Dixie Grill

4111, 99-016 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 485-2722

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Jim Stirling

I have lived in Texas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. This BBQ is as good or better than anything I’ve gotten in the actual South!! We had brisket Philly po boy, pulled pork, baked beans, Mac salad, and brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts....just changed my life forever!! I have a new standard to which all other brussel sprouts will be held. We even ordered 2 bottles of house made BBQ sauce to take home. I will be back! ...probably tomorrow. Or later today. Edit: I came back over a year later and got the pickle brined fried chicken sammich… holy jeez it was good!! Thanks again guys!!

Emily Chamberlain-Hall

We enjoyed the food so much we forgot to take pictures. The catfish was melt in your mouth good and the pulled pork sandwich is heavy on the pork! So many sauces to choose from. Will be back! There is a funny surprise in the women's room ??

nick bowman32

Amazing food with even better service!!! All of their meats are so good and not to mention they custom BBQ sauces!! I personally loved the Hawaiian BBQ but there are 6 different flavors to choose from! Great place, I loved the experience and wished there was one in my home town!

Sam Hamblen

Great food. Love the Drinks.

Ron Southard

Excellent service!!!! Great Food!!!

Kay G.

Pulled pork, brisket and ribs all seemed dry, flavorless and overcooked. Beer and banana pudding were great though. Waitress was nice :)

Dhoom A.

If you're looking for bbq do not miss this restaurant. The beef ribs are smoked well you can taste it. The coleslaw is ok but the mash is good . For an appetizer the fried calamari is best choice.

Bernice T.

I placed an order through Grubhub on Halloween. First of all, I received 2 delayed delivery messages. Im not sure why. I ordered buffalo wings, extra crispy with fries. I received 3 pieces of wings that weren't cooked thoroughly (see photos). I was very disappointed and upset this happened. Perhaps they were in a rush to close up for Halloween that my order was not complete, but doesn't make it right though. I don't want to get started on the $9.50 salad that I paid for but wasn't even worth the price. It'll be a while until I return to this establishment.

Richard Morris

Did takeout and I feel like for the price vs quality it might be more of a dine in experience.The flavor of the ribs was ok but they were a bit tough. The coleslaw tasted a bit sour and the cornbread, though unique and almost cake like, was burned on the bottom.I will end on a positive and say I did very much enjoy the fried pickles. Unlike everywhere in the continental US I've had them where they tend to be overwhelmingly salty disks covered in batter, these were delicately breaded wedges that had a hint of salt. The lightly spicy sauce that they came with was a very nice compliment.

Matt O.

I had a great lunch over there. It was so unfortunate that they were closed on Monday...which was 2 days after my birthday. I have begun to ponder what would be nice to enjoy and eat for lunch today. So I got the catfish plate. I gotta say...that it was probably the best thing that I have ate to this point in 2021. I had ate it with baked beans and brussel sprouts, and boy did they not disappoint me with it. I really liked their baked beans. I could eat a big bowl of that and be happy with it if I wanted to. And I loved their brussel sprouts. Normally people wouldn't think of having baked beans to go along with catfish, but in this case, I guess I'm the only exception. I'm really a happy camper with what I ate. Maybe next time I come, should it still be there, I'll try and see if I can get my family introduced to this place.

Danielle G.

No Jambalaya?? Not the same food as the old location on Halekawila and Ward! Fish and chips was frozen and all batter! No cole slaw or salad included?? Wheres all the Trash can options??? Hamburgers?? Just seems like a boring sandwich place! Menu is not authentic Southern food!! Disappointed! Inside is very old and run down , neglected! Restaurant needs a paint job sprucing up. Menu needs to be improved with more SOUTHERN food!

Elizabeth Lipps

We loved it. Fantastic service, open air, clean bathrooms. Bloody Mary and Paloma—out of this world good! My only regret is not finding this Bloody Mary sooner in my trip. Close to Pearl Harbor memorial. Last meal we are eating on Oahu as we are flying home to Texas today. We opted for the trash can buffet. We had four people and finished it but easily could feed 5-6. It is literally served on a metal trash can lid! Brisket and pulled pork were legit (and I’m picky!!!). The bbq sauces were excellent and it is cool they bring you a ‘tour of southern flavors’ with several different styles to suit whatever you are eating. Catfish was excellent as well as amazing snow crab. Came out of the shell easy and so yummy dipped in garlic butter. We had fire cracker wing flavor in our trash can buffet and man, were they good. A bit spicy for some, so be warned. The pickle brine on those wings!! I’m doing that at home.


Since I was born and raised in Georgia and Alabama, this is my Go-To place when I want to put some south in my mouth. Great brisket and ribs, as well as Shrimp and Grits.

Liz H.

Met some friends here on a Friday night and sat at an outside table/bench. Seats 8 just fine! The beers are 16 or 32oz! I love that. I opted for a 16oz Lagunitas IPA, but the 32's are impressive - my friends swear by the mai tais. The ambiance is relaxed and fun. The food is good. I ate the smoked pork poutine fries and a side of coleslaw. Next time I'll try either the brisket plate or the fish n chips. Lots of good choices. And they have 6 different bbq sauces! Sooo delicious! I'd definitely come back here! There is also a saloon upstairs called Whiskey Dix - which was AMAZING FUN- that I'll share a post about on that page . Overall experience of the restaurant: great service, yummy food, plenty spread out for social distancing, clean bathroom, free popcorn, and tall cold drinks. 5 !

Rose Marie Ferreri-Lindegren

This is our second time and we had a great experience! The food was delicious, the service was amazing and the music was great! We will be back!

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