House of Chen

5430 McGinnis Ferry Rd STE 105, Alpharetta
(770) 663-0743

Recent Reviews

Rafael H

Food is delicious cooked fast and friendly service.

Rasmus Palmstrøm

Great atmosphere and super attentive service. The meals were crisp and yummy. Will definitely recommend this spot to friends. Fair prices and generous meals. Great work.

Andrew COPE

Fast friendly service and always delicious food!

Khalil Barry

Had a excellent experience here with my girlfriend. The food arrives quick and the service is just fantastic. Prices are convenient.

Chairman B.

A condensed version is the food was lackluster at best. Lacked flavor and contained mostly fillers( had the teriyaki chicken) with vegetables instead of a balanced amount of protein. Poor effort. Won't be going there again.

Jenn J.

Pretty unimpressive take-out. It's priced on the mid to higher end for Chinese food, which we don't mind, when we get what we pay for. The food tasted all right, it was just clear that they were heavily cutting corners on cost. The house special fried rice had very little protein. It was supposed to be a mixture of shrimp, beef, pork, etc., but there was very, very little of any of that. The increase in price from plain fried rice was definitely not justified by the few bites of meat they threw in. The rest of the meal was similarly missing the protein ingredients, and they were also made mostly of cheap filler. The pork lo mein was all noodles with a few strips of pork. The orange chicken was almost completely breading! There were definitely many pieces that had no chicken in them at all, and were just balls of breading in sauce. The most disappointing of all of them was definitely the eggrolls. They were small and almost completely hollow, except for a couple shreds of cabbage. It's unfortunate, because when we first moved here a year ago, the food was much better. It seems that they are cutting costs on ingredients but keeping the prices high. We feel like we could have received a similar meal from the food court at the mall for half the price that we paid for all of these noodles, rice, and breading. That's a great way to run the business completely into the ground, because we won't be going back.

Jessica A. S.

We can't rave enough about House of Chen! Their prices are good, the food is absolutely delicious and we love their incredibly filling dinner combinations! Tonight we ordered the Teriyaki Chicken combo with hot and sour soup, the Hunan Beef (without onion of course) combo with egg drop soup as well as pan fried pot stickers. The pot stickers definitely tasted as if they were traditionally cooked, which we loved. An egg roll comes with each combo, but we were given three extra with our order! They were wonderfully crispy, too. We have certainly found a new regular place!

Michal Lubczynski

Best Chinese reataurant that I have yet to experience in my life. Best Chinese restaurant in Georgia for sure. Food is delicous, always fresh and never outright drenched in batter and sauces like other Chinese restaurants. The layout and service are superb, and the manager and staff are always friendly, humorous and accommodating. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars this place is 10 stars easily.

J S.

Looking for a good Chinese takeout and had forgotten about House of Chen. They are not the cheapest but their entrees are very big and very tasty They are now my go to take out

Tong Sharry

Food was very delicious and waitress was nice. I had the Mongolian been and it was great! Egg rolls we also very good. I found this place just passing by and it hit the spot. I would definitely eat here if I'm ever passing by again.

Dylan T

This place is phenomenal. Hidden gem! It was recommended to me by my friend. Amazing Chinese food with no frills. Relaxed environment, and friendly service. Can't recommend it enough! Definitely plan on visiting again!

Amy R

We order take out and pick up from the House of Chen. We have tried several other Chinese restaurants in Alpharetta but have not found the quality to be up to par with the House of Chen. The chicken entrees are always well prepared. The chicken is never dry and the quality of the chicken is quite good. The soups, dumplings and spring rolls are also quite good. The food always arrives hot. This is one of the spots we go to for lunch with coworkers.

Chitra Madabushi

Very little vegetarian options. Food quality is inconsistent.

Katie H.

Great place for delivery! Always fast! I order on the beyond menu app and it's perfect every time.

Great F.

This is standard issue, highly Americanized Chinese food and nothing more. It has the same tedious brown and white sauces used for all dishes. The service left much to be desired. An okay spot to stop in for some take-out on an evening when you don't want to cook, but nothing to go out the way for.

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