Pizza Hut

4510 Salt Lake Blvd Ste B7, Honolulu
(808) 643-1111

Recent Reviews

Heidi Rochon

Every order is correct and hot. Plus every delivery driver is awesome.

Wendy C.

Although this isn't my favorite pizza, it is great in a pinch. I really like the ease of online ordering/paying, Curbside pickup, price, location and selection. For 30 bucks I was able to feed a family of 4 dinner and have leftovers the next day for lunch. The people I spoke to for curbside pickup were really nice. My pizzas were hot, correct and on time.

Valter Claudi

Just do a better job,the pizzas the pasta and the cinnamon rolls were not good at all

Keanu L.

I like the user friendly PH website to order pizza ahead of time for pick-up. Friendly helpful staff too

Emily Kawahakui

I feel the delivery fee is very high. With tip I ended up paying $25 for a $16 pizza.

Rena Horio

Nice workers who hurried my order since I was early.

Christy Ebato

My order took over 1 hour. The supreme pizza part was unacceptable it only had mushroom and peperoni on it with very little onion. the pasta that was in the order was very sour and tart. the wings in my order where under cooked and a little pink inside. Had to put them into the microwave to fully cook them. very unhappy and disappointed with my order overall

Nora Hirakawa

Excellent service and convenient app usage.

Paul M.

With COVID and us trying to be hermits, Pizza Hut has been awesome for when we want our pizza fix but don't want to spend too much. Their app makes ordering a breeze and it's ready for pickup in 15 mins! They will come out to your car and drop it off, so cool! I usually get their 9.99 big New Yorker and we recently tried their Detroit style pizza. I expected the Detroit pizza to be oily and heavy, but the dough was surprisingly airy and the pizza was actually really good! I know Pizza Hut is a chain and it may not compare to a unique neighborhood pizza place, but for around $25 I can get two whole big pizzas that we can eat several meals from. And even better I can have cold pizza straight from the fridge the next day!! Cold pizza lovers unite!! We still will get pizza from good unique non-chain restaurants, but Pizza Hut is our "I don't feel like cooking let's get pizza NOW" kind of place, and they do a fantastic job of it! Try their Detroit pizza I would get it again.

Jon F.

This morning I ordered 2 pizzas for carry out and went home with a third because Emily provided superior customer service. She apologized for the wait because a mistake was made on my order and had to be remade. When she gave me my order, I said that I only ordered 2 pizzas. Consequently she explained the situation. I was fine with the wait and would've been happy with just two pizzas. Nevertheless she insisted that I have a third one. Now I can give a pizza with my neighbor. Thank you Emily for your uber skillful customer care.

Harriet Iaela

Great Customer Service! An, Thank You for being open! On New Year's day.

Chevhell lovely

Ordered my two pepperoni pizza on the phone and picked up my pizza in person.The pizza was not fresh. It seemed like it they sitting in the hot box all day! The pizza was dripping grease and tasted stale! :(

Yolande Fong

Being single, a pizza lasts for 4 meals! Fantastic value!

Joshua Walker

Curbside pick up takes way too long. Never got my food. Had to go inside.

Michael Wilder II

Pizza was hot!!! Average tasting pizza. Nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary.

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