7749 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando
(407) 351-6884

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Justin - Opie

At on a drive thru line for 45 min.. seemed that there was only 2 workers in the store. So this might explain the wait, but still...

Danny Gonzalez

0 starts if I could. Horrible customer service and rude employees. This is what happens when you encourage the population to stay at home and not work. You're left with garbage to fill the vacancies.


Me and my son got really sick after eating here today. They are serving old beef. We both were throwing up and had bad stomach aches. The quality control at this location is horrid and they are paying employees $14.50 to serve expired food? Wendy has developed there restaurant around the “fresh never frozen” logon but this location is anything but.

Taylor Garretson

Gave me a rotted potato. Drove back to exchange it and they took it threw it out literally said nothing, no apology or anything and handed me another one.

Dylan Levine

I've never ate at a fancier restaurant. Normally, frozen Banquet dinners is all I can afford after Joe Biden cut my damn food stamps. Had a great experience, top notch service, outstanding food. Definitely recommend if visiting the Orlando area.

Patrick Brown

Its unfortunate I have to write this negative review. I've lived here 20 years. I remember loving Wendy's so much including this location. Although sometimes they get the order wrong it's totally ok, you just ask and they fix it. However since the beginning of this year it seems like management is non existent, the service is trash, wait times are ridiculously long sometimes 30-45 min when there's only 2-3 cars in line. The person taking orders today did not what she was doing, including trying to pay she just ignores you. When you're trying to pay??? The staff is just completely disengaged from the customers. Than today's the chocolate frosty had bits of plastic ground up in it. Very dangerous!!! The order was wrong again 3rd time in a week, the parking lot looks like a junk yard. It needs new management.

Revie R.

When I ordered a baconator with an extra patty with specifically NO MAYONAISE. Yes I had to repeat it like three times to the lady that served me because I don't know how hard it can be to make a "special" burger order for someone. I ended up getting mayonaise on my burger. This had happened at his location multiple times. In the past, when ordering DoorDash, it should only take about 30 minutes to get the food and come to my home. Guess what? It ends up taking 1 hour to 2 hours long. I don't suggest going to this Wendy's location if you are looking to get your order done quick and efficiently.

CameramanDave Holly

had a great experience at today at Wendy's fast service!

Ryan Penley

Rude and honestly I will never try and get food from there again. They clearly don’t care about service or making money

Kristine Knoll

Wait time was awful and they couldn't get the order right. Took 3 attempts to get the order correct and it was still off but it was close enough we just left. First the forgot the drinks, fries and chili. Just handed us our sandwiches. Had to ask multiple times for everything. Burgers were wrong once we got them. Typically we like Wendy's but this site is a mess

fd moore

Good for a fast food restaurant. It satisfied the hunger for a hamburger and empty stomach!

Nelson Roman

Service is good and fast here. If you are stock in the area, this place will get you fast. Good job

Cameron S.

These people are incredibly over worked. I genuinely feel bad for the employees. There is way too much traffic and not enough man power to operate this location especially late night. It's absolutely insane. They have a now hiring sign outside but wow man, if only you guys can see this scene.

Jon Varga

Ill start off by saying go to Sand lake Wendy's instead!! Eddy and his team are great! Can't tell you how morning service is at this location but for anyone looking for food at night avoid this place like the plague!! waited 45 minutes and only moved up 10 cars. Only 4 of them actually got food. The rest left without ordering as we did. there was still 8 cars ahead of us. There was an employee just hanging out in the lobby. 2 people on the register and still couldn't seem to take orders.

Kyla Torres-Hernandez

Very fast service, they always get the order right no matter how complicated it is. They are more than happy to assist if needed.

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