Mad Bene

Adjacent to Regal Theaters, 4450 Kapolei Pkwy #540, Kapolei
(808) 744-7400

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Elisa Asato

First time going to Mad Bene and we’ll definitely be back! It’s nice to have a good Italian restaurant on the west side that has a great atmosphere and friendly staff. We shared the chopped salad and 2 bone marrows between the four of us and each ordered our own entree. The shared salad and bone marrow prepped us perfectly for our main dishes, which 3 out of the 4 of us finished. Plus, we had just enough room for dessert, which again we shared because they give you 2 scoops of gelato.\\n\\nWe all thought our dishes were flavorful without being overly buttery or cheesy and are looking forward to our next visit to try more dishes. Highly recommend plus you can book on OpenTable.\\n\\n- The Chopped Salad had a great mix of veggies\\n- The Bone Marrow wasn’t too buttery and the parsley and shallots on the side complemented the whole appetizer perfectly\\n- The Tagliatelle Dogna was a nice lighter pasta and a great vegetarian option\\n- The Linguini Scampi had 1 full head-on Kauai shrimp with lots of deshell cut up pieces throughout\\n- The Linguini \\u0026 Clams had a very tasty red sauce with a little bit of a kick\\n- The Lasagna al Forno had some fried pasta layers, which gave it a very unique spin\\n- Both the Mango and Nutella gelato were a great ending to the entire meal

Jenna Guidi

We are visiting from New York and came across Mad Bene on Google and it lives up to its name. The food and service is mad bene! We had Natalie who was super sweet and helpful and gave good recommendations. One of us had the classic margarita pizza and it was great. He was not planning on having good pizza in Hawaii, and here it is! Two of us had the shrimp scampi and it was great with the fresh pasta. I got truffle roasted corn on the side which was out of this world. Highly recommended!

Love Love

I have been dining here for over a year now at least once a week! I’m a New Yorker stuck in paradise.. The people here make you feel like family. This is my favorite spot in Oahu! Food is great, drinks are awesome and atmosphere is relaxing! I come here alone, with my family, and with friends.. can’t express how much I love this place! This is the spot for me!

Tracey Halstead Donahue

Delicious food. The gnocchi were soft and scrumptious. The bone marrow to die for

Lollie Islas

The best food I have had on the island so far! The bone marrow and the caviar was by far the best, but everything including the cheese pizza that isn’t picture was fabulous!! The pizza crust was perfectly crisp and tasty!! Oh yes and the service was a close second to the best part of the experience!!

Matthew Leopardi

The Pappardelle Bolognese had the most flavorful sauce I've tasted in years. The menu mentions it being a 12 hour ragu and I don't think it's exaggerating. The Pappardelle noodles were cooked to perfection with the right tenderness. And the outdoor seating was great. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience.

Lisa N.

SO disappointed in the service. I ordered take out and when I arrived the food was not ready. I requested extra chili oil in addition to hot pepper flakes. The hostess let me know that she would get it for me and I was told to wait outside, where there were several chairs placed on the perimeter of the restaurant. I could see that my order had been brought out and placed on the ledge on the other side of where I was waiting. I walked in and saw that my name was printed on the receipt on the outside of the bag, but the hostess was busy, so I waited a few minutes. I, admittedly, was a bit impatient, so I approached a different server to get the chili oil as I really wanted to try it and it had to be requested by the kitchen staff. The server was super friendly and helpful, it took him several minutes before he came back with the oil and he wished me well as I went back to the front. By then it had been close to 10 minutes that my order was ready and I was irritated that my food was getting cold. My hungry family was waiting for me at the hotel so I considered grabbing the food, which again, has my name clearly printed on it. The hostess could sense this, so as soon as she finished who she was helping she RUDELY grabbed the order and handed it to me. No mention of the chili oil or peppers she had previously promised. She said it's all in the bag and practically shooed me out. I was pretty irritated but rushed out and home only to realize that I hadn't gotten any cheese, napkins, utensils--nothing. I ordered 2 pizzas, spaghetti, and 3 salads. I had no way to eat it once I got to the hotel. What seemed like should have been a great experience based on others' reviews left such a sour taste in my mouth. I really wanted to like this place but after tonight; don't think this is somewhere that I would return to.

Tina M.

