2530 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta
(770) 977-2455

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Michael Agee

With the current state of staffing and customer service in the world, Chick-fil-A is about the only fast food restaurant I frequent these days. Everyone is always friendly. The food quality is consistent and were it not, the issue will always be handled with aplomb. They really put the rest of the industry to shame.

Alyce Astin

I wish they would bring back the kiwi lime freeze. I absolutely sucked the drink down.

Tomas Aloisio

Just another day at the best of the best in class at any C-F-A store in the country.Scott as usual, you fortify what is necessary to keep it moving even thru difficult times.I do still enjoy the drive thru setup. It makes for a stream lined process while protecting your workers from the sun. Top quality people come from top quality operators like you. We wish you all the limitless bounty your duty to service brings to you and your family.Thanks again Scott for all your hard work and wish your CFA family well.

Luis Sanchez

What I can say, this is Chick-fil-A! From a quick, efficient and speedy service, outstanding customer service and the best crew/employees ever! As usual, the chicken sandwich was on point and the mac & cheese where delicious! I'll definitely be back if I'm in the area!

Kelci F

Ordered a bacon egg and cheese muffin. Got a plain biscuit. It was really disappointing.

Hugh Beasley

The Chick-fil-A at Sprayberry Square Shopping Center at the corner of East Piedmont and Sandy Plains is the best Chick-fil-A that I have ever encountered. It seems to consistently have larger breasts in their sandwiches. They always go beyond customer expectation in resolving any minor issue that may occur in any related business. BEST EVER !!!

Ginger Aghajanian

Your morning crew is awesome! Your evening crew is in desperate need of training! Almost every time we go they mess up my orders and this time Ashley was more interested in the young man she was working with and again my order was wrong. Work on those evening folks and I'm happy to change my review.

Jimmy Williamson

Always great service and smiling employees to take your order.

Carol Daniel

Chick fil a is one of my favorite places for lunch. Food always good.I do have one comment. The co has done a great job with organizing drive through with the pandemic.I found today this drive through to be somewhat screwed up. One person tells you to follow such and such car. Ok that works.A lady in her car told me it was every other car and cut me She must have been real Needless to say her order was my order. I told the very nice employee they all needed to be giving the same instructions to all customers to keep it smooth moving.I had voiced it to the kid who cks your orderHe replied I dont know what I can do. Solution.Tell the manager the problem. That is called problem solving 101.It's still my favorite lunch place. The employees are always pleasant and helpful.That why I go there.

Jose Angel Hernandez

Cobb salad with grilled chicken nuggets and avocado lime ranch dressing is always the best.

Geoff G.

When is management going to reopen the dining room? I would think at this point common sense would prevail.

Brian Boatright

Never had a bad meal at any Chick-fil-A, but this one does a great job of keeping their lines moving, I always get fast friendly service! Food is always great! Mac n cheese is excellent! Tortilla soup is amazing! Just wish we could dine in again.

Anna Trively

Really good biscuits today, and seemingly very happy employees. The lemonade is always good and I recommend grape jelly with the biscuits


Food is always good. Stop making your employees wear masks in 90 degree heat. There is enough data out to show that masks are not an effective inhibitor of the spread of COVID - not only that, but the cases and deaths are almost non-existent today. Please stop treating your employees like they are sick people. It’s atrocious.

Charles Warner

It's hard for a Chick-fil-A to be bad. Like you have to literally try. That being said as far as CFA goes it's generic. Pretty on par. Haven't had a bad experience here. I would probably speak higher of this location, but I haven't been inside in like a year due to Covid-19. Imagine one day down the road someone will read this and be like, oh ya... Covid-19... Man that was some stuff. ??‍♂️ Anyways, good CFA, no complaints.

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