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563 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei
(808) 200-5737

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Jillian V

The food was good, but the amount of rules they have is absolutely insane. The host runs through this giant script of instructions before you sit down, and then they take an expo marker and write down the time and hour from when you order for when you have to leave! Stupidly strict. It makes dining out not as relaxing… you also have to pay for your coffee creamers. The management needs to take a chill pill.

Brandon H.

Probably one of our biggest regrets...not coming here for seconds, thirds, and fourths lol. We stopped by on our way to the west coast to scuba and went in the morning around 8AM...but they were already all booked for the next few hours, so make sure to book reservations or come early. We decided to just order to go and eat in the car and it was well worth it! We ordered the garlic potatoes and i forget the name of the other dish, but it was something with meat and both were unbelievable! We asked both the servers which dish they wouldve gotten and they both said the hash, so we kinda regret not being able to try it. Tons of locals were also swinging by picking up to go orders, so that s when we knew it was a legit spot. If your ever in the area, its a must!

Karen F.

Must go for the malasada style pancakes and fried rice soooo good. I would definitely come back. Great customer service and so helpful. We did take out and it was so quick. Didn't want to wait for 75-mins for dine-in but I could def see why.

Roxanne Aguon B.

First time coming here. Food was good. I know now to place my order ahead of time. I think I will go back and try other items. The restaurant is small and because of COVID, there's a limit to how many customers they allow in. Calling in advance would help.

Sam S.

We drove quite a ways to get to this restaurant based solely on the stellar reviews. Upon checking in we were told that there was a 1 hour wait and that once our table was ready we would have 9 minutes to check in before we lost the table. There wasn't much to do nearby so we stayed close, but went across the street. Once we got the text we rushed back and made it by exactly 9 minutes, but we were told that the 9 minutes began when the text was sent from their machine not when the text was received on my phone. As a result we were notified we were 1 minute late and needed to wait until a table opened up. Once we got inside I was extremely underwhelmed by the restaurant itself, but had high hopes for the food. I ordered the loco moco the beef was dry, there was not early enough gravy and it was all plopped on a huge bed of rice in a bowl that wasn't large enough to allow for mixing. It was so bad that I couldn't even finish it. We also ordered a friend rice dish that tasted like it was cooked in a overly burnt skillet. We received water that had black things floating in it and had to get up to call the waitress twice because she never came back. This would have easily been a 1 star review if it wasn't for the delicious banana mac nut waffle with vanilla ice cream that was actually very tasty.

Lala N.

The place to be when you really want good fresh variety of yummy food I look forward to it though we'll have patience for our table

Joanne L.

OMG! Best breakfast place to go. We live 15 minutes away and have never been here. My sister and her family is visiting from Colorado and was looking for a place to go. EVERYTHING is delicious! You have to get the banana Mac nut waffle. Best waffle I have ever tasted. Also try the flight of pancakes. It's like a pancake sampler with cookie butter, taro and Lilikoi. Our new favorite place

Eduardo Montero

Employees go the extra mile for the customers ? I really appreciate you servici God bless you guysMahalo ?

Beauville M.

So... I ordered take out and a coffee.. first bad sign is I was charged more for the coffee than was listed on their menu. 5$ for I think an 8oz coffee?? Crazy even at the 4$ on their menu. I decided to return it after some back and forth over the price. Then waited for the bagel sandwich. The bagel was hard as a ROCK on the edges, couldn't chew through it. I also ordered turkey (shredded turkey) and not only did they put the wrong meat (turkey bacon) but the meat itself was discolored, had green spots on it and was burnt to pieces. Falling apart into charcoal bits on the sandwich. I have never left a bad review for a restaurant before but I feel like maybe they made the sandwich bad because I returned the coffee? Dunno.. either way.. now it's public knowledge. bad food and overpriced. At least they gave me a refund quickly.

Rachel I.

Average wait time ( 20mins ) Have the options to pay before the food arrives Great customer service Quality food and amazing coffee ! Everything was very fresh and made well !

Joel K.

Was there today June 5th, 2021. Saw the good reviews on Yelp so decided to try. The pancakes were good. However, the worst service we experienced in Hawaii. First we had a party of 8 and asked for an extra chair and the waitress refused and said she couldn't ask another table with extra chairs for one and we had to do it. I did and took care of it myself. Then since the syrup was in little plastic cups we needed more. We asked on 3 separate occasions for more and never received. Similar they always forgot cream and sugar with the coffee so again had to ask them every time we got a refill on coffee. Just annoying since there were more waitresses than tables. They seem to be looking and talking about us. Felt very uncomfortable at this place.

Jarica R.

Flight of pancakes, uncle's smoke meat, grilled furikake salmon, & corned beef hash. All breakfast plates comes with 2 side of eggs and choice of rice/potatoes. Looking for a perfect brunch spot on the west side? Check out My Cafe!! They're located at the beginning of Kapolei. I definitely recommend their uncles smoke meat: local kine smoke pork sautéed with onions and lilikoi smoke sauce! The flights of pancakes comes with cookie butta luva, lilikoi & chocolate taro-haupia. Soo gooood!!

