Andrade's Restaurante Mexicano

4620 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 344-1234

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Devon Callaway

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Boise. The taste of the dishes here are excellent. In addition to good prices, you get a lot for what you pay for. Trying multiple items on the menu over time, I can safely say everything tastes great. Note, expect a little bit of a wait if you arrive around dinner time.

Ima Honestee

I want to give 5 stars, but the food isn't what it used to be. The salsa and chips were delicious, but my entre was just "okay". The staff was extremely accommodating and welcoming though. I wanted to give 3 stars, but the staff was so phenomenal I increased my review to 4 stars. This was my first time eating in their new location, so it's been years since I've ate their food. The new location is neat, but doesn't seem complete. Overall, i will return one more time and hope for better food so I can increase the stars.


The service was great, pretty sure the owner ended up taking our order and she was really nice. You could tell the staff cared about giving good service and everyone was very friendly.I wanted to like this place more but we honestly thought the food was just ok. I don’t think I have ever had bad rice at a Mexican restaurant before but the rice was really dry here.The enchiladas and burritos were simply bland, not bad, just not a lot of flavor. We noticed other tables that had ordered fajitas and other food that looked amazing so enchiladas and burritos just might not be the best thing to order here.Also, we ordered a side of sour cream as an actual side and they put it on top of shredded lettuce. Not a major issue but have you tried separating/salvaging sour cream from shredded lettuce? Doesn’t really go well.

barbara karnowski

Food was pretty good but the service was lousy. Once the food was delivered, the waitress took forever to check on the table. It took almost 25 minutes to receive a second cocktail By then, we were almost ready to leave as the meals were pretty much eaten. No reason for the delay as it was not overly crowded and there seemed to be sufficient help.

Kevin P.

Nice place to bad the food is mediocre. They use pre made taco shells. Beans have no flavor.

Mark H.

My second visit was very enjoyable. I spent most of my life in Texas, and now that I've become an Idahoan, I find myself craving Tex-Mex cuisine. Andrade's comes close with a few of its dishes. Very festive interior design. The taco salad was very good. Ill be back!

Dom Gallegos

New place, new menu, kept some favorite dishes.Whole new staff. Actual bartender now.So pretty good and friendly place. 30min wait is pretty common, but you can sit at the bar while you do.

Alyssa R.

My Grandparents moved to Idaho about 3 years ago. Twice a year I visit from California and honestly here in CA we are pretty spoiled when it comes to different cuisines. Finding a good Mexican restaurant and one I'd come back to again in Idaho has been tough. But we found this gem after going to the antique shop that's in the same parking lot. It was delicious. Best Mexican restaurant i have found. Salsa was flavorful didn't taste like watered down tomato paste, Bean dip super delicious and chips were really good too. My Grandma ordered enchiladas and she said they were really good. My mom ordered a salad she said was super fresh. I ordered chicken mole and fajitas and it was delicious. I really enjoyed this restaurant and would 100% recommend and come back!

Lisa H.

I'm a native Californian, now living in Lacey, WA. IMO, the Mexican restaurants in the Olympia area just aren't very good, so I've resigned myself to waiting until I visit CA to ever have good Mexican food again --- BUT, my daughter and son-in-law live in Boise, and , when visiting them, we went to Andrades! The meals were SO good, I could've wept with relief and joy --- BEST Mexican food I've had in years! The ambience and the service were both excellent, also. I'll be sure to visit this place whenever I'm lucky enough to be in the Boise area.

Charlie V.

We were there at 2pm on a weekday - the start of their Happy Hour. Every table in the bar except the one we sat in, had not been bussed. We we're told they had been busy and staff was catching up. They said the busser was in the main area and would clean the bar area when she could get to it. We accepted that, except that both ladies and the male host were socializing at the bar - the host "playing" with a menu. All of them saw the disgusting mess, but not one lifted a finger to pick up a dirty dish. Andrade has signs about being vaccinated at the door - perhaps they should be more concerned about the dirty dishes and unswept floor that is unsanitary. Hopefully, the kitchen was cleaner, but, we'll never know. Because of this, we would never step foot in Andrades again; a much better option is Matador's on 8th, where the entire staff pitches in when things get busy.

James Samudio

I'm giving three stars because for the first time my experience was not good. When the waitress asked me about the food I was honest. But the owner came to my table apologized and promised the next time would be much better.For that I will be coming back to give them another chance. That says something to me when an owner takes the time to care about what her customers think and then resolves it.I myself have been a business owner for over 20 years and know that when an owner cares this much, they care about their customers.

Alejandro López

Delicious food and excellent service!!If you want to taste the real Mexican food, you guys have to visit this restaurant...Perfect mix with the music and decorative inside, beautiful wall paint!


Good food but service is slow, they advertise all you can eat lunch, but servers don't come back in a timely fashion so you can't actually get more food. Sat there for 15 minutes with empty plates and water glasses before getting frustrated and left, they had nerve to charge extra $2 per plate for all u can eat even though server never came back once. Almost lost it on them.

michael miller

Fanatic. If you haven't been and love Mexican food, it's a must. The new location looks great. The big mamma burrito doesn't disappoint.

ladene moffett

I ordered the shrimp/crab ceviche and it was delicious. Our server was helpful, friendly and very attentive.It was very busy and our wait was 40 minutes because there were 7 of us and two tables had to be put together.The noise level was so loud we couldn't hear each other unless we were sitting right next to each other. With all the hard surfaces there is nothing to absorb the sound.I would love to go back at a less busy time to check out more of their menu. Maybe do take out to save my hearing.

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Andrade's Restaurante Mexicano

4620 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83705
(208) 344-1234