LongHorn Steakhouse

2636 Dallas Hwy SW, Marietta
(770) 514-0245

Recent Reviews

David Edwards

The steak was cooked perfectly, the ribs were great. The waitress Ren was top notch, thank you Ren. The manager was very attentive. We could not have been happier with our experience there.

Sonny Johnston

Good streaks but the beer selection is shallow

Melissa Green

Great food, love the crispy honey brussels sprouts. I wish I could remember the waitresses name because she was phenomenal today!

PR Davis

Can you ever go wrong choosing Longhorns? Our last minute cancellation elsewhere brought us here and I'm so glad it did! I'm not a huge chain steak fan but I was pleasantly surprised! The spicy chicken bites are new for me and now a favorite! I ordered the parmesan cheese chicken crusted plate. Yum! The chicken was so juicy and tender, I insisted everyone try a bite. One star off for steaks orders cooked to the opposite person's order. They did ask if everything was fine but we hadn't had a chance to cut them yet. We didn't complain so no worries, just frustrating. Also the salads are drenched in dressing so I would recommend adding cups to the side. Overall, a great meal and friendly staff!

Tiana Carrington

We actually drive further to get to this location than the one near our house. The service is just excellent here! We always come here for one of our date nights and they not only work to seat you quickly but the waitress/waiter is always making sure you’re doing good! We had James last time and it was wonderful!

Matt Lauderdale

Great steaks, and service. Try the wild west shrimp and the brussel sprouts. Chocolate stampede to top it off!

C. Paul “Pablon” Mayfield

If you like the chain, you are in for a treat. This is one of the best locations. Savana was an absolute treasure to find in the food service industry. I can only hope for future servers on her same level of professionalism. Thank you greatly for such a great experience in the midst of an epidemic.

Sue Sloane

We eat at Longhorn frequently and have always felt welcomed..,lunch yesterday was not the same. Our waitress was rude, indifferent and had an attitude.She never looked at us when taking our orders...kept her head down.Literally dropped our bill on the table while walking by...no pleasantries or a simple thank you.We will refuse to be waited on by her again!She should be fired.

Joe D.

The service in this location has gone down hill. Not even busy and poor bar tender can't get a simple order correct. He is full of excuses.

Giovany Favela

I always choose Longhorn as my go to dinner place. I always order the Outlaw Ribeye and at this location, I've never had one cooked right. I always order it medium and it always comes black and blue. Today i sent it back once and incredibly, it came back the same. I sent it back a second time with instructions to my server to please tell the chef that the steak was raw in the middle. Not medium rare or even rare, raw. I don't think ill come back to this location anymore and it's a shame because they're my neighbors.

Jonathan Freeman

Good food, quick seating, and wonderful service.

Terry Dobbs

Always great service at this location! Food never disappoints and wait times are really not bad during busiest hours.

Matt Geddie

Wish they would bring back their old house salad dressing! Steaks were good as always.


Always my go-to place. Love the easy order to curbside pickup.


The service was really good and the staff was very friendly, but the food was just ok and some of it was over-cooked. Average food for an above-average price.

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