating that he doesn't understand why we hadn't tipped more. It was one thing for him to express his "concern for his server" at the table but a whole other thing to follow us out the restaurant onto the sidewalk. My friends stated how unprofessional he was and he walked away while one of them was talking to him. Maxine then comes over apologizing and basically making excuses for him while he walked behind her talking about "no no no." He was very immature and inappropriate. Is it because we were black women, that he had the gall to chase after us outside? We told Maxine that we would not be returning. We had taken really nice pictures inside with her prior to her husbands disrespect and one of my friends ask that she not post it because she did not want to be associated with such an establishment. If you are worried about how much money your staff, err family, is taking home, then you ought to pay them more! As a previous employee in the service industry, i totally understand the financial needs of a server. I even gave Maxine extra money upon leaving for our server, even tho I did already leave a tip. But Mr. Maxine ought to be ashamed of himself and does not need to handle patrons. Stay in the back and crunch numbers to put more money in your servers pockets instead of yours! I will not be suggesting this place to anyone else!

Peter W.

The service and atmosphere 5/5. The owner came out and talked to us. The staff were super attentive. Our waiter made sure that wanted for nothing. They were even nice enough to make a Bloody Mary outside of their brunch hours. Unfortunately I was just not impressed with food. I'd say a 3/5. Appetizers: The mushroom bruschetta was my favorite dish of the night but it does have a strong wine flavor which I enjoyed, but may not be for everyone. The other appetizer of the night, the fried green tomatoes, needs some work. I'd have preferred them be cut thinner and not served with a sweet Jam. Entrees: Our Pork chop was delicious and the winner of the entree battle. I probably wouldn't get the stuffed trout again though the only flavor that came through was salt and way too much of it. It just left a lot to be desired. I do want to try their brunch because I think that will go better.

Eric M.

Maxine and Kirt are wonderful people. Let's just start there. That cascades to their staff and guests, artists and musicians, decor and ambiance. Then of course the food and drink!!! You will not be disappointed, I promise. Be patient and flexible as this is a popular place, so just be chill and enjoy.

Denise Lawler

Another great neighborhood establishment! First time I ate here it was takeout during the height of the pandemic, we even got our bloody mary's to go! We more recently went for a date night and it was even better. I had the lasagna skillet with a glass of wine and it was perfect. You can sit inside or out and they offer a great brunch too!

Maureen L.

I love Maxine's for special occasions (we do nearly all of our birthdays there in our family), brunch, or "it's a day of the week and I don't want to cook." I was close by a few weeks ago on a Friday afternoon and took a quick detour to see if they were open. To my delight, I saw people sitting outside. I parked my car, grabbed my dog, and got ready to enjoy my lunch! My fried green tomatoes were perfectly breaded and fried. I expect that. However, what I did not expect was the relish that accompanied them. I gushed to my server, Roland, about how amazing it was and, maybe I took it too far, because when he brought me a box to take half of it home, he brought me extra. My steak was cooked to perfection and smothered in the requested extra serving of béarnaise (do yourself a favor - their béarnaise is to die for). Not only is dining at Maxine's always a treat for the palate, it's also a treat for the soul. The staff is always so friendly. Each and every member of their team brings a warm smile and kind word for each guest. I believe that is the distinction here: I feel like family, not a patron. I feel like I've been invited over to a friend's home for dinner, not a paying customer. This distinction may not seem like a lot, but, for me, that is what makes a restaurant my special occasion, Thursday or "hey, I'm driving nearby" spot.

Natasha Junkermeier

I had the best dinner experience that I've had in forever. I went for the bite 30 menu event. The ambience was amazing and the live music was the best part of the outdoor seating. My service with Kathy was amazing. My highest compliments to the chef. Everything I ate was beyond amazing. The mushroom bruschetta was perfectly balanced with the lemon. I don't normally enjoy cous cous for sensory reasons but this was amazing and was so buttery yet light. And the porkchop was well cut with no excess fat and a nice pan seared crust. And the wine pairings were perfect. I'm not a wine person and I finished every glass.

Steph S

We had a reservation but were seated outside within arms reach of another couple despite the rest of the outdoor seating being nearly vacant. Immediately after being served our main entrees, over a dozen flies started swarming our table. My husband went inside as I guarded our food to request an indoor table but was denied. Instead, a couple of employees helped us relocate to another table outside. Their solution was to turn on a fan at the highest setting to blow directly on us. No one apologized to us, offered anything on the house or moved us inside once something opened up. Our server was barely around and we frequently were waiting on water refills (it was a very hot day). As soon as she brought out our dessert, it came accompanied with the bill. I mentioned that I had a few bug bites from horse flies and she seemed surprised but unsympathetic. We were nothing but nice and understanding throughout this whole dinner but it was a very unpleasant experience that was worsened by how our server handled everything. It wasn’t a cheap meal either. The food itself was pretty good but it was hard to enjoy our $70+ dinner when we shooing bugs, holding down our napkins so they wouldn’t fly away and scarfing down our food before the flies could get to it.

Katelyn R.

Amazing! Started with the special which was oysters. Out of this world. Do not pass these up if they are available. Also had the crab cake Benedict. Another amazing dish. Our server Kathy was outstanding and the rest of the staff was also great! We definitely will be coming back for brunch again and can not wait to try dinner.

Andrea C.

Where tasty meets artsy. The owner smiling and giving a welcoming wave was our first clue that Maxine’s is a hands-on and well managed bistro. The moment we stepped up to the Hostess stand we knew the vibe was ‘right.’ If you are looking for an inclusive spot Maxine’s is a feast for the eyes and the palate. With visual points of interest like an artisan jewelry stand, a fully developed patio with mural and nerdy-quirky decor throughout. (Do not miss the private dining room and both gender’s stylish bathrooms.) The best part of the experience is the attentive but not intrusive wait-staff. Considering the menu options (and our pre-brunch life choices) took a bit longer but we were never rushed. Our water glasses never dipped below half full. We tried the Bloody Mary to stall for time and were thrilled with the presentation garnish and spicy sips through a biodegradable straw. Then my companion sampled the catch of the day which was a firm, fresh Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce while I opted for the Brie and Bacon Omelette with spinach and shrimp. The only slight criticism we had was the biscuits were not entirely from scratch and it was jelly not preserves. Overall a great experience under the crepe myrtles at a red table.

Michelle Chavis

Maxine’s on Shine has a charming vibe tucked away in a residential area but we felt let down by the quality and taste of our meals. While the appetizers of crab cakes and fried green tomatoes were good, both of our entrees seriously lacked flavor. The chicken and waffles tasted like a microwave dinner and the braised beef breakfast bowl was swimming in juice that made the eggs and potatoes soggy. Thumbs up for the Bloody Mary. Thumbs down for the aggravated hostess who gave us a bit of a tude’ especially after being put on the list and waiting for a call that never came only to be told we had been marked off the list. We were thankfully still able to be seating.

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