Tropical Smoothie Cafe

869 N Main St Unit 204, Alpharetta
(678) 580-1045

Recent Reviews

Steve Wright

All I got was a smoothie. It was an ok smoothie, but not something I couldn't have gotten somewhere else. They do have a larger menu (sandwiches and wraps and such), but I didn't partake in those, so I can't comment on them

Jenn Cenanova

Very gross. There were white hairs in my smoothie. Like someone plucked a dish scrubber brush and put the bristles in my smoothie. I was glad we only ordered 1 smoothie share cause we threw it out before leaving the parking lot!

Oyun Pigram

Curbside delivery takes forever, every time! Today I had to walk in after waiting for 20 mins, then discovered that my order was sitting on a shelf by the door. When I asked if they don’t do curbside anymore, the cashier said it’s been ready for only 8 mins. To me that’s a lot of time. If you can’t respect your customer’s time, or have enough staff, don’t offer curbside delivery.

Jennifer Cenanova

The smoothie was watery. Gross. And it had white short hairs in it that got stuck to my tongue. I definitely prefer the perimeter location better. FL made the smoothies good as well.

Oghenefejiro A.

Extremely disappointed. I ordered a smoothie for curbside pickup and nearly half an hour later it still was not ready. I usually enjoy the Tropical Smoothie Cafe closer to me because of the quality service but I guess service does not translate across locations.

Rob Lefebvre

Beware of their hours. It is posted here as open until 8, and THEIR APP LETS YOU ORDER AFTER 7. However, they close at 7. Didn't find that out until we drove over there to pick up our order -- which we had already been charged for.This place used to be a favorite, but it had gone downhill and is clearly mismanaged.

Polyglot Cameron

Yummy food! My brother comes here very often!

Jamie Kelley

Service was not good enough n comparison to other locations. I came on my lunch, placed my order by phone while waiting outside. Watched people come and go to the point was me lady said did you have a big order?? I replied no. I inquired and also decided to cancel because I had to go back to work and was told your order went to another person, it will be a few minutes wait. I watched the person return and get it corrected from outside. Very interesting that customers realized that I had been waiting but the staff just well I don’t know


I used to love this location. Lately they just have sucked! The smoothie I got today was terrible. It was just chunks of ice, fruits, and greens, I couldn't even use my straw!

Katrina Miles

Due to the COVID-19 you cannot enter this location. I ordered online and even text when I arrived. It said my order would be ready at 1:22pm. At 1:34pm after watching 5 people get their food I mentioned my order as supposed to ready 12 minutes ago can you see what’s going on. 8 minutes later I had my order and it was wrong! I would suggest going to the drive in location off Bethelview. The process has broken down here due to the changes.

Brian McClard

Surprisingly good food and unique concept. Reasonably priced.

Michael T.

Since the COVID-19 issue has been going on I understand things have changed. Although, when you call a restaurant to make an order. You should not be told you have to download the app they do not take over the phone orders. I don't want your app on my phone clogging up my storage space because I eat here once a year. Maybe Now I will not be eating here at all I just tried over an hour to get some food from tropical smoothie Café. I will not be back whatsoever that was the rudest most ridiculous thing I've ever dealt with personally over a fast food restaurant

Tara Odom

James makes the BEST smoothie in the area! Always gets it right!

Unicorn S.

Can't stand this location. They always make my drink wrong and always with too much ice or water. There is mildew inside the blenders, the blender tops, and mildew accumulating around the water pump. Disgusting!!


Absolutely horrible service. I won’t be ordering from them again on Ubereats or by any other platform - including directly. What should have been a 10-15 minute delivery turned into over an hour. When I called to inquire they were still preparing my order an hour into the order placement. Either get better workers or more!

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