Popbar Alpharetta

6710 Town Square, Suite 130, Alpharetta
(470) 294-2910

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Dominic T.

Cool and hip place to get some dessert. Plenty of choices to choose from as well as toppings. Came here on a Friday night and it was quite empty. It was also raining so that might be the case. The process to order was efficient and easy. Only complaint is it's a little expensive for what you get. Try the roasted marshmallow bar with white chocolate!

Riya P.

This is an excellent place for customized popsicles. It's a tad bit expensive, but very tasty. They have a lot of great flavors and many toppings and dippings. There's a variety of both gelatos and sorbets. I got a raspberry pop dipped in white chocolate and coconut (the pop is seedy). The mango pop was also very delicious, but I do recommend trying it with the chili powder. The Dulce de Leche gelato dipped in milk chocolate and coated in graham crackers tasted just like s'mores! Good for picky eaters and has tons of great options to choose from for a summery treat!There's also very cute places around this shop to sit around and enjoy :)

Engely Oropeza

This place is so good! I got strawberry with dark chocolate and coconut topping and I love it. My boyfriend got strawberry with milk chocolate and his sister got raspberry with caramel and chocolate and sprinkles topping. We all were so happy with our popsicles! We will come back and maybe one day try the avocado one ?!

Herpreet Sethi

I recently hosted a drive by baby shower and had the pop bar trike and the whole experience was phenomenal!! All the flavors tasted great and looked so cute as well. The guests really enjoyed it! The service was amazing as well. Charel is very pleasant to work with and was very accommodating. And they even made sure safety was priority. They even provided thermal bags for leftover pops. I highly recommend them if you hosting an event or you just want to grab a popsicle at their location!!

Sanil Patel

Popbar came and catered a drive thru baby shower. Charel was awesome! Came early to set up, was great with everyone, and never complained in the 90+ degree weather once. Was well prepared, and even had containers for leftover bars for us and even stylish thermal bags for us to keep. AND THE GELATO POPS, were AMAZING, everyone loved them! Definitely going to use them for parties in the future and go to their store in Alpharetta to try all the flavors!!!

Siedah Richardson

Their pops are phenomenal! I would recommend anyone to try it if they haven’t. Should definitely be a staple in Alpharetta! Can’t wait to have another pop.

Nina K.

Since it is extremely hot today, my husband suggested that we go get popsicles to cool down. I gave them 5 stars due to the following: 1. Location: it's in the new Halycon shopping center so it's super convenient for those that live in Alpharetta, not so much for us. 2. Setting: the store itself is very small. It can only fit roughly 5 people, so I think it's a bit hard to social distance.3. Price: the popsicles are roughly $5 per pop, but if you check in, your 2nd pop is 50% off. 4. Service: there were 2 employees working behind the counter so service was quick and easy. 5. Flavors: when we came, they had about 10 flavors to pick from and plenty of syrups and toppings. Overall, I would recommend trying it out if you're a popsicle fan.

Jessica L.

Popbar! This is such a FUN place. I mean, even the name sounds fun. This was my first time trying this place out and my first time trying a gourmet gelato Popsicle. What a cool concept! Plus, I am always down to create my own food masterpiece, so when I saw all the different options available I was ready to try it out! This place is located off the Halcyon green, close to the movie theater. It is tiny, but bright, so I don't think you'll miss it. They offer so many different pop bases to choose from. You can get a creamy one or a fruity one. Then you can choose your dips and toppings. They have sweet and savory options. I kept it pretty simple my first visit there. I was craving chocolate, so I started with a chocolate pop base and added a milk chocolate dip on one side and a white chocolate dip on the other. Maybe I should name it the Chocolate For my toppings, I added chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. Not only is this treat photo-worthy, but it tastes great too. What I love most about Popbar is how friendly and community-oriented the owners are. Popbar is constantly offering fun events, discounts, and fundraisers for the community. I just love how involved they are in the community. This is one small business that I will always be down to support! Be sure to check them out the next time you have a sweet tooth craving!

Lance S.

I wouldn't eat here just because they promote BLM. If you want business just make good food and great service at a reasonable price. Will never even give the the opportunity. Sad they buy into the fake media BS. Good luck....

Gretchen S.

