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GOLDBERGS is back!!!! Under New and excellent management the wonder Goldbergs has taken the dinner experience to new heights. After being less then impressed back in 2019 with service provided I was reluctant to go back. But now with the amazing Monica at the helm I know my bagels will be more then just breakfast, they will be the start of an excellent day !

Lauren Elliott

I witnessed a man preparing food while using his cell phone, and leaving his cell phone in the food prep area. He was texting with the same gloves he used to prepare food... during a global pandemic. I’m completely grossed out.

Jessica A. S.

We love their breakfast/brunch! Today we ordered the Brooklyn Rueben (with potato salad), Challah French Toast and Bagel Beignets.The rueben was well-balanced - right amount of meat, kraut and dressing - with a nice, light rye. As a FYI, it was thick sliced, which we're not sure if that is the standard for Goldberg's, but it can matter to certain individuals. The potato salad was probably Northern style with normal potatoes, no sliced egg.The beignets, which were to share, were an excellent size and I particularly enjoyed the strawberry slices that came with them. They maybe could have used more powdered sugar, but I would not complain about the amount used at all.The challah french toast was one of my favorite breakfast items ever! Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of maple syrup, though their's is not overly runny or sugary (which are my dislikes of other places). I adored the side of fruit with pineapple, cantaloupe and red grapes. It is a lot of food and I couldn't finish all of it, but I enjoy having leftovers.We will certainly order from Goldberg's again in the future!

Jean D.

Please get a new manager and new employees... they don't know what they are doing I was served a coke with the nozzle from the machine still in it and they did not comp the coke until I asked (good grief).I ordered bagels to go and that took 25 min I asked for the bagels sliced I looked to see what was taking so long the kid is slicing by hand.. a bagel shop doesn't have a slicer ...I finally told him to throw in the bag Very disappointed please get new management

Kelly Glaze

Great food, super friendly staff, appreciated the attention to detail and cleanliness with everything going on. ? Thank you Goldbergs!

Michael B.

I came for a quick snack so I can't comment on their full menu but WOW, that quick snack was excellent and a huge portion. The Reuben egg roll was balanced well and definitely didn't seem like a frozen item. I'll be back!

Bob J.

This is not a good Goldbergs location, compared to the other ones I've been to. Also, I'm guessing they just reopened from the coronavirus or something, because the employees all seem very clueless. The employee standing by the take out area had her mask on, and was playing her phone. Then, she put on her mask before taking my order. That kind of defeats the purpose on masks. Either wear them fully, or don't bother wearing them at all. She was very passive aggressive and sassy. Also, she touched her face several times while wearing gloves and did not change gloves between handling my credit card and preparing my order. That's nasty. Overall, I had a bad experience here this one time but I would visit again.

Ragan F.

I'd give this one a no stars waiter never came over manager brought me coffee never took my order set for 20 minutes got up and walked out I saw tons of staff goofing off laughing playing with each other this was a terrible experience in a very poorly run restaurant. It should close as some of the other reviews say

Georgia P.

Celebrated a birthday breakfast with colleagues, and we had the BEST service with Cory. The food was decent - omelet was hot, it was easy to sub in turkey sausage, the corned beef and pastrami sandwiches were very good. When he found out we were celebrating, Cory brought out a cookie and joined us in singing happy birthday! On such a cold morning, Cory was a bright ray of sunshine. It's always the service that makes all the difference. Thank you, Cory, for taking such great care of us!

Payton K.

This place has good food but horrible service the first time I came here we had to wait over 20 minutes just to get the check because our waiter crept forgetting. The next time I was here the waffles came with no fruit, wiped cream, or syrup when we asked more than once for syrup and asked more that one person they finally got it (it ended up taking about 2 seconds for the server to get it once he remembered ) our food was cold. We paid for extra fruit and did not receive it other than a couple pieces of grapes and melon(that looked like it sat out for a day) the prices are way to high and not always worth it. They do have good food and coffee though, they just need some major improvement on their service.


Yummy breakfast ordering grits and eggs Benedict with brisket. This was extremely filling and probably too much food but both were hard to resist and delicious.

Arielle B.

Goldberg's stepped up when other breakfast place dropped the ball. We had a large amount of family in town and Goldbergs worked to seat us all together in a speedy fashion! The food was good, and while some orders took a little longer, we all got our food in a timely manner. The majority of our group is from NJ and we know our bagels...and we were all happy! We'll be back next time we're in the area.

Jessica Chambers

Great food and great service!

Maria Custodio

Amazing food and service! Highly recommended

Marissa L.

The manager, Mark, was very accommodating and professional when taking care of my family as well as the other guests. Our waitress, Tiara, was extremely polite, kind and very attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend coming here and will be coming back.

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Goldbergs Fine Foods - Alpharetta

3180 1st St, Alpharetta, GA 30009
(770) 663-8555