Poor Hendrix

2371 Hosea L Williams Dr SE bldg 2, Atlanta
(404) 549-8756

Recent Reviews

Roy Vanderslice

Great place to eat. Easy to get to. Delicious food in a great atmosphere. Attentive, helpful staff. Excellent!

Clint Hill

This is our Sunday dinner spot the staff is the highlight for me, but the foods great as well

Elijah Kapella

Poor Hendrix has been excellent since pre-pandemic times with good service and a wonderful selection of foods. Only complaint I can make about here is that the outside seating gets a bit buggy in the summer, but the food is well worth it.

Elle D

This place has a pretty small menu but it’s worth it because everything is a banger! Half the time I just get multiple sharing items because I can’t decide! It’s the best way to try everything and I’ve never been disappointed. Right now the lamb kabob, the shawarma cauliflower, cold noodles and the focaccia are all insanely good. On top of that, their prices are reasonable. I always hope to have leftovers and I never do. Solid drinks and 3 dollar Rice Krispies?! Sold!

Jorge Garcia

Best food in the area. Always great and a always something new to try. It's our go to when can't decide what we want to eat. Not a huge menu, but everything they do is done well. 3$ cookie for dessert? It's totally worth it.

Alexander F

For pandemic dining (al fresco), it's a nice break from traditional pub grub.

Monica Mora

Everything was really good. We enjoyed everything. We will be back to try other stuffs in their menu

James George

Great cocktails especially if you're partial to whiskey. The food is a tad over priced in my opinion but it's definitely worth trying.

Jamie Marie Christian

Everything tasted fresh, lots of flavor (unique but delicious flavor profiles) locally sourced, reasonable prices, very friendly and personable staff. If I lived here I would become a regular.

Gabrielle Carty

Excellent food… Great customer service… Still wearing masks and requiring social distancing.. my go to place!

Diana Presson

Unstuffy neighborhood taverna. Thoughtful and welcoming; on point in most all areas!

Don Taylor

I had a flat bicycle tire and they let me wait for my UBER while they closed for the night. It was appreciated, Thanking all the staff!

Elizabeth Hague

Run, don't walk! I can't believe I haven't left a review for one of my family's staple places to eat.Incredible food, awesome service and really good cocktails. Rotating menu based on season and just darn good ingredients. The menu is always thoughtful and features great vegetarian options.Leave room for dessert. Aaron, the head chef, is an incredible chef but out of this world with pastry!

Anna G.

This is my favorite restaurant local to East Lake!! If you are in this area you must come here! Nothing (no I'm not exaggerating) has been bad on this menu. They're always changing it up which I really appreciate because I love trying new things! Today's feature was the grilled pork bulgogi over crispy rice cakes with raw pickled veggies (pictured). They also had homemade soft serve strawberry ice cream .

Nadia E.

The vibe here is so wonderfully chill and the food is delicious. I think it's a gem and look forward to coming back

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