Goma Tei Ramen Pearlridge

98-1005 Moanalua Rd, Aiea
(808) 488-9188

Recent Reviews

Rilly Romero

My go to place for ramen! Honestly, best broth for hangovers...

Rayne U.

This is my go-to neighborhood ramen spot!! Spicy tan tan ramen level 2 is my norm... don't forget the ajitama egg! And the soft, melt in your mouth char siu... I could eat here every day!! Service is always friendly, quick & efficient. Most days there's a line out the door because it's just THAT good!!

Nader S.

Excellent Ramen with a huge menu, fast service and food was phenomenal! A+

Kevin L.

Even though there is a wait, it's conveniently located in Pearlridge Center so you could shop around while you wait. The ambiance is a bit loud. I ordered the Tonkotsu shoyu ramen (4/5): noodles were good. The broth wasn't too flavorful and the chicken coating seemed a bit mushy. Despite the wait, Goma Tei is a good place for some yummy ramen. I recommend it.

Lucia N.

LATE REVIEW! i don't remember trying this place out before but i wanted to try it out (again?) if i didn't. it was saturday after 7:30 or 8 pm, i was waiting for my sister to be done with work since she was already in the pearlridge location. when she was done, we walked over to goma tei and waited for my husband to come so we could sign in. there was a sign up sheet where you put your name and circle if you would want table, counter or either (whichever is available first). we decided to get a table knowing that we were gonna order a few, while we were waiting we all decided to look at the menu to see what kind of options they had. all i saw were ramen, let me be honest here..im not a ramen fan. im more of an udon person. but i got the chance to see udon and i took it lol. about 10 minutes later, we got seated in. it looked pretty steady since they close at 9:30 pm. a guy came to us with drinks and asked if we were ready to order, which we were; my husband ordered the char siu tan tan, my sister ordered the level 5 spicy tan tan ramen, and i ordered the spicy kakuni udon with the special spicy sauce (+$3) and red chili pepper (+$1). we waited about 20-25 minutes for our order and it smelled good. i tried the broth and it was amazing i tell you, it was very rich with a lil kick. it wasn't spicy like it was burning my mouth so i decided to add in a couple spoonful of the spicy sauce and at one point it almost did burn my mouth lol my sister likes hers very spicy just like the ghost pepper noodles spicy. i tried it and helllll it burned my mouth. i tried my husband as well and it tasted pretty good. the meat was very tender to the point where it gets soften, but it was still good. we also ordered the gyoza and it was great as well, crunchy on the outside and juicy in the inside. my only con was that the sauces were extra which is kind of rip off since the noodles aren't spicy to anyone's expectation and yet they charge $3 more for just a small shot cup of sauce. its like when you're eating pho, the sauces are already laid out for you cause without it you won't get any flavors in there. and for each sauces they would have to pay extra for it? that was my concern but i would definitely come back here.

David Bracero

Super expensive for no reason and nothing different about the taste than any other Ramen spots that are way less expensive.

Naomi R.

Ramen wasn't anything special. I got the #13 chicken shoyu and the chicken came cool/cold while the broth was super hot. I liked the broth, it has a nice smooth taste to it. Customer service needs some work. We're not from the island and noticed that they catered and consistently check on only to those who look like they live here as opposed to visitors. As far as covid protocols, they ask that you wear your mask until your food is brought to you which I think is great. All employees wore masks.

Inga F.

I think rotten dog food tastes better then them soup !! I was thinking now to dispute my charge because this food so terrible it's hard to even call it real food! The microwave those dumplings and trow it on bowl will tap boiling water mixed with cheap soy sauce from box !

Ron Rumbaoa

Awesome ramen. Reasonably priced. Dined in. Great experience. Highly recommended.

Tamra Castro

Food good and tasty ?..service so so..gal not attentive the guy was great

David B.

The most expensive junk Ramen I've ever had. Don't bother. The only good thing about my meal was the broth itself. The noodles where like eating Top Ramen, and the pork tasted burnt. Sorry, no second chances here sorry.

Leslie R Lewis

Stopped in here on a whim Sunday eve, to dine in on Father's Day. There was no line and were seated right away. The restaurant was clean and modern, tables spaced apart for covid.The Won Ton Tan Tan was delicious, and very generous portions. The sesame miso ramen broth had a "kick". The won ton had bits of shrimp and homemade fresh. Hubby had the Truffle Ramen, he liked it, said truffle flavor was subtle.

Amy O.

Definitely their Tan Tan Ramen with that crunch garlic stuff. Never tried anything else cause I'm totally hooked on the Tan Tan

Arielle C.

First time at this location. Beginners luck I guess, we were able to score seats at the bar right away. noticed there was a new Spicy Tan Tan Ramen, I love spicy and I love Tan Tan, so I gave it a try. It was pretty good. Serving size is perfect and the char siu was the best part. I had a side order of mixed mushrooms added which made my Ramen even better. The gyoza was delicious, definitely perfect to snack on, even though the wait for Ramen order is super short to begin with. My friend had the chicken Tan Tan, which my friend regularly orders. Great spot to drop in at, when you are craving ramen!

Henry P.

So my wife and son enjoys coming here for ramen. We all normally chose something different. This place is practicing good Covid services. We will be stopping by again

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