Five Guys

98-1005 Moanalua Rd, Aiea
(808) 488-4442

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Michael W.

Aug 13 2021 First time customer Store is a little hard to find but plenty of parking and worth the effort! Had a little cheeseburger with grilled onion and ketchup, a little cheeseburger lettuce and tomato and small fries! The atmosphere is old malt style, family friendly roomy and exceptionably clean and spotless! The staff are great and the food variety is great! They are still Covid compliant. The fries are fantastic! Got a small order and it was more than enough! The burgers were phenomenal! Probably the best we've had on the island and we've tried about a dozen excluding the cheap biggies! If you're taking the keikis, Burger King, Jack-in-the-Box or McDs will do, but if YOU want a great burger, try this place!


Fresh burgers made to order. Prices are a little higher than other fast food places, but it was worth it.

Dylan Dinkel

Normally not a bad place to go however today I ordered a bacon cheese burger all the way. When I got home and opened it up it was just a regular cheese burger with nothing else on it.

Aden Lee

Was good but not best as I expected. If you have any reason to go pearl ridge center you guys can definitely try.

Fua Afoa

Juicy burgers & great service.

Erica Yates

Good burgers. Better shakes.

Ed L.

It was a nice road trip to get out of Honolulu and into the Aiea / Pearl City area once during the ongoing pandemic of 2020+. And so, a friend of mine came to this Five Guys location on a brisk Sunday afternoon in April 2021. My friend was craving a nice burger and didn't know where to go, so we just thought of Five Guys and off we went. We were thankful that Five Guys were open that afternoon on a Sunday. They close late at 10pm and it wasn't busy at all, so we just got in line and ended up getting what we wanted without having to wait too long. Due to the current pandemic, face masks are required, but in person dining is now allowed until further notice. My friend and I arrived around 5pm and the place was empty, except for one booth being occupied. Five Guys is your typical burger joint from the mainland US, which tries to establish itself here at home in Hawaii. The experience here lasted about 1 hour, from ordering, to pick up, and enjoying our meals before leaving. Five Guys itself is clean and spacious, sporting a few tables and booths to accommodate for in person dining on any given day. I particularly enjoyed the fries, which I ordered Cajun style. Unlike the major fast food joints, they serve it in a paper cup and place it in a paper bag, since they like to give a lot of food. I ordered the little cheeseburger, with everything on it, along with a thick large milkshake to complete the meal. The overall experience here at this Five Guys location was pretty nice and it was a cool excuse to get out of Honolulu and see other parts of the island in this pandemic. The little cheese burger seemed like a typical cheeseburger that's abnormally larger than life. It was definitely worth the drive here, especially when most burgers I've encountered were just lackluster as of late. Five Guys is a mainland institution that made itself to Hawaii and its been good. The only issue with Five Guys is that you have to order everything ala carte, which can add up fairly quickly and over $10 easy. Be prepared for some sticker shock at the counter when you're paying, but the food speaks for itself. For the most part though, having a customized cheeseburger helps ease the cost down, especially when it's super duper delicious. If you are on this side of Oahu and craving an awesome burger or even Cajun fries, consider coming here for lunch or dinner. It's definitely not cheap for a burger joint, but well worth your time. Definitely recommended for sure. This Five Guys location is situated in the Pearlridge Shopping Center in Aiea, currently next to Pieology. They accept major credit cards, which is always awesome, as well as cash. Due to the pandemic, credit card payments are always preferred, since the staff doesn't need to touch cash. As far as parking goes, you have plenty of parking while shopping and dining at Pearlridge shopping center. If you are like me, bus routes 11, 20, 32, 40, 42, 51, 53, 88, and Country Express A stops off at Pearlridge Shopping Center on a daily basis. The staff here was nice and friendly. The experience ordering was quick and the menu is really user friendly. You get what you want without the filler. Just a good burger joint and you get that with Five Guys. It's a shame they're not in urban Honolulu, but it is what it is. 4.5 stars for the overall experience. 4.5 stars for the food and service. 3.0 stars for the prices. Support local! B+

Crr Simpson

Must visit pearl harbor, we couldn't get tickets online so we were lucky to get standby tickets to the USS Arizona only $1 in advance online.

Todd M.

Well after a long time I finally decided to try this Pearlridge Joint as I've heard how good it was. Skipping to the burger it was probably 4 or 5 star as far as burgers go. However the young lady taking my order was the rudest person I've had in a long time.....probably forever. The place had zero customers and "Ashley" was so put off that I came in and asked a question about the menu and barked back my options to me as If I was interrupting her having labor. When I communicated my thoughts to the guy who said he was a manager he seemed to want to give me a shake. I'm not looking for free things. When I got home my order was wrong and I spent 22 dollars on something I didn't order. That aside it was a good burger. I would come back but not after the rudest customer service. Im a simple person and not a foodie....just want to be treated as I treat others. The guy cooking seemed to care about his job. Too many other options.

Chupa S.

Awesome staff. I seriously would hang out with them. Why not 5 stars? Because I have ordered through Yelp now twice and when I get there they have no idea what happened but my order isn't there. The app says it is ready to pick up, the staff says uhhh nope. So then they make it right then, which is 5 star worthy, buuuut they forget the bacon on all 3 burgers which is not. :( But, there is a long line of customers and they are obviously busy and lil things happen. So - Bottom line, the people are great and I would totally eat there again while at the mall, but I probably won't ever try to order online while passing through again.

David Suficiencia

A tasty burger and the fries are better than the rest. The shake $$$ kinda steep brah! The shake should also be served with 3 straws the bugga get soggy. And yes I'll be back!

EeEl DubU, Ed.S.

This place can't handle the population that tried to eat here. I tried it for the first time after a hike with friends and the staff was struggling even though the restaurant was empty and their was about 12 people behind the counter. I was also surprised that in 2021, they have no way to accept 'no touch payment'.

Bobbi Amber V.

Came here when the mall closed. We luckily missed the dinner rush. They main rain social distance by blocking off tables and spacing them out. I wish I got the name of the cashier that serviced us but she was working this evening (5/07/21) and she was just so patient, kind, and just great. I really don't expect much customer service at fast food joints but this gal had a really pleasant energy. We ordered our food to go. Got the bacon cheeseburger with everything. All toppings are no extra charge. Juicy and really good. Great tasting burger but over priced. Got the kiddos hot dogs. They were over priced too but can't complain because they ate the whole thing.

Cyril Matsuoka

Didn't go there but I heard its pricey for a burger meal

Martha Phineas

Cheeseburger is Super GOOD, Single or Double. French/Sweet Potatoe fries are my Favorite right now.

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