Shiraz Cafe

5220 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Alpharetta
(770) 663-8833

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cynthia cooley

Good location for delicious persian food. It was so appetizing. Certainly worth going back to. It has an awesome feel to it. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Stacy Keck

Yummy fresh good, gluten-free options, kind and appreciative service

Rachel Kessler

Tonight my family and I were supposed to go to another Persian restaurant, but instead cameto Shiraz Cafe for dinner. I ordered Beef Koobideh with rice and vegetables. Our table also ordered calamari and mast khiar as appetizers. The calamari was tender and breading was crisp and a powerhouse of seasonings, complementary to a perfect dipping sauce of marinara. The mast khiar was refreshing, cool, and paired wonderfully with the grilled pita. The cucumbers were plentiful, crisp, and refreshing.The beef was the most tender and flavorful red meat I’ve ever eaten. It was succulent, juicy, and seasoned perfectly. The rice was light and fluffy, and vegetables were cooked al dente, to perfection.Overall this is the best Persian restaurant I have EVER been to, and would recommend anyone to dine here. The owner came out and greeted us, and was a kind, personable and intelligent man who was very passionate about the quality of his food.The outside atmosphere held a great ambiance with the lights and beautiful lush scenery. Overall a 20/10 experience. I look forward to eating here for years to come.

Omar W

Persian food and the feeling at this place is super good. The place has a great atmosphere.

Stan Grzesiak

In my humble opinion, this is absolutely, unequivocally, the best Mediterranean restaurant I've ever been to!Every single dish is made fresh, from the freshly chopped salad, to the appetizers, to the entrees, and desserts. The husband and wife owners of this small but awesome restaurant really care about their food and their customers. If you want a phenomenal meal, presented by the most honest people, go to Shiraz Cafe... you won't regret it!!!

Craig Turner

Excellent food. Try something a little deferential while you there. Deserts are outstanding. We will be going back

Counseling Group

My guy and I love this place: food is amazing & the couple, who own the restaurant, run the place...very sweet people. Food is cooked and prepared per order; therefore, takes a bit longer than typical chain restaurants... absolutely worth the wait!!

Gregorii Church

Good simple food. The koobideh was juicy and flavorfull and the Greek potatoes had enough flavor they dont need to be dipped in tzatziki sauce (or any sauce). Quaint little dive. Would recommend.

Toby Robertson

I had the falafel with Greek salad and Greek potatoes and fried calamari and it was Delicious! Great first impression. Would buy again and recommend.

Vitaly S.

Does not look like a fancy place from outside but the food is really great the service was very good humos is amazing and the salats was perfect definitely will come back

Penny T.

They are open for take out but not dine in due to pandemic. I cannot believe I have not written a review for this restaurant because we have been getting food from here for the past 3 years. They have fabulous food. Usually we get take out but we have dined in at least once. They seem to attract a good lunch crowd (when we used to be able to dine in at restaurants). We have always seemed to get takeout dinners from them. Recently we had a craving for Shiraz so we called up and were thrilled they were taking takeout orders (and were not closed). My husband and I both order the gyro platters. They are always such a great value and tasty food. The gyro meat is always flavorful and moist. The sauce that goes with it is always so good. The roasted potatoes are really good... my preference would be a bit less salt on them but most probably love them as is. The greek salad that comes with the meal is quite large. They also included a few pieces of pita bread, too. In the past I have also ordered their vegetarian grilled sandwich and that is fantastic also. This is a family owned business. Give it a try. I know you will not be disappointed.

Carol Sefers

The best you could ask for!! Phenomenal owners and great food!!

Africancrab A.

The ambiance is what took me by surprise! Service was personalized seeing as we were early to lunch and received all the attention! Food was delicious and delightful!

Chip Wells

Nice, cozy, but relatively upscale little Mediterranean restaurant with well prepared food. Friendly, courteous, and fast service. Very clean restaurant. Good value for the money paid. Decor up to date, and sound levels nice and quiet, not a noisy din. Good for takeout as well. Overall, a solid player in the Mediterranean space.

Timothy Schlak

I found great Persian food in the northern Georgia area. Go here for amazing food. I will be coming back each time I visit the corporate office.

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