El Mariachi

590 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei
(808) 674-8226

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cutiepie kawaii

Consistency and service is an issue. Unfortunately, it's just hit or miss here. Too bad, when they're good, they're good. They are closed all of July, but failed to put that info on there answering system. I only found out when I actually drove there.

Angelina F.

Terrible service! Don't put takeout when they NEVER answer their phone!!!!!!! Workers always look irritated, don't like your job find another one!!!!

Aaron E.

Great food! The only thing is that they rarely answer their phone for phone orders so I'd recommend going in person to order.

Mink G.

How about putting a sign on the door that says Closed Permanently or Closed Until Further Notice instead of letting people line up outside for 30 minutes wondering why there are employees walking around inside with the lights off doing God knows what. If they are cleaning out the place they could at least stick their head outside the door and tell everyone that the place is no longer in business. I would of never known what was going on if I didn't read the UPS Missed Delivery Form on the door that was dated June 1st. Pretty sad for someone who's been coming here religiously for the last 6 years. This is the last place I thought I'd ever have to leave a mediocre review. Time to find a New Mexican Restaurant on the Westside.

Kapiolani O.

I've been going to this location for years and decided to phone in a takeout order. Their phones are off, goes straight to voicemail which is full. I read the previous reviews and I guess I'll have to find a New Mexican restaurant. Sad cause their food used to be really good.

Mark Traylor

This is the type of place I like but not quite sure why. The owners are great and hard working. The food is average but enjoyable. The service depends on how busy they are. I guess I like the local feel.

Raechel Averett

We've been searching for real Mexican food on the island, and give this place a solid 4.5. The food was pretty darn good. The chips however, were bitter ? and only edible with salsa. The service was just ok. We ordered a plate with three items, and an ala carte item, and 2 beers. The food came in 3 waves... they forgot our drinks. We will go back because we can't find good Mexican food on the island. Hopefully service will get better when the pandemic is over.

Rich Huntsinger

Good food, good service. Happy to have them here!

Loves Traveling

It was Cinco de Mayo, so of course Mexican food and a margarita were clearly in order. They are usually closed on Wednesdays, but they opened for the holiday and a crowd had gathered outside for the opening at 4:30. Mask wearing and reduced capacity for Covid. They were extremely busy, but in good spirits and very pleasant to deal with. The food was simply some of the best Mexican food we have had - and coming from California we have eaten at plenty of places. The carnitas ?. The flautas ?. The cheese enchiladas ?. The tacos and burritos ?. The strawberry and mango margaritas ?. Would highly recommend! It was so good we kept forgetting to take photos! ?

Jonathan McCord

Some of the best mexican I've had in a long time! We had a large table and were seated and served quickly. staff was great!Everything was good. the burritos were huge and tasty as was the chimichanga.free chips and salsa.


Service was terrible! Seems like they are under staffed! We ordered and waited for an hour and the food never came! No one ever refilled water or chips in that hour! We ended up leaving! So did the group before us!

Amanda D.

Sat down ordered right away and have been waiting for over an hour for nachos... No one came to check on us or inform us of the extended wait. Finally the manager came over very irritated when we had asked for the status of our order. She communicated with an attitude, no compassion, no understanding and no aloha. She acted annoyed with us and said we wouldn't be getting our nachos for another 15 - 20 minutes and our entrees 10 - 15 minutes after that. Its been 20 more minutes and still no nachos.. Okay....... but 1 and a half hour for nachos?!?! Same manager finally dropped off the nachos and splashed salsa juice on my leg... She looked right at it when it spilled and walked away without apologizing or acknowledging it. My friend is still waiting for her tacos and we have received the rest of the entrees and it's been 20 minutes. We have been here for over 2 hours.... I just went up to the same manager again to ask about the status of our friend's food and she rolled her eyes at me and rudely asked what she ordered. Now she came back and said the order was not put in correctly and hasn't been made. She offered nothing to remedy the situation and we are all beyond frustrated with our entire experience. 0 out of 5 stars. Worst experience we have all had in a long time!! We will be telling everyone to avoid this place for sure. Terrible customer service, undertrained staff and the food wasn't good. Reposting this review everywhere.. When we were trying to cash out, the same manager told us that we could not split the check and then started yelling at us in the middle of the restaurant. Literally screaming at us! It was disgusting. Nobody had told us that we were not able to split checks or that there would be an extended wait or that there was a huge delay in food. We were practically left alone for 2 hours and were scolded or yelled at whenever we needed something. Never again.

Nickey H.

Good food terrible service . Will not go back at all. Better to go El Palenque food there is fresh and good Customer service is awesome to

MonaJean Aragon

Authentic Mexican food with real cheese, delicious flavors & generous portions! The service is excellent, too!

Bianca Q.

I've been looking for some good authentic Mexican restaurant on the island and I'm happy to say I've finally found one. Don't get me wrong, there have been some delicious food trucks that serve Mexican food but they're always too far. I ordered a carne asada torta and a horchata for takeout. The torta was amazing, it had well flavored meat and toppings that was basically falling out after every bite. Scooping up those leftovers was the best! The horchata was delicious too! My food was ready within the 10 minutes they had told me over the phone, and they had me in and out of there so quick. I'm definitely satisfied with the experience I had here, customer service and food satisfactory.

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