Hungry Howie's Pizza

2262 Aloma Ave, Winter Park
(407) 644-8262

Recent Reviews

Sean Bowmer

For low cost pizza, this is one of the best choices!

Victor J (Mytre)

I ordered pizza here expecting the same as other hungry Howie's. I was disappointed , the pizza was a mess, it was so thin that it was falling apart.

Arlene Lerdo

I really like this place and they really make their food good! Love the wings!

yadiel reyes

I'm gonna be honest I love hungry howie s but till this Day I just order a large pizza and 16pc chicken wings and I promise when I say that the chicken wings were rotten they smell ufull and taste like Shi.... I'm never buying again

keara kennedy

Gave us a half burned pizza meaning mostly black. The other box had hair in it. Disgusting.

Athila Cabrera

If you don't take customers at 9:30 pm, then change your operating hours to reflect that instead of claiming you're open until 10 pm. Ridiculous.

Ren E.

Sent in a web order and after 1.5 hours we called to check on the late delivery and they said that' they didn't have a delivery driver. I understand everyone is challenged with low staff but a courtesy call to inform us of the situation would have been appreciated.

Lindsey Stout

Horrible experience, I arrived the "debit" machine wasn't working.I had to find the cash to pay for my order....I never carry cash on me...It wasHorrible service, no one had gloves on nor a mask!!!**When handling food I think ALL should be protected with proper covering"!!!Then to top it off, my order was WRONG. Had to wait to be remade.. correctly.Horrible location for such a nice area.

zazas world

What can I say about chain pizza stores. They just dont do pizza justice. As for hungry Howie's they are a little better than some chains but not as good as others more mediocre. the one thing I do enjoy is the fact that you can choose the flavor of the crust which otherwise would be tossed out by the kids, but they devoured this .

Belladonna Darkmoon

This is my favorite pizza place to go to not only for the food but for the service. The owner and his wife are so nice and friendly everytime I come in to pick up my order. Always fast and convenient my boyfriend and I move to winter park in June 2020 and when we found out there was a hungry howie's we were so excited it was one of the first places we ordered from and have been religiously going to since. Keep up the awesome work hope you continue to stay busy.

Kelly Dinnan

Loveeeee this pizza... way better then papa johns...

Andy Sclosed

Excellent quick pickup service. Love the crust flavor options.

Jeffrey Brown

Always good service and delivery.

damaris Lima olmeda

Change in rating*** have picked up pizza twice and none of the staff had masks on both times.

Aster Adams

Good food but the guy that makes the food doesnt wear a mask and thats just not safe. Won’t be going to this location anymore

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