Was on the west side and wanted some good Italian food. I heard about this place on Yelp so wanted to give it a try. They are located next to the movie theater, DB grill and La Tour in Kapolei. There is plenty of parking. We arrived around 5:00 PM on a Saturday. There was no wait. We were seated by the window. One side had a cozy booth with pillows. Behind me there was a decorative book shelf. This restaurant has a very modern interior design. We wanted to try a bunch of things. We started with the eggplant parmigiana sticks. These are unlike anything I've ever tasted. The breading was nice and crisp, melted mozzarella cheese inside and delicious eggplant. This appetizer comes with 4 sticks, which is perfect for 2 people as they are filling. This is a very innovative appetizer. We also ordered the gnocchi to start. It is a starter serving made with brown butter and sprinkled with black truffles. It was divine, had a nice flavor and the gnocchi was cooked perfectly! For one of our mains we decided to try a pizza. The waitress recommended the supremo. Pork sausage, fennel, and earthy mushrooms. My 1/2 had no sausage as I don't eat pork. It was tasty, the crust was nice and crisp. It is brick oven style pizza. But the dough was too thin for the toppings as the heavy mushrooms made the dough soggy and the toppings just slid off of the pizza. This is my biggest pet peeve with brick oven pizza. You have to know how much toppings to put on so that they don't overwhelm the dough and make it soggy. You have to perfect the crust. I ordered the chicken Parmesan as my main with a side of spaghetti. The portion size was good. I am not a fan of the marinara sauce they use, but I love the fresh tomato sauce they used with the spaghetti! If they use that sauce with the chicken parmesan perfection! The chicken was tasty but it needed to be thinned out. The chicken was too thick and a little tough. My hubby ordered the pappardelle bolognese. He enjoyed it. The pasta was cooked well and the bolognese was packed with flavor. If you order this dish, mix in the ricotta cheese on top to make the dish extra creamy. I also ordered 2 glasses of the Sangiovese wine. It was $13 for a glass. I thought the pour was weak for the price of the glass. It wasn't a full glass. All in all a great place for Italian food. With some finesse this place could be really great! We will be back.

Gloria S.

Wonderfully decadent food. This is one of my go to places for date night and to bring friends and family. Everything here can be enjoyed family style. The portions are generous and the food is so so good. Our go to dishes are gnocchi and meatballs to start things off. Mains are chicken Parmesan, with the marinara pasta side $9 ( so so good, and the pasta is made in house), pizza typically the NYC but we will also get the mad garlic with the pepperoni added to it, and their side potatoes. The drinks are great, good wine, beer and signature drinks too!

Scott A.

This restaurant is somewhat new and my family loves eating Italian food. We made a reservation but still ended up waiting about 20 minutes for our table. The host didn't have the friendliest attitude of all time, so we were a little thrown off in the beginning. We ordered the Fritto Misto for an appetizer and the best part of this dish was definitely the fried scallop. I would probably try another appetizer before ordering this again. For our entrees we ordered a lot, but pictured here is the bolognese and the gnocchi. The gnocchi was cooked in a brown butter sauce with black truffle. The portion was on the smaller side, but it was very rich and filling. The bolognese flavor was spot on and I really liked how they make their own pasta in house. Overall the dishes were extremely salty, the chef has a heavy hand on the salt. As for dessert, I was craving the tiramisu but they were all out (I don't know if this is a common thing).

Alvin Y.

This is a good, italian-american restaurant for those who have a hankering for in-house made pasta and pizzas. We came all the way here from Kailua one friday evening because we wanted some non-japanese influenced italian food. We were not disappointed! We came in and ordered a watermelon lemonade to start. WOW! YUMMY! They used real watermelon juice and lemon and the whole drink was extremely refreshing. Pitcher after pitcher of the stuff came out after we ordered our drinks. We got the carbonara pizza and the papardelle bolongese. The papardelle was perfect! cooked al dente with a large amount of pasta and generous amounts of meat sauce. The carbonara pizza was also nice, as it had a poached egg in the middle for table side spreading. The only complaint was that the food came out separately - my wife finished half her pizza before my pasta came out. Otherwise this is a solid small chain type fresh italian restaurant.

Betty Morgan Sanborn

Some of the best food in Oahu!! Fresh and local. The service is excellent! A MUST while on the island!!

Emma Vandenbird

Service was not great, as we were ignored most of the time and waited a long time to be acknowledged. The appetizer tasted frozen/defrosted and was cold, and the entree was cold as well, and was a very small amount of spaghetti with no sauce or anything on top... Considering the prices they charged, everything was inadequate and I will not be going back.

Lollie Islas

Best food I’ve had on the island so far! The bone marrow and caviar were my favorite!! But literally everything that came out was amazing!!

Tom Hartig

Very good! Excellent food and service. Drinks and wine. Lots of garlic. Unique.

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