Cajun King Aiea

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 484-2221

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Kealii Haverly

Service was fast and food was 'ono. Family thoroughly enjoyed it. Flavors were great.


Very delicious! Spicy seafood with cold beer.?

Javon Smith

Lord Lord By Far this Is My Favorite Crab Spot Misty & Nicole Was Freaking Amazing The Food Was Bomb as Hell We Dined in Food Came out fast and Quick & Everything was Fresh We Had The Snowcrab Combo with Cajan and garlic butter mix Steamed well Only thing is Missing is Boiled Eggs and it would have Really Took Me Back To Tampa Florida... Great ?? Job

Eric Mayes

Great Service good food..

Dogs L.

Ordered the combo with snow crab with Cajun garlic seasoning. The snow crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish were cooked perfectly even after a 15 minutes driving home.

Steve Z.

Standard "chain Cajun" restaurant... offering a somewhat ok selection of Cajun-esque fare. With the emergence of Cajun cuisine popularity, this is one of about 6-7 similar themed places currently on island. Most of the seafood is frozen (can't ship live crawfish like you do for Maine lobster). As such, it's a cool fun place to dine if your "on the fang" for Louisiana food. We had visitors who wanted to try this place so we happily complied. Had the combo boil with garlic butter sausage and I ordered the oysters with ginger and onions....Price: much more $$$ than expected. Value: much less than expected. Not a bad place. Definitely good if you're hungry as the portions are decent. Mahalo for reading my review.

Candi H


Ethan King

I absolutely love Cajun King. Great place to eat crab and other shell fish! Fun time with friends/family. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because if they sometimes overcook the crab or sides when it's really busy. But I've never had a bad experience here.

Lucky Lacson

Good food, good service, good price...

Rosalie Lhalie M. Astorga

I celebrate may bday ? there and the crew amd staff are friendly and the seafood is really good ?

Ren April R.

Was looking forward to dinner when my husband placed the order this morning before they opened on Bite Squad. Frustratingly they rejected the order after accepting and bite squad informs us an hour before the food was to be delivered. This is the 3rd time they have let us down with the same issue.

Ryan M.

I'd give this a 0 if I could. Why have delivery in apps like bite squad if you reject the order an hour before the scheduled meal? I placed this scheduled delivery before they were even open and why accept it just to deny it? FYI this wasn't the first time this was the 3rd time

Dion D.

Now that I'm up from my nap, I can share my thoughts about my family's first lunch here. Judging by the lack of leftovers, the food was good! The mild Cajun and garlic butter seasoning was perfect for me, but too much for my mom and sis. My sis got some garlic butter on the side which hit the spot for her. My mom got the lunch combo with Cajun lobster and salt and pepper shrimp. The shrimp she said was really good, nice and crispy, so she could eat the whole thing...head and all. I enjoyed my bag of king crab legs and live Manila clams with a side of rice. No combo for me since I didn't want to waste precious real estate in my stomach on corn, potatoes, sausage, and the other seafood that comes in the combo. It was a good strategy because I finished my food like a champ. I did have a couple pieces off the Trio Sampler. I liked the sweet corn nuggets...and the cheese curds...and the onion ring. I liked everything I ate. The service was quick and friendly. They were busy, so I appreciated their attentiveness in keeping our water filled. Will definitely go again, and next time I'll bring my own gloves. I used the bib and gloves provided, but I got into my food and, well, let's just say my fingertips still smell like lunch even after multiple hand washing.

Candi Hamilton


Gina Madriaga

takeout.. the service was awesome he took the time to explain the menu to me due to it was my first time there.. then had me wait in my car. didn't have to wait long for my order

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