Stopped by on Friday afternoon for Yelp's 16th birthday special. It was my fiancé and myself's first time coming to the Halcyon shopping center. It was very busy as to be expected on a Friday. The parking lot and drive around the parking structure is a little hectic as there are lots of pedestrians, and us not being used to the area took a little while to get our bearings. They do offer curbside - which is what we got - however, you have to pull up next to the building and leaving only one lane of travel next to you in or out. I didn't want to go inside as it was already pretty busy, and as some have mentioned it can get crowded easily with no standing or sitting room. I decided to call in. A really sweet girl, Isabella, helped us out. She told us she was the only one there, and I felt so bad, because I kept asking her if they had certain flavors but they didn't have any of the ones I wanted to try from the website. I originally was going to get the Green Tea w/ cookies and cream popGelato & a Strawberry Cheesecake one. They didn't have either, so I moved on to a guava popSorbetto and regular green tea popGelato - negative on those as well. It was still packed inside, otherwise I would've just gone in. She recommended the vanilla salted caramel (which I'm not really a big fan of flavor wise, but I figured why not, as this process was taking longer than I wanted it to and I felt terrible for keeping her from her job inside). So I decided to go with her recommendation and a mango popSorbetto, which fortunately they had. When she came out with the order, I was expecting the pops to be in a cute little orange cooler I've been seeing people have for curbside, but no such luck. Maybe, it's because we ordered only two or maybe it slipped her mind since she was so swamped. In any case, no biggie. She ran my card and the check-in discount was great, leaving us with only a little over $5 total for both pops. I ended up pulling off elsewhere to eat the pops and they still held up for the little drive luckily. My fiancé wasn't interested in any of the items as he's more of a full fat ice cream kind of guy as opposed to having yogurt, gelato, or sorbet. I enjoyed the creaminess of the popGelato and overall flavor. Although, it turns out I ended up with the Toasted Marshmallow flavor, which was probably for the best. The mango popSorbetto was nice and refreshing. The mango used was not as sweet as the mangoes I'm used to from Maui, but it was decent. Overall, it was an okay experience, aside from not having the website flavors I wanted to try - 5 stars for Isabella, about 3.5 for the pops and location. One thing that I didn't really like was that everyone hanging out in the Halcyon pavilion/green space area was all seated pretty close to each other and nobody, not one soul that I could see from the car, was wearing a mask. No social distancing or face masks being used there, despite the numbers continuing to climb for coronavirus. It was a little off-putting to see the people of Alpharetta and some out-of- towners I'm sure with such blatant disregard for their fellow humans who might have underlying conditions and that could catch this virus easily. Only one group of ladies coming from Popbar had on masks, and I was thankful for that as they were ordering at the same time as me. I have underlying conditions as well and a weakened immune system, so I've been doing my best to prevent and protect myself and others during this time. If you don't want to wear a mask, of course you're more than welcome to your freedoms, but please don't put me and many others in danger with your actions if you're around people who may not recover from COVID-19 as easily as you. Mainly for this reason, I will not be back to the Halcyon shopping center any time soon.

Sravan Kumar Nuthalapati

Very YUMMY. Best place for pop sticks !!! With assortments of dips and toppings.....

Kassidy D.

Cute place! I was skeptical but my friend who is a local said it was a must try! Did not disappoint. Tons of sorbet and gelato "pop" options. I could hardly decide and may need to make a second trip before returning home. I decided on the toasted marshmallow gelato pop half dipped in white chocolate and graham cracker crumble. Such strong flavors at such a good price. Bonus-Also cute for photo opps.

Hannah G.

I honestly can't believe how good the vegan gelato was. I recently had to go gluten/dairy free and everything was clearly labeled plus the employee was sure to point out what was safe for me which I really appreciate. I was so excited I forgot to get a picture of mine. My husband got a gelato popwich which he said was great. He said the cookie was harder than he expected and he would probably go regular pop next time but overall enjoyed it. We will definitely be back. They do require masks and provide them if you forgot yours.

Amanda S.

Amazing custom popsicles in a relatively new upscale shopping plaza similar to Avalon in Alpharetta and PCM. I came with a friend as part of the yelp event for BOGO 50% off pops, and we both thought it was well worth the price ($5 for a popsicle customized with as many toppings as you can fit). I got a chocolate strawberry with hazelnuts and he had the chocolate raspberry. Both had a sorbet base which was then dipped in chocolate, had toppings added, and then put back into the freezer to chill. I loved the strawberry because of how natural the popsicle tasted, and I loved the small bits of strawberry in it.I will definitely be back throughout the summer and hope that the rewards program is worth it!

Mel N.

I went here because of an invitation from the OTP yelp elite leader. I was walking on crutches so I couldn't really go inside. A nice lady name Anne said that she would be willing to bring it outside so I could get curbside service. The "Popsicles " were very tasty You could decide what toppings they rolled it in I got chocolate on chocolate with almonds rolled in I also ordered a mango and and gave me several toppings in a package to choose from. It came out in a nice cooler that you got to take home!Not sure if I felt I got my moneys worth as the Popsicles were smaller than I thought at $4.25 a shot But definitely I rate the customer service very highly!

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