Beneeta D.

They had me at "Pancake flight". We walked up to the host station at 10:30 and were told it's a 90 minute wait, I said okay and then walked away only to realize that she didn't ask for any of my info. So they at least have a text waiting list which helps a lot. We only ended up waiting an hour which was good. We got the text and the host had already told us it's 9 minutes to get there or the table will be given away. That's silly. If you tell someone an hour and a half, they may go shop or something not 9 minutes away, then you'll just give their table away? Well okay... When we got to the restaurant for our table, the host had to go over the rules which just seemed unnecessary. It's been a year, we know we have to wear a mask at the table if not eating or drinking or to get up for the bathroom. We hadn't even sat down at the table and the server asked if we knew what we wanted to drink. We got 3 Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange, just orange juice would've been better but they didn't have that. 5 minutes later the server comes back and asks if we are ready to order, it's a big menu, luckily I had looked in advance. My youngest son got a waffle with a side of bacon, my oldest son got a ground beef loco moco with an upgrade fried rice, and I order the chicken fried steak with an upgrade truffle Parmesan potatoes. I also ordered a pancake flight to share. The server then told us our table time was 12:44, it was 11:45 and we had just ordered our food not received anything yet. Meaning, they gave us less than an hour to receive and eat our food. I paid in advance so that could buy us more time. The food came in fragments, first the waffle, then the loco moco, then bacon, then pancake flight, and chicken fried steak. Everything was smoking hot which is great, but not when we have a time limit so we rushed to eat super hot food. Everything tasted great! The cookie butter pancake was the best one, the chocolate taro was a brownie in pancake form so very rich. My son liked his loco moco, it came with a lot of fried rice and it was so hot. The chicken fried steak was great, a sign of a good chicken fried steak is just having to use a fork to cut it; this met the criteria! It was fresh out of the fryer and so were the potatoes, which again is a good thing but I was burning by tongue because of the table time limit. After all this you may be wondering why I only left 3 stars. Service was average, if I'm being nice. When the waffle came, the butter had some kind of fiber in the container. It wasn't hair, it looked kind of like lint from a shirt or cloth. I told the server, she took the butter and brought a new one but she didn't say anything. I'm not expecting her to fall on a sword apologizing but at least a casual "sorry about that!". The food coming out fragmented was annoying, we all want to eat at once. And the restaurant was HOT! They had the door open, it felt like I was in the kitchen cooking. Also, the restaurant is loud! There was a larger group next to our table and their noise carried throughout the place. It was like an echo of laughter and loud talking. I think it's the way the restaurant is built, or maybe the people were just really loud. All of this to say, I would come back here but I'd get takeout.

Elizabeth C.

We found this hole in the wall cafe on Yelp and decided to check it out for a late brunch. A couple highs and lows to this experience... The pros: fun and unique flavors, large portions, and explicit COVID safety protocols. We tried the pancake trio and the waffle and enjoyed both. The downsides: only 5 booths available (could be a wait, though we went at an off time and had no wait) and somewhat noisy. I also found the staff distracting- they spent most of the time chatting with each other and trying to figure out a way to close early. Doesn't matter to me, but when the kitchen is so close to the dining area, it kind of ruins the vibe. ‍ Fun to try, but I don't think we will be back.

Ashley H.

There are no words in the English language to express how good this place is, but nevertheless I will try my best. We stopped by for breakfast around 7:30am and were told there would be around a 30 minute wait, but we ended up being seated within 15 minutes. The place is small, and by small there are literally only 5 tables. I would expect much longer wait times during prime hours. There is a very STRICT table limit of 1 hour once food is ordered, but the good news is, the food is so out of this world amazing that you will gulf it down in 5 minutes. 10 minutes tops. This place is pancake and waffle heaven. Whether you like them plain with just butter and syrup, or piled on with 5-7 toppings you'll get what you need here. We ordered the original buttermilk pancakes, banana Mac nut waffle, the traditional Benedict, Portuguese sausage, and the aloha bowl. Everything, and I mean everything... was 5/5 stars. The pancakes were fluffy & golden, with crispy edges. The waffle was light and crispy, topped with bananas, nuts, syrup, Carmel sauce, whip cream, ice cream (and maybe a splash of diabetes but hey, you only live once). It was reminiscent of banana foster and pretty filling. You may only be able to take a couple bites, but those few bites will be worth it. The açaí bowl was light, cold, refreshing, and wasn't watered down. It balanced out the heavier items we ordered. The place isn't the biggest, or the fanciest. But what they lack in size they make up for in friendly service, welcoming atmosphere, comfort food, and most importantly flavor. If you're a breakfast fanatic like myself that's more interested in a good meal where you feel at home, this is the spot for you.

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