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M. Sato

Pay attention! They just made my sandwich with their bare hands. No gloves. I won't be going back to that location anymore. Too many marginal experiences. Go to Sand Island location...excellent!

jed rev

Plentiful parking and easy access.

Kika K.

Slowwwww and bad service. Every time I go in, the ladies work so slow. Today I ordered online and went in to pick up which should be an easy transaction since I already paid. He said they are still working on it and continues to make sandwiches for the people in line. I'm waiting while 10min goes by and everyone in line gets theirs first. Then I go back up to get my order and no one knows where it is and it might be in the back.. total waste of a lunch break

Chelsey K.

I wish I could give no stars. I called today 7/12/2021 at 11:15am to place a phone order. The person answering was not yet on her shift and 4 minutes til she started again. She mentioned she could take my order but not write it down cause it's busy there and no one is available. Not sure why she answered the phone in the first place if she wasn't working and unable to help a customer with placing a phone order. This was upsetting and such a disappointment. I've never had someone pick up the phone and say they are not working and can't take an order! In my opinion just go down there to order if not Jersey Mikes is the place to be. Fresh food and great customer service in person and on the phone.


First time I try to order a through the app for store pick up everything went smooth no issues very friendly and efficient service

Ricky Tawata

Worker asked type of bread, had to repeat my selection as wrong type was brought out. Had to ask another worker to add other sandwiches to my order. It wasn't busy at the time. Maybe she was having a bad day.

Elayne Schwartz

Yummy, yummy and delicious! They to extend their hours. The place(Waimalu Plaza)was packed at closing time-8pm.

Dan T.

The wife and I ordered take out from Subway last night. We tend to go there whenever we feel like we need to have something on the healthier side and are just too lazy to cook. I'm not going to review the actual sandwiches we had since Subway is pretty consistent, especially for a fast food sandwich place. Although I did want to provide some feedback on the Subway app itself since this was the first time I actually used it to place and pay for an order. The app was easy enough to use and made the pickup process very quick, but my sandwich just did not come out quite the same. By not placing the order in person I missed the adjustments you can make during the step by step sandwich building process, like adding a few more olives and pickles, or salting the tomatoes directly... FYI, this little tip makes even the blandest tomatoes taste so much better. They also forgot to add the mustard which I asked for via the app. Fortunately, I had some mustard in the refrigerator. so it was an easy fix. Will I use the Subway app in the future? On one hand it is very easy to use and makes the pick up process a breeze as well as almost entirely contact free. On the other hand I don't get the sandwich exactly the way I would make it. Hmm, I think I just had an aha moment. I'll keep using the app whenever I need to order more then just a sandwich for myself.

Kathy U.

Get the Subway App! Order ahead and take advantage of express pick up and deals! I don't usually think of getting Subway sandwiches for lunch very often but I saw the App BOGO50 deal for the footling and I started craving their fresh baked bread! When hubby suggested Subway I knew it was meant to be! There's always some kind of deal in the app. I think the best, (might have been pre-Covid) was the BOGO footlong. Lately I had seen the buy two get one footlong free, which is a slightly better deal but you have to be in need of 3 footlongs to take advantage so this was a good deal for two of us. If you only need one footling you can get a bag of chips and a drink for free on the app. First the bread - honey oat is our fav but that wasn't an option. Not sure if it is a casualty of Covid or something else. Did not ask when I picked up our order since there was a line of people who didn't pre-order and I didn't want any of them staring at me for delaying their meal! We both ordered cold cut combos with the regular Italian (white) bread. Can't go wrong with freshly baked, soft white bread! Sometimes I get the Italian herb and cheese, which is still available, along with the 9-grain wheat and flatbread. All of their bread options are delicious since they are fresh baked. It takes a while on the app if you customize your sandwich, but that's the beauty of ordering from Subway - very customizable! Tip - save your sandwich order as a fav for future - but if you usually order for the same group of people be sure to name them properly! We are only 5 min from our Subway and by the time we get ready to go and arrive, it's about 10 to at most 15 minutes. Our sandwiches are always ready and waiting for us stored in an enclosed case (bread case?). I was on the side and the case was at the other end so I'm not sure) Anyway - if you order and pay on the app, you can bypass the line and go straight to the express pickup windows (the cashier) and get your order. They have you review the printed order and sign the paper so you know exactly what you're getting. (What you actually ordered. Not what you may have accidentally ordered!) So I skipped past 7 people because I pre-ordered on the app - awesome way to go. At home - advantage of a Subway sandwich is it isn't "cold" when you get home unless you asked for your sandwich to be toasted. So it tasted nice and fresh. When you add extra veggies ( no add'l charge) it makes a very hefty sandwich. (We always save half for a second lunch so it is really a great deal - just don't add anything too "juicy" and the bread holds up decently to the next day. Paper (no more plastic) wrapping and bag held up ok without and leaks. (Not sure what happens when you have a longer interval between the sandwich being made and eating it.) We enjoyed half of our footlongs and will eat the other half later. Taste - if you like veggies, then a simple cold cut sandwich tastes great! Not gourmet, but nice, basic, simple, good tasting sandwich made with great fresh bread.

Michael Yates

I just ordered a tuna sandwich from doordash and the sandwich has no tuna? I'm looking at the receipt tryna to figure out how you do that..Please tell me how that makes sense

Rene Silva

Great place very nice.

J L.

This is the worst I've had experienced with subway. Paid online for a Tuna Sandwich.... and this is what I got. Come on..... you had ONE JOB!

Barry S.

Stopped in on a busy Easter to pick up sandwiches before church and the staff was a well-oiled machine. Each crew member knew their part, and provided great service at every step through the process. Alma was or sandwich artist and she was outstanding.

Rill Brand

Wait way too long, in sun, and no place to sit for seniors. Food great as usual.

Asheville Bruce Hensley

#grateful 4 manager Violeta, this is my favorite Subway it's what a customer said when I asked her if she came there often. I'm not sure if she was homeless or not but she was pushing a cart. My goal is to spend several hundred dollars on gift cards so I can hand them out to the less fortunate so I asked her what she thought of that Subway and she could not say enough good things about it, in fact it was hard for me to finish my tuna sandwich order because she kept going on and on about how awesome they were compared to the surrounding subways! I will definitely be back soon to buy several hundred dollars worth of gift cards I have discovered the secret to life is the more you give the more you receive as my understanding and all religions is it will come back to me tenfold, I have no plans to invest in real estate or the stock market or Bitcoin my goal is to invest in a guaranteed 10 times return #grateful I have this knowledge and this faith

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