Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

10955 Jones Bridge Rd UNIT 104, Alpharetta
(770) 751-1888

Recent Reviews

Denis Mezencev

A bit pricey, but worth the money. I ordered the sweet & sour, and the sesame chicken, both were very good.

Andre Floyd

We had Dynasty catered to our work place for an event. They were very prompt and accommodating. I had the sweet and sour chicken and it was very delicious, along with the spring rolls which were also great and a healthy alternative to egg rolls. Overall I enjoyed my experience with Dynasty and would like to check their restaurant out personally.

Josephine Griffin

I ordered the smoked tea duck, best duck I've ever had.

Jacqueline Quartullo Gang

Best authentic Chinese food I've had in a long time! The owners are very proud of their fresh cooked food. I cant wait to go back!!!

Ana Rodriguez

I didn’t like their food. I threw about 3/4 of it away. The fried rice was gross and the chicken was just white. No flavor in any of it. Really disappointed. Waste of money.

Ronnell R.

The fried duck was delicious and I love the way they include real vegetables in the (not really fried rice) like bok choy!

Libby P.

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants. I like authentic Asian food and Dynasty delivers some of the best dishes you will not find anywhere else. The Thai noodles with Minced pork and Bok Choy, Pork w/ sour cabbage and clear noodle, scallion pancake and the bread that is thicker w/ sesame seeds are all awesome. I highly recommend Dynasty. The Chef is excellent.

Betsy Shaw Kramer

We tried Dynasty Chine Restaurant in Johns Creek tonight. We have lived in the area for 20+ years and we decided to try it.

Debby Badaines Feld

The best Authentic Chinese in Alpharetta!

Yahir Lawson

Amazing vibes and super welcoming service. The food was crisp and delicious. Will easily recommend this spot to friends. Convenient prices and large portions. Keep it up.

Jonathan Servance

My wife and I ordered take out from this restaurant today. We have experience top notch food from here in the past but today hit a new low for us and we will never order or visit this restaurant again. We ordered chicken fried rice that only contain the chicken skin.... that's right.....just the chicken skin no meat, just the skin. When we first opened the container of "chicken" fried rice, we were thinking to ourselves wow they gave us some generous portions of chicken meat mix in with the rice, until you put it in your mouth. It was the worse thing to taste or even put in your mouth. There was no evidence of real meat even stuck to the skin.The skin was bland, with a fatty, slick, and rubbery feel. We immediately called the restaurant and they told us if we would like a refund to contact the delivery service. We did, and have been going back and forth with the delivery service since. We can understand the delivery service point of view in many ways because they only delivered the food. They did not cook this monstrosity. We truly hope the owners of this restaurant see this post and use this as a lesson to have better QC over the food that is going out. In no way shape or form should this type of food leave out of a restaurant. Furthermore, if there is an complaint about your food shortly after it is delivered, do not pass it off as someone else's fault. This was nasty and shameful.

George Oh

The food here is super legit, but you gotta get the real Chinese food. If your usual is sweet and sour pork or general Tso's chicken, try their 3 cup chicken or sauteed green beans with pork. If you want something a little different try the salt and pepper fish fillet/shrimp or hot boiling beef. Honestly almost everything I've had there is good. Make sure to eat your vegetables - they do them right here.

Sue Lin Lange

Authentic Chinese with traditional hard to find Taiwanese items on the menu. My 93 year old father is from Taiwan and is delighted to have food that's just like home.

Jason C.

We are regulars and love this place! We have gotten takeout and dined in several times. We like the varied and authentic dishes they have and the owner always remembers us. And ... it is a great value!

Larry B.

This is the BEST Chinese Restaurant! Food is always great and service is fast. The family that runs this business definitely put in the extra effort to make the entire dinning experience the best it can be. I've seen a few negative reviews about this place and I don't see any truth to them. Everyone here is super polite and would never do the things described. Please come see for yourself and I guarantee that you will have a great experience Visited this wonderful place again while here in Atlanta. Still the best Chinese Restaurant I know. Can't wait to come back to Atlanta!

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