El Michoacano Ice Cream and Mexican Food

2922 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines
(515) 277-1826

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Tina Clark

Good service : I had the Chicken Sopes ; you get 3 of them over order. I was able to feed 3 . Their specialty are their flavored waters: Agua Frescas, That is the least to say because everything in this place taste good.

Jennifer Epperson

The food is great and they have a huge vegan selection also!

Robert Hawk

The food was good and mostly authentic, and the staff was friendly and patient with our questions.There were two things that hat kept me from 5 stars. First, the nachos had yellow cheese sauce...like convenience store or ballpark style. Second, the horchata. It was not bad, just different. Rather than ground cinnamon it tasted like cinnamon oil or red hots. I think they take some shortcuts.With that said, the empanadas and tortas were very flavorful.But seriously...if you want a side, get the fries.

JackyYluis Santos

I use to LOVE this place .. but now not so much .! This will probably be the third time I bought a torta.. that barley had any meat in it . Pretty disappointing. Plus I got over charged for a drink twice already. I hope management sees this and steps up the game again. I mean you all use to be amazing !!!!!! Please go back !

Laura Hansen

Tacos and ice cream, need I say more. Excellent traditional tacos. Flautas we're extra crispy. I loved that I could also get Mango too!

Gabriela Aguilar

Honestly the food is great. But the appearance of this place inside and out is not A-1, the only reason I came is because I was recommended by a friend. He said they had Michoacan food. They don’t they have Mexican food. But not Authentic Michoacan food. Unfortunately.Also not much of a variety of ice cream like other Michoacana ice cream shops.I think they should focus on one thing and they will do great. Their food was great like I said.

Courtney Gaskins

This place is so good!! They have a ton of options for food and they offer ice cream as well. I have tried numerous things on the menu but keep coming back to the michoacano tacos. They are street style tacos - aka small tacos. I can eat 3 or 4 and be stuffed. I've never had something here I didn't like. Definitely try them out!

Cinthia Alejo Reyes Rodriguez

Their food is delicious. Tacos dorados are so good.

Courtney Gaskins

Try the Michoacano tacos -shredded beef in some spicy stuff. They are delicious!

Courtney G.

El Michocano is so great! During the pandemic, they were a place a prioritized giving my business so they wouldn't struggle. I've tried many of their food items - carne asada fries, flautas, burritos and tacos. My favorite thing to get there are the Michocano Tacos. They have shredded beef and onions in them. The meat is marinated in some sort of spice stuff that makes it so so good! In the summer, I also like to stop by and get some ice cream. They have many different flavors and a few ice cream treats as well. They also have a ton of vegan items for your vegan/vegetarian friends. If you haven't been here already, make it a point to stop in.

Ian Dielschneider

I travel to Mexico 6 or 7 times a year for work. This was my first time visiting but was taken back "home" to my travels with great service and truly authentic Mexican food, drinks and ice cream. I can't say enough good things about the tacos I had, just like those from my favorite little stands and restaurants off the beaten path in the Bajio. Definitely a gem in the Des Moines community. I can't wait to explore the menu!

Jenna Emery

The best authentic street tacos! They have quite a few in house hot sauces that are all equally incredible but each has a wonderful flavor of its own. The cheese empanada is delicious. I have not found a better or more authentic and consistent spot than this place! My absolute favorite!

Ale Hayes

When I picked it up to take a bite everything stayed on top, definitely a plus. Loved the variety of salsas!

Kristy R

YUM everything is so fresh and soo delicious. Love the huge veggie & vegan menu!


Lil hole in the wall type place that your belly will say ty for! Tacos empanadas burritos alllll are fabulous. Even the fries always look delicious too lol they also offer vegan options!

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El Michoacano Ice Cream and Mexican Food

2922 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 277-1826