Ninja Sushi

Westridge Shopping Center, 98-150 Kaonohi St B-101, Aiea
(808) 487-9797

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Di S.

I ordered sushi from here months ago and the rice was overcooked. Ordered it via Door Dash today again and the same thing happened. I can't even eat the rice. It was like someone left congee or jook overnight and it just formed a huge block of sticky old rice and decided to use that same rice to make sushi rolls. I called the business to let them know I wasn't happy with my order but not sure if the sweet lady on the phone understood me. So I'm posting this in hopes they can fix the one issue I have with this place: the rice! Hoping it's a simple issue to fix. If that's corrected, I'd order from them more often.

Nick Dizon

Tasty, good portions, great friendly service, and fresh. We are going to be regular customers. The menu has a nice fusion of Japanese and Korean flavors.

Anna-Michelle L.

If you're in the area and want quick sushi definitely go to this place!! I love this place the staff is always friendly and understanding. Yesterday I ordered from them online however, they called me and told me they were out of udon and ika rings. I cancelled the order because my boyfriend really wanted udon. Today I called them and explained to them I had already paid and if it was possible to get a refund. Instead the lady told me they got a restock on udon and ika rings today and I could pick it up when I wanted to. She was so kind and accommodating !!! Everything was made when I arrived so everything was fresh and the ika rings were crispy! Go here for good service and great food

Emily W.

Best Ninja Sushi location we've had so far! The fish just tastes super fresh here. Fast and friendly service. Gyoza was perfect. Highly recommend.

Rachel Dellinger

Everything was awesome. Service, food, and the menu. Thank you so much.

jeson rabanal

You can defend on them they make your food with your own satisfaction ?

Sherene H.

Prices went up recently most for nigiri but the rolls are still decently priced. I ordered ikura, natto, garlic hamachi nigiri, and vegetable tempura roll, T dragon roll, and Superman roll. There was a lot of rice in all the rolls. There's actually rice inside the roll with the way they roll it. All the rolls were tasty and I'd definitely get again. Garlic hamachi nigiri was torched and semi rubbery. I wouldn't recommend. I took pictures of the updated menu because online the prices are wrong! I picked up my order and it was more than I anticipated. I hope ninja sushi updates their online menu. There's no description of rolls online or in store but Superman: spicy tuna roll with ahi on top and potato flakes with sauce. T dragon: shrimp tempura with some imitation crab inside and unagi & avocado on top

Roger H. Moon

Good taste & Good Price ?

Barbara Hart

Great spicy veggie handroll! Nice to customers.

Curtis Sasaki

Their phone wasn't working so had to use on line ordering which tacked on additional fees. Let the workers know of the problem. Good serving sizes and lots of choices. Friendly staff.

Nelson C.

I've eaten at this place (Ninja Sushi) a million times and I absolutely love it! But I've never tried this one in particular and let me tell you...the sushi was even more amazing here!!! The portions were a bit more bigger and the toppings were a lot more abundant than the other ones I've tried.

Anne S.

I've read mixed reviews about this spot - good food, but having to sometimes deal with a rude staff member. I thought we'd still give it a try, anything for good sushi. But we couldn't stay and eat at that place after dealing with the lady that some people mentioned in their reviews. It just puts you off when you haven't even ordered your food and you're already being beratted for something so petty. Would have loved to support this business during hard times but I can't stand bad customer service.

Edwin Chu

Consistently delicious


Heyy!! :) I am part of the family you saw earlier today and I just wanted to say the food was great!! We really liked it and overall had a great experience. The customer service was very nice and I would definitely recommend this place, 10/10

Zenpachi Ryu

Great food. Sushi portions are huge! A plus for me.

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