Thắng‘s French Coffee & Bubble Tea (AIEA)

99-165 Moanalua Rd Suite 200, Aiea
(808) 487-8381

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Rachel Sanders


Leimomi R.

Small hole in the wall yet easy to find. Quick service and it was really yummy! Pricing is good too.

BoB Tomato

Wow. This place is so cute on the inside, kind and fast service and delicious drinks. Check this, the ingredients they use in your drink are on display at the front desk. You can see them grab a slice of watermelon to make your drink. The Boba pearls are so yummy too. No bursting but they do have lychee jelly

Gopher I.

Thang's in Aiea - close to home and same great flavors that I'm used to? Yes, please! It's a family affair - they switch days but you'll see the same faces between all three locations and they're all very nice. Parking for this location is in the back of the building on the lower level. You can also park in front of the manapua shop or the parking lot for the adjacent center and walk over. Fresh fruit smoothies; smoothies made with powder for taro, coconut, and those who like the honeydew powder flavor; coffee and tea smoothies; what more do you need? Oh yeah, the PEARLS (a.k.a. boba)!! Customizable on sugar, milk, and pearl amount, get it your way here! Please support our local businesses! They've been working hard through the pandemic to keep our smoothie (and other) cravings satisfied!

Ali V.

All the Thangs I went to are equally good. I'd say this is the most nice and clean one I've been too. It's tucked on the side of the highway, parking in the back. They use fresh fruit and you can tell! Now I'm gonna come here every time after I do my nails

Krisha Mae Doronio

If you are looking for smoothies with FRESH fruit, this is the place to come. You can actually see all the fruit freshly chopped up before they put it into smoothies! The boba actually is really good quality as well. The only thing is I wanted regular milk tea, and while the flavor was good, it was a blended/icy consistency (once its melted, it was the consistency I wanted though). This place is good and highly recommended. They accept credit card with a minimum of $10.

carlton yuen

Great to see they have another location

Chelzie I.

Love their mango boba and avocado boba smoothies!!! The best boba on the island and the texture of the boba is amazing too. Go get yourself one you won't regret it.

Jeremy B.

I was excited to try another Boba vendor, but to my dismay, it was not good at all.

I had the avocado and taro with boba. At my first sip, I knew that powder was used for the taro flavor. It had an artificial taste which leaves a bad aftertaste. The avocado was real avocados, but by the look of the drink, they must have used old and brown ones. My drink had a pale brownish green color. This was not very appealing. If you're gonna use artificial flavor, why not just put artificial coloring to make it look good. I also had not one, but several surprising ice chunks. The drink was not blended very well.

The price of the drink was fine, but the location is another story. It is right on the street side of Moanalua road, which is great so that you can see it when you drive by. However, the only legal parking is in the back. Then, you have to walk up a steep hill to get to the store front and walk back down to go back to the parking area. It's right next to a Pho restaurant and barbershop. If you want convenience, just go to the one building behind. There is literally another and better Boba shop next to another Pho restaurant with front row parking.

Overall, I was not impressed with this drink. If they had used real fruit, I'd gladly pay more for it.

Ruby S.

#31 for 2021

What I really love about the beverages are fresh fruits incorporated to make a tasty smoothie! As soon as I walked in what caught my eyes were a variety of chilled fruits in glass display. Superb customer service. Fresh and generous boba portions.

Craved for the uncommon beverage. Soursop has a slight tart with some sweetness. Refreshing! Delightful! Even my son loved drinking soursop with pearls. Yum!

Avocado with pearls tasted very fresh! Real fruits seal the deal with every sip. My son didn't care for it too much. An acquired taste and one that I was exposed to as a young child. Perfect for a very warm and sunny day.

Free parking available in the lot on your left as you enter Heleconia St. Look for business sign. Take stairs to walk up to street level.

Will definitely return as I'm curious to try fresh fruits: durian, dragon fruit, and more.

Shay H.

Everything on the menu is great! You can even mix 2 flavors together!! Couple of favorites would be the avocado smoothie, Chocolate/banana, lychee smoothie, and Cantelope Smoothies. Parking a little hard to get but it's definitely worth it!! They even sell masks and other items as well.

Dana F.

First time trying Thang's in Aiea, and I'm pleased to say that it's as great as its original location! The shop is located on the busy street side. My family and I stuck to our favorites and got strawberry-taro, avocado, and honeydew drinks. We noticed that it was still flavorful but not as sweet as it usually is in their other location, which we love!

Parking: There is a parking lot next to the store, but it is only accessible one way. In that case, there is also another parking lot behind the store with what seems to be more lots available.

Matthew Brabec

I used to go to the one near Kalihi until this one opened up (closer to me). It's exactly the same as the original and tastes great as always. Service is fast and accurate. I also see the employees from the other locations here too. Love this place.

Sachiko T.

I love Thangs because of their fresh fruit drinks and smoothies. I would go to City Square in order to get my Thangs fix but I'm so happy that they now have one closer to where I live. The drinks and always consistent and their boba is never too hard or too soft. I think $5 for a huge cup of fresh fruit smoothie with boba is a steal! I don't go anywhere else when I'm craving a fresh fruit smoothie. I hope that the prices stay like this forever!

Toni R.

I've been coming here a lot lately.  I would specifically find reasons as to why I need to drive to Aiea just so I can get my Taro Strawberry w/ boba smoothie. Their drinks are made with fresh fruits and is very tasty. The boba consistency is spot on; chewy and soft. This location accepts credit cards with a $10 minimum purchase.  The store itself is nice and new and looks very clean.  Please note that there is usually just 1 person manning the store so be patient. It usually takes a while to get your drinks, especially if there are a lot of customers.  Their prices are very reasonable compared to other boba places in Mililani.  The prices range from $4.50-$5.50 for big size drinks that already includes boba.  I love how they don't charge extra for blending your drinks like Infinitea.  I feel like I get my money's worth when I come here, so I don't mind having to drive 11 miles just to satisfy my boba craving.  At least it's closer to me than their Kalihi location.  

Yesterday I made the mistake of parking in their small parking lot right in back of the store.  The entrance is steep and narrow and you'll have to walk on that same hilly driveway to get to the front of the store, thereby increasing your chances of getting run over. I suggest parking in the surrounding parking lot and use the sidewalk to get to Thang's entrance.

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Thắng‘s French Coffee & Bubble Tea (AIEA)

99-165 Moanalua Rd Suite 200, Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-8381