3115 US Hwy 27 S, Sebring
(863) 385-3065

Recent Reviews

Chris Green

Asked for a plain latte, no flavor pleaser. Got on expressway took a drink, and got a vanilla latte. Could not drink, way to sweet. $3.38 to be dumped out

Debbie Avis

Waited too long after order. Fries not salted, burger cold. Not happy. I don't let myself have McDonald's often, so when I do, I want it right. This was not right. Nice people though.

Jorge Gonzalez

Almost always wrong. Either incorrect order or missing items. 50/50 either slow or fast

Sue crayz

We went inside to use the restroom before we placed our order. My husband saw an employee not wash his hands after using the men's room. So we left and did not place our order.

Russ Otway

Very clean and professional staff.

Steve Beller

Awesome place. Easy to over spend. Owners are great.

Kyle W.

Worst McDonald's in all of Highlands county. Wait times for food is ridiculous. I once waited a half hour for a Big Mac. Service is terrible, and as of now they don't even let you sit outside to eat, even though CDC guidelines say that is ok. Never coming back here again!

Ashlea Farris

Completely messed up my order and my friends order. As i went in to hace it resolved there were several other customers with complaints as well.

Tracy Robbins

Better than Burger kings slow service. Seems like every county has a Burger King short staff.

Peter Carter

The people there are very good, daytime, nightime a little different story.

Greg Lueck

Very poor service. Spoke to manager. Very unprofessional. Many mistakes on other orders while we waited in line. Very rude response to those individuals. Would not return.

mary ann hawley

New crispy chicken a disappointment.Greasy and hard to chew.

enrique rufo

They didn't know how to assemble a Big Mac. My Big Mac came out from bottom to top like this bread two beef patties, cheese, Bread, special sauce, lettuce, pickles, bread. Sandwich was swimming in special sauce. Tried them a second time for a quarter pounder with cheese extra onions. It was a disaster, so much ketchup and mustard first bite and condiments went everywhere car seat is still stained. I'd avoid unless you like your sandwich with more condiments than meat.

Tiffany Ferguson

Fries weren't cooked properly. Double fish had more sauce in the container..than on the fish.

Bill Edwards

We went thru drive thru at lunch rush with minimal wait time. The staff was very polite and fast

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