Bravo Italian Restaurant

98-115 Kaonohi St, Aiea
(808) 487-5544

Recent Reviews

Henry Chang

Our family loves this place. Just went back first time after the pandemic started and their food and service did not disappoint!

Vishal Vyas

Its okay. Portion sizes are quite large, no complaints on that end.

Maka Sasaki (aquatako2006)

Love it love it looove this place. It's been a while since I ate here (before this pandemic craziness) but their foods are still so good, fresh and great quality! Their basil cream pasta with shrimp & scallops is my favorite and of course their garlic knottbreads are very delicious too.

Selene O

Uuggghhh!! food is not fresh sucksIt even stinks outside. Very dirty inside. Be aware

Malia D.

Had to wait about an hour our table but I didn't mind. the food is so good, I would definitely come here again. I got the Vegetarian Lasagna and it was the!! Service was great too! Amazing

Glenda Cheek

The free garlic knots were good but I couldn’t really taste the garlic. Our family said they were balls & much better in the past. My plate was expensive and hardly any pasta. I got sick within my first few bites. :( the restaurant smelled of mildew and was hot. The bathrooms were smelly and dirty. Our waitress was awesome, it’s just we probably will pick another spot for Italian food next time.

Ian U.

Bravo : Dine-in Experience The wait-time for Bravo is usually 30-40 minutes, their staff is kind (and observant), the tables are dimly lit, and most seating is in the form of booths. Now, the food: Freshly Baked Garlic Knots. Buttery Garlic Knots. Cilantro-topped Garlic Knots. BUT! All within the same Garlic Knot: that is Bravo. That being said, I always help myself to their Shrimp Scampi Linguine as a side to my garlic knots. The Shrimp Scampi Linguine has a refreshingly light mixture of shrimp, tomato, and linguine! I would definitely recommend this to those who are new to Bravo but still want to maintain that Pescatarian diet without sacrificing: TASTE! I hope you enjoy your time at Bravo as much as I always do.

Valen Leong

great service!!! Managers on point!!! food is good and consistent!

reen m.

*Keto Review* You're probably thinking, "what idiot would go to an Italian restaurant while on a keto diet?" THIS GUY...girl. My college classmates that I hadn't seen in 2 years due to work and covid wanted to come here so instead of being a a party pooper, I "man-ed up" and went. I'm assuming you can pretty do any pasta dish on the menu with "fresh vegetables" instead of pasta. When you hear fresh vegetables you think of a salad but it's basically steamed veggies. Fresh? Idk, reminds me of the frozen stuff because of the fancy way the carrots were cut but truthfully I don't care. I ordered the Shrimp Arabiatta with the fresh vegetables. The substitution is a $1 upcharge which is a small price to pay to stay on my diet. My only issue is that the menu warns that this dish is very spicy but I would characterize it more as just regular spicy. The dish was good. I pretty much ate it all...except the carrots. I do not like carrots. Service was good. Food came out fast. Garlic knots were refilled then placed right in front of me. I wanted to cry. Garlic and carbs, the greatest combination of all time.

Liana M.

Our Bravo experiences are always great, n the food is always consistently tasting great! We always get the chopped salad n the meatball appetizer for me n my son n husband really love the seafood harvest w red n white sauce..the garlic knots are awesome too. The marinara sauce is award-winning n I sometimes catch myself drinking the sauce ..I have to say I been to alot of Italian restaurants n pricey ones too but I somehow always find myself wanting the sauce here at bravos...please everyone...try Bravos..better than buccas! Mmmm

Bruce H.

#grateful keyoni amazing service the food was so good mozzarella spaghetti the awesome bread I will definitely be back thanks for being a part of my community I will tell all my friends and family tell the chef I said aloha

Asheville Bruce Hensley

#grateful keyoniamazing service the food was so good mozzarella spaghetti the awesome bread I will definitely be back thanks for being a part of my community I will tell all my friends and family tell the chef I said aloha

Dawn-Sheree Y

About an hour wait. Hostess forgot about us outside! Once seated waitress available. Mind you this was 20 minutes before closing. Service was fast and orderly. Food was hot and plated well. We had a pesto chicken pasta, shrimp/mushroom fettuccine creamy pasta, spaghetti meat sauce, Cesar salad, fettuccine noodles, chicken mushroom creamy pasta and the house buns yummy! Seating is great. Place is clean and social distance seating. Bravos is my ohanas favorite place!!

Charity Baldugo

Glad to eat in the restaurant again but they could've made a little improvement while they were doing take out when they opened back up. Carpets really leaves a bad odor when you first walk in.

Jocelyn N.

During the pandemic I never had any problems with my orders at Bravo's...until today. I'm a big fan of their Garlic Knots, so today I decided to buy just a dozen of these Garlic Knots for dinner tonight. When I got home and opened the container...they gave me burnt rolls! Before I could take a picture of it, my family tried them and most were hard and less garlic taste. Out of the dozen, only two (pictured on the right) were "ok". I'm just disappointed that the guy server took upon himself to think this was ok to give this to a customer. I think from now on I will have to look at my order before I leave the restaurant.

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