Not A Clue Bar & Stake

5790 Alligator Lake Shore W, St Cloud
(407) 593-6924

Recent Reviews

JoAnn Turnwald

For a local hangout, it's a great place. Good food, great patrons and super service.

Tracy Golombiski

Definitely a fun bar ... Great safe good drinks

Rachel Austin

The margaritas were great and a great price. Good atmosphere, cool people. Definitely will be back!

Sierra Trolinder Heinly

great owner. great customers. cheap drinks. good food

Daniel Englishby

Dive bar, bar food, good price

Sarah Wheeler

Goood ppl good times

Scotty Kunath

Fun place to hang out & meet peopleI like the staff & food .

Mandi Harmon

Love this place! Great people and a good time!!!

John Moran

Great food nice place to have drinks and dinner

John M.

A dive bar with not the greatest name, but if you like dive bars and cheap beer, you very well might have yourself a good time at this bar. Be advised that this place looks like a dive bar, kind of run down, but as long as the refrigerator keeps the beer cold, isn't that all that matters? Hey, if you like dive bars or want to check one out, head on over and grab a beer.

Chris Bollinger

Sometimes good sometimes bad you'll see

Teresa Tincher

Awesome people come really really awesome bartenders very nice very quick nice atmosphere food is fantastic the owner is awesome

Joshua A. Stenkamp

great local dive! Thursday ,Friday,Saturday night Karaoke. great prices!

Dan Dyrland

Great time the bartender was fantastic

Josh Meyers

A true local bar. Not your fancy touristy spot but it's exactly the bars I look for when I'm on my bike. Little rough around the edges and they'll size you up walking in. But by the end of the night, best people you'll meet. Here for a two week vacation and my favorite bar hands down!

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