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Elle Watanabe

Always a thrill going to Arbys


Went in for a couple beef and cheddar sandwiches, there wasn't much cheddar

Shelley Logan

We love going to Arby's but unfortunately we couldn't find it with Google maps so we just ate somewhere else in the mall food court

Char K.

Always love Arby's when it's nearby. Beef N' Cheddar and curly fries. The Jamocha shake is not too bad, nice and light flavor without being too heavy.

Justin Wolfmoon

Friendly and efficient counter attendant. She politely took my order, credit card and finalized packing and delivering in about 2 minutes. Food as expeced. Tasty and fresh. In high school I was employed at the 5th largest selling Arby's at the time. We were trained by the best so I could see that she was as well.

Michael Onuma

This Arby's location does not honor all nationally advertised promotions. Promotions include those advertised on TV, the Arby's homepage and on social media (eg. Instagram). Best to call ahead and ask the manager if a specific promotion is being honored. Otherwise you might end up disappointed and your time wasted.

John H.

Long story short. You gave me the wrong order and then told me it would be a few days for the refund. I'm still hungry and cannot go back!

Randall G. Palma

I ordered a gyro.... Even tipped them after i received my order. When i asked for a couple of packets of horse radish sauce.... The crew person wanted to charge me for them. As if i haven't paid the restaurant for my order. So there you have it.

Irene M.

It's just nice to have a snack break and take a moment from browsing the mall. Located on the second level in Pearlridge Uptown section the mall does provide "sparse" seating where it's usually the other half waiting on the other lol! Mom is older and still nursing a fractured ankle a brief moment is needed and you know they got us with curly fries. For the huge space they occupy only a handful of seating sadly but grateful is available. You do need to leave your info at the register to take advantage of it. Never to disappoint freshly made hot and crispy curly fries is so yummy!! Thank you!!

George Laird

Located inside Pearlridge Mall. Typical Arby's currently allowing dine-in service with social distancing.

Renee Omura

Its been ages since we been there its much better then it was before

Caitie Watanabe

Great customer service and awesome cashier.

Mikey L.

I don't usually do less than good reviews but this time I had to make an exception. Let me start off by saying that the food itself was actually not bad and the workers are actually really friendly and cool BUT the service could be A LOT better. This past weekend I ordered 3 sandwiches and some fries. I go home and find that 1 sandwich is missing and another was wrapped as a different order. I called them to let them know and the girl was real cool and apologized and was hospitable in offering me an order of curly fries when I come to pick up the missing order next time. I was still a happy customer after that since she more than made up for the error. However I return 2 days later, different people are working and I try to claim my missing sandwich. They give it to me along with another order I made but then they forgot the curly fries which I thought I was getting for free. No big deal, I'm not that entitled to free stuff, doesn't bother me. They then almost forget the extra order of curly fries I actually paid for and had to remind them. Again no big deal, I caught the error in time and I got it. No harm, no foul. I go home and realize they forgot the dip for my french dip. Thats the straw that broke the camel's back. So I can understand when workers especially food service workers make mistakes since its such a fast-paced environment...but twice in a row? You figure they would pay closer attention to fixing an order that was already a mistake once. Not sure if its really worth it coming back here.

James Ward

Pay extra and get this brisket. Oh, it's sumptuous, meaty, and filing.

Leo Jackobowski

Worth the wait made a great meal

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