The Stagecoach Inn

3132 W Chinden Blvd, Boise
(208) 342-4161

Recent Reviews

Mark W

Great atmosphere. Reuben sandwich was very tasty. Chicken and shrimp was a good meal also. Would definitely eat here again.

Joy Barker

Had a wonderful time and delicious food! Loved the great atmosphere!

Dixie Tengs

I ordered the smallest prime rib. I don’t even have words for this meal!! I had to eat all of it and I don’t have that big of a stomach. But I couldn’t let this go to waste. My husband ordered the club sandwich. The onion rings were out of this world!!! Our waitress BRUNA was amazing!! Made sure we got drinks refilled in a timely manner. Made sure we didn’t need anything and made sure our food was cooked the way we like!! I will be back here again!! DONT FORGET TO ORDER THE PRIME RIB YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Chris Presley

My buddy and I were craving a steak so we decided to give this place a shot. We are both in our early forties and we're by far the youngest patrons in the restaurant.The service was outstanding. Our waitress was very attentive. He had the filet and I had the prime rib. The food was and very reasonably priced oh, and the portions are significant. We will definitely go here again.

Mark Lisenby

Just had the best rib eye in Boise my server Lisa was on point and attentive I will be back

Emilio G.

First of all, the food was incredible, from the bread rolls to the steak and everything in-between. Secondly, the overall service was top notch. The greeter was super sweet and everyone around was so helpful. Most importantly, our waitress Karen was sweet, funny, checked in on us, and put up with us the whole evening! She's the best!! Highly highly recommend!!

Robert Petty

Friendly atmosphere great food vegetables or done just right Definitely would go back

Angela Hoff

Its a special experience at the Stagecoach. Its the oldest restaurant in Ada County and the Stagecoach use to drive by. They have N original menu on the wall with historic pictures. Food is delicious! You have to try the fried prawns and Halibut Chunks! Prime Rib is delicious! One of our old time favorites.

Edgar M.

Place is awesome. Its a simple meat amd potato type of place. Good food. Amazing fries and potato salad. Wooden tables, leather seats and pictures of dead frontier folk on the walls. AWESOME!!!

Melinda B.

Hubs wanted to eat there again so we went. Ordered the chicken breast salad, which was supposed to be on a bed of fresh Romaine. ($16.50). It was a $.99 bag of iceberg. His club sandwich was good. This place is so inconsistent!

Kathryn H.

If you want a good steak and some excellent bar prawns or shrimp cocktail this is the place to go. They have been around for many many years and know most of the customers by name. The prime rib will literally melt in your mouth and the fillet mignon was fabulous also. The shrimp cocktails were fresh and bright and had a delicious cocktail sauce. For the money this is the place to go maybe not totally romantic but if you getting good food that's romantic to me.!

Marty Brubaker

Worst restaurant I have been to! When I called to make reservations, the person I spoke to was rude and ignorant. Took 15 minutes for a server to come to our table. WOW! She walked up almost behind the booth and said almost illegible "how are you?". Was today indifferent when she asked if we we're ready to order. Didn't introduce herself, say hi or be polite. Then took our order without notes and got it wrong. I ordered salmon and got halibut and mentioned and she argued about it she argued with me.

Kimberly Dowell

The beer was good and that's about it. The hostess staff was rude. Our waitress was okay. Our steaks were still mooing even though we requested medium. The baked potatoes were hard and the jumbo prawns were nothing to write home about. Not going back ever.

Stacia Cobb

NEVER EVER WILL WE BE BACK!! We walked in to grab a table for our party of 13 after my grandpas funeral because he enjoyed coming to the Stagecoach Inn. We thought it was the perfect way to celebrate him and ended up being treated so rudely by the staff. They upped the wait time from 45 min to over an hour when I said we would gladly wait. Then they wouldn’t let us sit down in the waiting area because there was a lady sorting silverware and they didn’t want us around another table that was also in the waiting area. The gentlemen (not so gentlemen at all) told us that we could go to the Riverside and wait for our table and to move out of the way so their non-existent customers could come through the door. We were such an inconvenience to them because we had a large party and were treated so badly!! I am appalled at their staff. They now lost GENERATIONS of business. Their arrogance and unwillingness to serve our large party will not be forgotten. I hope to help others with this review so they know they will be discriminated against if you show up with a larger party. Also the building is run down and ugly. I would find another restaurant to spend money at for sure.

Greg M.

We are in town for my wife's grandfather's memorial. We went here to celebrate his life afterwards b/c it was always his favorite place to go. They showed 0 interest in serving our group of 13, and even went as far as to up the estimated wait time once we said we were willing to wait. Over all every single person we talked to there was rude, entitled and condescending. It was an awful experience, and we'll never be back. Congrats on losing multiple generations of customers. Hope it was worth it to "move us out of the way so people can use the door". Side note: The ambiance there is really outdated. It still smells vaguely of cigarettes, and everything is ooooold.

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