Sloppy Taco Palace

4892 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando
(407) 574-6474

Recent Reviews

Sherice Camacho

Seemed to have friction between bar and kitchen staff. My go to Nachos were tasty but scarce on the steak.

John Zimmer

Great late-night spot that offers decent food and cheap drinks.

Kolt y.

Bru I'm a kid I come here every other Friday and I like u will like btw get the wings there the best

Richard Becker

Very chill place to hang out, decent food reasonably priced, and good happy hour drinks. Will be back.

Andrew K.

Terrible service. We waited 10 minutes at a table without service @ 10:35pm on a Tuesday night, then as we were leaving we were told they'd help us. Started ordering then we were told it's actually 21+ after 10pm and they needed IDs. Gf's ID expired last month (24 years old) with a renewal on the way and they wouldn't accept it even though she and I weren't ordering alcohol. Not worth the hassle to ever come back here. Beware.

Thomas Davis

Great place, If you want Drinks and Taco this is the place. Some times the food takes a little longer but they still make great food.

Thomas Keith Forest

Awesome staff! Fantastic food!!

Brian McTarsney

Great place. Awesome food and staff

Steven Howe

Nice bar. Have not tried food yet, but other's at table were happy with it.

Carina C.

I've been going to this place every weekend since I moved to the area 3 yrs ago... have recommended to all friends and family. However this past Sunday I felt so un welcomed by the server, she called herself a manager which in my opinion and being a business owner would NEVER put someone like her to manage any of my businesses. I took a couple with me that came from Brazil to visit, when you go out specifically to drink you take your id but not your passport, just in case you lose it?!? Right? Of course their IDs are from Brazil. Anyway, she come over we ordered drinks, started with a sarcastic tone I need all of your IDs. Alright I was grabbing mine and forgot to translate to them, she looked at me and said "do you have all of their ids in your purse?!" I told her no and started translating. They showed her the document that proved they were 35 yrs old. However she wouldn't take it! She was the rudest server I ever came across to. I live im Orlando for 20 yrs never anyone has asked for my ID to drink like Ale house apple bees etc... but this place?!? C'mom! I just told her they left their passport at home just in case they lose it, she said so I can't serve you! With an ID on their hands! I felt so un welcomed and I can tell you this I am never going back! It seemed like she had something against immigrants. Not to mention when we first came in she was cursing at a guy believed to be her staff! Worst experience I ever had! It's a shame because food and drinks are great. But with that kind of customer service I prefer to give my business to the pub next door! Save your time and go somewhere else!

Mr. A.

My wife and I order carry out from here, while on vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed my sloppy tacos! This place is a diamond in the rough .

Yum c8ke

Worst experience of my life before could even get food. So my friends and I traveled 36 min to get to this place to eat after receiving a recommendation. But due to that apparently the place was 21 and our group had 1 member that wasn’t of age. Yet it never stated on the website or any social media. They say apparently that there is a sign on the door but hard to notice. In the end the waiter who waited us stated that she was a assistant manager had a very snarky attitude. When we stated that we where no longer going to stay she took our drinks away and chuckled in our faces. I’ve never had such degrading service in all my life of going to a restaurant.

Ryan Withey

Simply the best. Listen to the podcast, Con Job. They mention you guys on almost every episode.

Gemini Cha Barry

Very fun. Great staff. The dollars on the wall give real character. Great staff, fun and kind. Took time to explain the menu and answer all my questions. I ate so fast i only took a picture of my drink which was huge. Very affordable shots too

Karen M.

Have loved this place for years! Try the Sloppy Taco Basket....You won't be sorry! The jalapeño poppers, sloppy dogs and rice and beans also hit the spot. Plus, who doesn't love tater tots? There is a real neighborhood feel and the staff never met a stranger. Oh, and they have a full bar and great specials.

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