The Kneadery

260 N Leadville Ave, Ketchum
(208) 726-9462

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Lon Haber

Everything about this place it’s just as it should be. It is beautiful and cozy and inviting, the food is delicious, it’s actually beyond delicious. It’s probably the best place for brunch in the world. The owners and staff are incredibly friendly and professional and make sure no detail goes unnoticed. Just when you thought you’ve had the best dish or the best time, you go again and you find they’ve outdone themselves. We highly recommend you give it a try whether for breakfast or brunch or whatever suits your fancy, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a delicious heartwarming experience. When we are not in town we order the pancake and waffle mix and other special items so we can do our best to re-create the Kneadery experience wherever we are!

Kathy Brown Clark

great service. The Eggs Benedict were excellent. Will definitely be back.

Melissa B.

Outstanding breakfast and the service was great! The environment was quaint and interesting.

Carinda Stout

Our food was good but the staff was unfriendly. We most likely will not go back due to the quality of the service.

Matt Zigler

Worth the wait! Packed restaurant for breakfast. The service and food were excellent. I would love to go back when we visit next time.

Aggressive Audio

“This is the saddest a meal has made me in a long time.” - my friend sitting next to me. Unfortunately I have to agree. The hash browns were definitely bought at the grocery store. Also worst French toast I’ve ever had. Worst of all it cost $14.00 plus tip and tax. If it was $6 I would give this place 3 stars.

Curtis Venn

Nice little restaurant in town. We went during the early fall and it was pretty busy. They were able to accommodate our group of 9 within 20 minutes.The food was good. Not extremely satisfying for the price. But the speed of service and food was perfectly convenient for our quick stop.

Liz T

This place was so great for a big breakfast. Fantastic staff and so easy going about additions and modifications. Brunch drinks were great and very fresh. Would definitely make this a multiple times per week stop. We waited for 25 minutes in a Saturday morning. Well worth it.

Rebekah A.

I spent an extended weekend in Sun Valley and this is my favorite place that we went to for food. It has a nice homey diner feel, with a pretty typical diner menu. For the area, you can't beat the prices for the portions. I had the cinnamon French toast and it did not disappoint. The staff here were also friendly and very on top of things! I'd recommend coming early to beat the long wait.

Ryan H.

Been here on a weekend, food was way better than on Monday. Guess from servers to cooks you get the B if not C team on Monday.

Hannah W.

Stopped on our way through town for brunch. We were seated right away and the food and service were fantastic! The menu is large and so are the portions. Definitely will be back!

Valerie S.

Cute breakfast/brunch spot in town. Good portions for a resonablw price. Love the decor!

Lance K.

I haven't posted in a while but I want to welcome you to the worst service in Idaho. I've never had a waiter this rude and a manager so clueless. We had a large party of 14, we tried to make reservations days before but they refused reservations. We showed up and waited 40 minutes for the table which we expected. We were seated at two different tables and the waiter was not advised that we were one party. The table of four was served drinks immediately and had their food on the table before we were even delivered our drinks. My 15-year-old nephew was told they are out of hot chocolate, he asked for a Dr Pepper and the waiters response was "we're out of that too." He said it facetiously and did not offer any other sodas.. I asked for an IPA and told him ant IPA is fine. He rolled his eyes and said that's not going to work you need to tell me what you want from the menu. From time of seating to the time our food was served about 40 minutes. 20 minutes at the table before we were acknowledged. My wife never received her food. She ordered eggs Benedict and when we reminded him for the third time that she didn't get served, he rushed out a plate of one raw egg split between the top of English muffin with cold hashbrowns on the side. I told him I understand that they are busy but please take that off the bill. He said "oh yeah go tell the boss." I asked him who the boss was and he pointed at him. I told him "well then let's go, you lead the way." The boss was completely clueless and said you've already cashed out but he can get us a hat or a T-shirt instead or a credit for next time. Nobody in our party will return to that place as it was the worst service we've all ever experienced. I don't care how good the food could be, service speaks volumes. No way would we advertise for them with a hat or shirt. One Star is way too much.

Felipe Bouroncle

The wait staff is very nice but the manager yelled at us for asking for a lactose free option. We just wanted to know if they could make a french toast with no milk added. It was ok if the bread had a little lactose. There was no need to make my 8 year old cry.

Caitlin B.

The french toasts in the pictures looked so professional but after ordering them they served me an under cooked cheap bread slice with egg of what I would compare with a cheap dinner meal. The poached egg were spot on and the hollandaise sauce was ok.

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