Pizza Hut

9100 International Dr, Orlando
(407) 345-8833

Recent Reviews

angela altieri

We had pizza hut in buffalo but covid killed them so I was excited to have pizza hut first thing coming to Orlando. Order was right and pizza tasted good as always

Amanda Miller

Our rder was quickly prepared and was correct at pick-up. Staff was helpful and happy, and we enjoyed the pizza very much. Great experience.

Laural Hofsommer

Ordering was easy, the delivery person was prompt and pleasantly friendly. The pizzas were delicious, and with the Big Pizza Box everyone had their favorites.

Michelle Pimiento

Called several times to make an order and every time it switches over to a person actually picking up, it goes mute. Not sure if the employees are actually muting it or there is something wrong with their phone lines. Long story short, I never made my order over the phone.

April Jeffers

Easy to online order and quick to arrive at home. I like being able to tip and just wait for the driver to deliver my food. It is always hot, fresh, and exactly what I order. Plus the delivery drivers are happy and smiling.

Krystian Wojtkowski

The pizza is not bad. Unfortunately that's where things go south.The resturant dining experience had gone downhill sharply. Half of the dining hall was closed off, and the table service is gone. In other words, you order your food at the front and your drinks are bought as 2L bottles, no more having a server deliver your food and drink to your table from a fountain with refills. Basically the tables are not cleaned off at all as well.The entire dining room felt stripped compared to the last time I was here. Even the TVs were gone! If I didn't know any better, this location may be looking at being closed soon just based off of it.

Susan Nary

Pizza was delicious. Wings were perfection. Cooked all the way through and juicy. Flavored very well not overpowering.

Wladimir V.

We are in our family vacation in Orlando, and we placed an order today at 10:20pm, they told us it will take 30 minutes for us to get our order and the guy over the phone took our credit card...charge us and say they will deliver it, we waited for more then one hour, my kids where very hungry, so we decided to call again, to see what was happening? Cause it was 1 hour of wait already the manager answered the call and said: we are already closed: we are not taking any orders....but we explained we placed an order over 1 hour ago....he said sorry you will not get anything anymore, we are closed....we told him: you charged our card! 1 hour ago: he said you will be refunded....just like that, they just decided not to bring our food or even call us to tell us we where not going to get disappointed at Pizza Hut, very bad customer service

Shawn Livermore

I called the store and kept getting the call center. Pizza Huts call center is horrific. The people I got had a hard time understanding English. They didnt know what I was saying which made me pretty mad. Each time I was transferred back they would lie and say they were transferring me to a supervisor. Instead they would hang up on me. I had to keep calling back and all I wanted was to order an extra pizza.

Janna F.

Late lunch was great. It was ready quick and the prices were great since Orlando has lots of pricey options. Everything was fresh and hot!

Sabrina Johnson

I received my delivery and was missing part of my order. Called 4 times to get the missing part. Was hung up on 3 times, on the 4th call was told the phones were not working at the store and the "call center "was sending the manager a message and they would get back to me. It has been 30 minutes since I received my order and 20 minutes since they were supposed to call me. Still have not heard from them. Not happy.Update still have not heard from the manager 3 hours after I received my order. All I wanted was my complete order. I understand mistakes happen, but not taking care of the mistake is very poor customer service. Call center could not rectify the problem and all corporate can do is inform someone above the manager. That doesn't fix the problem I am still missing part of my meal.

Alana Jaroska

Ordered pizza and three side salads for delivery. Was delivered 45 minutes later than end of estimated delivery time. No salads were delivered (but the salad dressings were…) and the pizza was definitely not hot.

Erci G.

We kept calling at 10pm and no one answers the phone. We stopped by 30 minutes later and no longer taking orders. Update your app or your door sign if you don't want any more business. Why don't you want more business?

Vianca Leon

This location needs better customer service. They gave my order to someone else and they made it seem like it was my fault. I had to wait 30 more minutes for them to remake my order and the pizza was still wrong. Super unhappy.

Ms. Lovely

I had ordered pizza from this location the other day. My son went to pick up the food and when he asked the white guy for paper plates and napkins the guy told him that they didn’t have any. I placed an other order later that day at this same location, my son went there again for the food, a black guy that was working at the time gave him paper plates and napkins. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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