99-115 Aiea Heights Dr, Aiea
(808) 483-4759

Recent Reviews

Virginia Donato

Although there was a long line, there were two associates that were taking our orders for convenience.


The block could be jammed for the line to drive through….

David Sirbu

I liked this location. Very friendly service and clean dining room.

Jaels Kaneakua

Fast service.

Ron Rumbaoa

Despite the long drive-thru line it didn't take long for me to order, pay, receive my order and get on my way.

Roger H. Moon

Good But, you better check in your bag everything in the bag ... sometime they gave you wrong burger ... (>.<)


Went to McDonald's by the old stadium for breakfast. My son had 2 long human hair in his hotcakes. Totally disgusting, they need to revisit sanitation and healthy food handling requirements.

Shari T.

I go to this McDonald's in the morning for breakfast. The morning team is awesome. They are efficient and pleasant. My food is always hot and delicious. What else can I say? They work hard and deliver great service and food. Thank you.

Belissa Ho

Drive through was fast and efficient. Even though there was a really long line.

Siempre T.

My bf came just earlier to get me a strawberry milkshake Nd instead they gave him chocolate milkshake like wth double check your customer's order before cashing out bad customer service!!

Taoist Elf

Typical fast food but stars for the staff. I think all of Aiea Heights stops by here on their commute out. Awesome workers who push through a heavy morning line with a smile and efficiency. Coffee. ? also they have special family meal deals I've never seen at any other McD's!

Denise S.

Went thru the drive thru yesterday morning fir z breakfast sandwich only. How easy is that right? Obviously not. I got home and my breakfast sandwich was not what i ordered. I called and spoke to a manager and explained what my issue was. This is not the first time. Anyway while speaking with the manager I said I was not coming back now but later that day or the next. He was trying to tell me that I could get another sandwich. I said I just want a refund. So over it. Went back today and got the 21 questions. Why is it so hard to get a refund? I finally did after a while. Damn..... The drive thru employees are always very nice. I go to this location because of convenience, maybe I'll think twice now. Getting a 2 star review because of the drive thru.

Debra M.

Ordered 3 Oreo Shamrock McFlurry(s) & 2 chocolate shakes. Got 3 Oreo McFlurry(s) & 2 chocolate shakes. . No shamrock .

Jess T.

I should have learned my lesson by now. ALWAYS TRIPLE CHECK THE ORDER MENU, to ensure order is correct. And ALWAYS CHECK the BAG CONTAINING THE FOOD, before driving away from the window, to ensure order is complete.

Employee: Hi. What would you like to order?
Me: May I please get a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McMuffin?
Employee: Would you like to make that as a meal?
Me: Yes, please.
Employee: OK, and your drink for your meal?
Me: May I please get an orange juice?

Me: *Picks up order from window. Gets home 5 minutes later. Looks in bag. Where is my hash brown??*

I looked up the menu on the McDonald's website, and confirmed that a meal-- which I thought I ordered, based on the employee's acknowledgement that I wanted a drink with my meal-- was supposed to contain a hashbrown.

Then I grabbed my receipt, and noticed that it just listed the sandwich and the drink. Soooo I guess the "meal" that I was asked about, didn't even get selected.

Not going to this location again, but for anyone who does: double check accuracy of order before leaving that parking lot.

Jenn M.

Drive thru line was too long and they close the dining room early and since they close early and you can't even go inside to order take out! They should at least open the doors a little later due to the holiday shoppers..

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