2378 Shallowford Rd, Marietta
(770) 591-9906

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Madeleine Schiltz (BlueLunaFlame)

I'm just wondering why it is that when I showed up 15 minutes before close (thought they closed at 10 but went at 8:45) the cashier looked at me through the window took off the headset and turned off the lights and would not acknowledge meLike i wouldnt be so upset had she said "sorry we're closed" or "sorry we dont have anything left" but she just ignored me altogether?

Adam McClure

While my order was correct and quickly prepared, it wasn't good. The donuts seemed like they were stale and old, the toasted bagel was black on the inside from being burnt and my sons pancakes were chewy at best.

roger gilmore

Frequent go thru. Staff is great. Coffee is bestRog

Kimberly Yanes

This location is TERRIBLE. if you expect to be in and out of the drive thru in under 20 mins with your actual correct order, go somewhere else. Everyone here is rude too.

Tiffany haggen

My service today was unacceptable I ordered a large Carmel Mocha and received a small order of coffee I asked the lady at the window could she remake it over because it doesn’t feel full at all (I marked the cup) she took the cup back waited for a few mins and gave me the same cup back like I wouldn’t notice she didn’t do nothing about my order even after she told me the drink should be full ? it was full of whipped cream

Stephen Johnston

Dunkin has the hands down best on-the-go coffee. The donuts are alright. They used to be better. The breakfast sandwiches are good in a pinch.

Corey Coker

A great place. They can't see the door when they're helping behind the counter they need a buzzer on it pastries are great coffee is always good friendly service once they see you

Ben Zapata

Ok service, good space, drive thru and indoor service. Indoor dining allowed.

jeff hayes

Do not get in the drive through. You will get stuck in line due to the crazy traffic flow. Park your car and go inside to pick up your order

jim accardi

my favorite donuts place since I was a child in Boston. The donuts are not as good as they use to be when they were made fresh. But the coffee is still excellent.

Leo Lee

The bathrooms here are very filthy and not maintained whatsoever. Ruined any appetite I had.


My wife and I recently visited this location. We stopped in for coffee and a donut. When we entered we received a friendly greeting and immediate service. There was a good selection of donuts available. Seating was available both inside & outside. The facility was clean and overall we had a very good experience. This was our first visit to this location. Open daily. Plenty of parking. Drive-thru.

Jay Simpson

Rude and disrespectful on top of messing up multiple orders I've gotten from here. The most recent I asked for a dozen of donuts easy enough. The only request I asked was that I didn't want any donut with filling. Upon receiving the dozen I got 3 filled donuts and when I tried to tell them I didn't want those, like I told the gentleman. They said due to our new policy with covid we are unavailable to take those back or replace the ones u didn't want. So I paid for a dozen donuts to get 9 donuts...I have to say this makes me never want to go back to dunkin'

Chenell Fox

This location is great !Brianna runs a wonderful store! Her team is great and always takes care of me and my family ! Thank you guys !!!! We love this location

Cameron Michaud

I’m really confused on why this has such bad ratings. I’ve been going here since it was built and opened and it’s been a wonderful experience! I’m a constant and they almost always know my order and have it ready. Clean floors and tables and usually super quick. Definitely recommend this Dunkin!

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