121 N 9th St, Boise
(208) 387-3553

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Relax in Nature Sounds

Loved the bacon flight! Also got omelette and French toast, very tasty with fried okra on the side of the omelette. Nice outdoor seating, with overhead heaters next to the building. Highly recommend.

Nicholas Venegas

From the name you can tell bacon is the theme. My friends and I enjoyed all of the menu items we tried. I would highly recommend if you're in the area and looking for a brunch spot.

Jessica Fearer

Food was so delicious, best bacon we’ve ever had!! The whole set up was confusing. Make sure to read the sign by the water/coffee area because they didn’t mention it so we got stopped as we were seating ourselves

Jillian Phippen

There is a reason the line extends to the street! We tried to get into breakfast 2 different days, and we decided to go early. Great choice. The food was great! We had the bacon & egg poutine. The gravy was spicy and garlicy which was yummy on the fries. The Berryhill bacon was as good as advertised. Definitely recommend!


Different kind of cafeteria restaurant. Southern style food but if you have lived in the south you will know it falls short by a bit. Over seasoning and quality is below grade. Fun place to try though. Service was excellent so I am giving a 4 vs 3.


Who would have expected shrimp and grits in Idaho? This is a great breakfast spot in mid-town. We were there in the summer and the outdoor seating was great. We skipped lunch!

Shirley Olohan

This place is so amazing, my husband is already thinking about what he's going to have next time we come here. My husband had the Boise Bacon omelette with a side of the Berryhill bacon. I had the Benny Hill, which was basically eggs benedict with bacon and a biscuit. My goodness! I'm not a bacon person, but this was so delicious! The potatoes were flavorful mixed with the fried okra. And the chipotle hollandaise sauce had just enough kick to it. My husband was so pleased with his omelette, it was so filling!The people working there were so friendly and helpful. It's semi-serve where you get your own utensils, coffee and water, but once you sit down, there's still people who come around to fill your coffee and water and asks if you need anything else.I think next time my husband and I will try the mimosas!


Highly recommend this place for breakfast. They have an interesting menu with several types of bacon that you can order (all of them delicious). Service was excellent and very friendly.

Living in Ethiopia

Quite good food. Very friendly service. Definitely coming back and recommending to others. Only draw back on food is that the bacon sampler was cold. Not sure if this is how it’s supposed to be, but probably would have tasted better if it had been freshly cooked.Finally, I am not a fan of asking for the tip prior to knowing about food or service. They make you pay tip when you order, but you have no idea how the food or service will be at this stage. Might as well just add a flat 20% service charge to every bill. The way they are doing it totally misses the entire point of tipping (which is the tip more for exceptional service). Super annoying……


Worth the visit. Good food, great patio. We had the hash, El Paso burrito and Benny hill. These were all recommended bu the person where you order your food. We weren’t disappointed!

Kathryn O

Excellent customer service all around and loved the quaint outdoor patio. Employees were extremely helpful, fun and kind. Great food - recommend the bacon flight to sample all the flavors. The strawberry jam was great, too.


Wow, their breakfasts are hardy and pretty amazing. This place is a must stop. The bacon taster shots were interesting and tasty. Loved the shrimp and grits and their fluffy warm biscuits and gravy.

Shawn hensley

Was a great burrito. The bacon flight was really interesting. Wish they had a pepper bacon but absolutely worth coming in and checking it out.

Taylor Billings

Hands down, the best bloody marys in Boise. I ordered the spicy bloody mary with the Grit Bowl. Wow! It sure didn't disappoint. Their grits are super cheesy and thick. Bacon is flavorful, unique and the best part is you have 5 different bacon flavors!!

FLYn Hayn

Smart seating and menu system! Bacon was delicious! Food was excellent and service was friendly. My family does not tolerate spicy food at all and a good number of the options are spicy which limited the menu for us. They did have things that weren't spicy but not everything. In particular we came here for the Eggs Benedict and the only Hollandaise is spicy so we were a little heart broken personally lol. If they added a plain hollandaise as well we would be in heaven and would totally give 5 stars! In the end I definitely recommend it just barely missed the mark for my family in particular! We would go again and recommend to others just be ready for a decent amount of spicy options.

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