4600 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei
(808) 674-4010

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Mark Swain Jr

If I could give 0 stars I would. It took 20 minutes to get my order and I had to walk inside to ask. Even then the order wasn’t right and was missing items. This isn’t the first time at this location. The service is slow, and they always mess up the order if you order any thing more than 2 meals.

Noelani Aloha Kimo

Grandsons were super hungry and order went smooth and fast. Mahalo.

Mike S

This might be the worst McDonald's in Hawaii. The price they wanted to charge me for my breakfast items was absurd (35% more than the same products at McD's in Honolulu and Wahiawa). Instead of including the beverage as part of the price of a breakfast value meal, they added it on separately ala cart, so my price was over $3.5 higher than it should have been. When I challenged them that the price was incorrect they wouldn't budge, so I drove off without food or payment and went to the Dunkin down the street. They have lost my breakfast revenue forever. On the mainland I used to mix it up between Dunkin and McD's for breakfast, since McD's was always less expensive. Today, the Kapolei McD's restaurant is more expensive then Dunkin and even other McD's on Oahu.

Kyle Christian

Great Chicken Sandwich and fast friendly service.


Very nice customer service! Very friendly & helpful.

Lei Pas

They should clean better. Go hire someone to do the job


If I could give ZERO stars I would!! This McDonald's NEVER has milk shakes!! It doesn't matter what day or time, they always claim the machine doesn't work. Tonight they said they have sundaes but NO shakes!!! Maybe they should take shakes off of the menu!!!

Archie Cato

Went through mobile pickup in our way to the beach. Good thing we checked our order coz it was missing the breakfast burritos. Good thing I was not on H1 yet and had to turn back. Had to go inside to claim and all they can say is sorry with an unremorseful look. Heck had they offered a free beakfast sandwich, maybe it would make the inconvenience worth it. I'm sure this review won't matter, but oh well.

Raymond Gomes

Great Breakfast to start your day

Eric Leung

This filet of fish looks different .. ?.. no QC

Miles M.

THE worst McDonalds EVER!!! Food is old or cold or overcooked or burnt. Even complaining and taking food back does not fix the problem as they gave us the same burnt chicken nuggets that I returned. Once I got two hash browns that were only crust. Seriously the were overcooked to where the whole thing was crust. No white part inside only CRUST!!! Not only that the thing was dripping oil like it leaked all into the bag and all over my car seat and pants. This was the worst quality ever for any McDonalds that I have ever been to. Once they got my kids order wrong and while I was in there ordering another one because I though it was my kid who messed up the online order, it couldn't have been him because there was an extra charge that was not on my receipt for mayonnaise on a mcDouble. When I was in there another drive thru customer was complaining and taking his food back because of a problem. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO TO THE 4600 KAPOLEI PKWAY McDonalds. IT IS THE WORST EVER!!!

Ryan Y.

This review is for ice cream only. This is the McD's located near Home Depot. $1.04 include tax. Why only 4 stars, because today car in front at drive thru was a problem customer, long time to place order, long time to pay, and complaining at the pick up window. Observe server handing customer a ice cone in the plastic tray holder and customer saying she didn't order it, then showing server her receipt and discussing something about it. So 2 minutes later when I get up to window, server tries handing me a melted ice cream cone, explained what I observed so he made me a new cone. Hey the Taylor machine is working at this location at this time, hurry and get your ice cream at a great price while machine is not down for service.

Christopher Akina

Food is predictable no complaints there. Drive thru suggestion--They should note the model/color of the car being told to park and wait as it was unnecessary work for the person who brings the orders out to check with the drivers of three waiting cars who got what for the handoff.

KatLinn Berry

Had us pull over into a lane to wait for our food and it was COLD when we got it. We ended up reheating it when we got home in the oven.

Charlene A.

Okay so this is my situation , I rarely go to McDonald's but because I was on my way to Costco next door an had a gift card I needed to use & didn't want to shop on an empty stomach cause you know what happens when you do ... But here's my SUPER REAL BIG PROBLEM WITH THIS VISIT . I ordered a meal with an unsweetened tea An OMG ! when I took a drink of my drink it was BLACK COLD COFFEE in a soda cup !!!!! I just about hit the roof an almost choked Hers my second problem my passenger ordered a double quarter pounder plain ... an yes only a single is what he got ... Not only had paid for what I thought I ordered an more Angry when I called the manager to resolve this issue she said she didn't know an hung up on me !!!!! An this is the reasons for my really bad rating

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