The Stagecoach Inn

3132 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City
(208) 342-4161

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Anthony Shriver

An absolute delight! This place reminds me of a place in Oklahoma called Cattleman's. Though I definitely think it's better. I recommend this place for sure. If I'm ever back in Boise I'll for sure stop by.

Kelly Grisham

Iconic Idaho, nostalgic, wonderful food and service. I very rarely order steaks at restaurants cause I like my own at home, but the Stagecoach nailed it! My Ribeye was so wonderfully cooked, tender, juicy and flavorful! I chose the onion rings as recommended by a friend and fully agree. The side salad and appetizers before were enough to fill me up. Don't get me started on their famous banana cream pie. It was my birthday so the waitress bought me a slice and it was some of the best!Can't wait to go back again, and get a full 5-stars! Well done, and keeping it Stagecoach style and reputation.

Robert L.

Have been coming to this restaurant since they reopened in 2015. It was our favorite place, specifically for the broasted chicken. The last two times we did take out as my mother is unable to get out of her house. Well today we got the usual prawns , fish and chips and of course the chicken. Although the food was a little on the cold side, I figured that was what to expect from when you do take out. What I did not expect was undercooked, unseasoned chicken. I really feel that the chef would not have served that had we dined in as it would have been returned immediately. The fact that it was take out is why thought they could get away with serving that. This was a special occasion lunch that lead to disappointment. Considering the cost to dine out now, there is no way I will ever return or recommend this place


The Stagecoach Inn has been our favorite restaurant since 2009. We go there about once a month. The food is always great, I love the dark and warm decor and the service is top notch.Though I tend to try a variety of your menu items, for the last several years, my wife has been laser-focused on your Crab Salad. She said it's the best she's ever had. Unfortunately, the last time we were there,, Jessica told us it was being removed from the menu and that they no longer had it available. So, this is a plea to please bring that back. Your pricing was more than fair, and we'd be willing to pay considerably more to have it available.If not, my wife may just have to settle for one of your excellent steaks. Keep up the good work!

John Yarnell

These guys are known for their steak but I love ❤️ the club sandwich for lunch. If you want a taste of an old Garden City staple make sure you check out the Stagecoach.

Jodi M. Rowe

Celebrated our 19th anniversary at the best restaurant in Boise!

Ansel E.

We were a party of 6, arrived at 5:00 PM 5/18/22 seated right away. 2 bottles of wine, 2 glasses of wine and 5 cocktails; 6 steaks and 4 desserts. Within 3 minutes of the check being signed, over $350 then an assistant manager approached the table and said they were busy and had a 2 hour limit. I pointed to wine glasses being half full and a cocktail on the table. I talked to our server about it, she was shocked and embarrassed. I've eaten in some of the finest steak houses in major cities across the country and internationally, never seen anything like it. First yelp review I've ever written. One and Done at the Stagecoach Inn.

Jesse D.

Get there early. They are always busy. You know why? Because the food is good. Rolls are almost my favorite part. The salads are great. The prime rib is excellent and the service definitely isn't the worst.

Arthur J.

I love the Coach! We have been coming here for many years. We love their prawns, oysters (shooters and pan fried) and steaks. The service is always great. The only downside is no reservations.

Jean Hossfeld

Restaurant is excellent along with most of the staff, Josh is an excellent bartender, Bruna is the BEST, however the Hostess Courtney has no business being in customer service.

Jen B.

Absolutely delicious prime ribFabulous atmosphereExcellent serviceDear friends Bob and Anne took us out to dinner; what an amazing treat! I can't wait to go again ... that prime rib is calling!!

Michelle W.

I am very disappointed. After (2) years of considering a visit I pulled the trigger and went. The woman at the front was less than welcoming. I found a seat at the bar and patiently waited over (10) minutes. I ordered a martini that cost $10.50 during Happy Hour??? I will not return:(

Shari Wheeler

Okay where has this place been?? Yum!When you go in it is super dark. I'm not sure why. I hate having to pull my phone out to use the flashlight to read a menu.It was super busy! I was actually shocked. This place is like the old place people would go for lunch after church on Sunday.We got seated and the waitress came.over. She seemed really overwhelmed, but nice.The food is what shined. The baked potato was probably the best I've ever had. It was super fluffy! The chicken was cooked perfectly. The teriyaki sauce wasn't great.The halibut bites were delicious and the fries were amazing.They gave us fresh bread that was heavenly.We will definitely go back to try something different!!

Joshua Miramontez

My good friends 2 year old child fell off one of the seats and had a complete loss of consciousness after landing on her head. The staff was immediately asked to call 911. The manger/ owner said no and would not access 911 for a the child. With no other option my friend had to throw his child in the truck and speed to the emergency room. The staff was asked multiple time to call 911 and they refused. I can’t understand why they would do this? I will never take my family to this restaurant regardless of how good the food is.

Jeffrey Giesler

I love this place. It is old school. Rolls and salad is included with your entree. Amazing prime rib and bar prawns. Strong cocktails. What more could you ask for?

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