Flying Pie Pizzaria- Nampa

1021 12th Ave Rd South, Nampa
(208) 453-7400

Recent Reviews

Steven D Wood II

the beer selection and pizzas are always great.

Willem Scott King

Friendly service and delicious pizza, the Samoan is soooo good. I love the addition of the Gouda (gow-da) cheese! ?

Debbie Dunn

Best pizza we have found so far in Idaho. We have tried pizza in 12 different states so far. It is hard to find what we like. Flying pie is very good. The crust is excellent, especially their sourdough crust. Loads of toppings and plenty of cheese. The sauce is what makes their pizza worth coming back for.

Color bop art

every single time I've asked for no meat on my pizza, I somehow always get pizza with meat. I've ordered items that have said they are vegetarian but somehow, without fail, come with meat. ya'll are very nice to customers though.

Tanya Lawson

Customer service wasn't great. Rushed and very short. When asked, "what do you recommend?" about adding toppings to habanero pizza was told, "that's a no". Also, they did away with their salad bar?! Which was, at one time, the best salad bar in town. Blame covid, but other places in town have balanced how to maintain salad bars with precautions...... No longer impressed with this location. It's definitely changed over the last 1-2 years and not for the better.

Lori Duncan

It was my first time there. The pizza was great, so were the staff! Thank you!

Sammi Holden

This company no longer uses their own drivers. People who work there have told me that the insurance was to high so they would rather pay DoorDash then hire their own drivers. It’s such a shame. You have to pay 5-8 dollars extra in delivery fees plus leave a tip for the door dasher. It’s ridiculous. Just another way to put more money in their pockets. Last time I ordered the dasher took an hour (doing who knows what) my pizza was cold and they didn’t get my red sauce. Won’t be ordering from them anymore.

Josh Pence

I enjoy flying pie pizza and atmosphere. I've been to a few of them and I always feel like the people at the Nampa location are stressed out. Consistent there are hardly ever any tables to sit down at because they are dirty or the tables that are clear are still dirty. Take out takes much longer than dine in, so I guess you have to decide what you want to do. Food though is always great, best pizza in town.

Mike Goedhart

Staff an Atmosphere was great was some o the best I've ever had...

Danielle M Spence

It seems as though the standards at the Nampa flying pie pizza are way lower than other locations in the area. I called in an order of bacon breadsticks at 552 p.m. I was told they would be ready in 25 minutes I arrived at 6:15 only to be told they were not ready. Not only were they not ready they hadn't even been started yet. Apparently the woman with the flower tattoo on her neck instructed stuff just work on in-house orders. I was told it would be another 8 to 10 minutes at 6:25 they still were not ready at 6:35 I was finally given my order. Their was very little cheese and even less bacon and no ranch. I stated I requested ranch not marinara, the guy with the neck tattoo seemed to have an attitude and told me they were out of ranch. The customer service was lacking as well as the quality of food.

Jed Conradi

The pizza we ordered was great! There is a good variety of pies to choose from and the food, ingredients are good quality. They have an excellent tap list, although a number were empty when we arrived. The atmosphere is pretty cool. The only knock I would give is the location we visited could've been a little cleaner, including the silverware.

Emily Xavier

I loved it there. There was no one there but me and my party. Obviously underrated. The walls were done in a fantastic graffiti style, I wish I had taken pics.. The music was loud and upbeat. The pizza was cheesy, so delicious.

Bailey Smith

Seriously have never dealt with such horrible customer service like I do with this place! Love the pizza but not once has my pizza ever been done at the time that they said it would be it’s always been 15 or more minutes later! Then on top of it they’re very rude and unprofessional I’ll probably just start driving to Boise instead of coming to this place.

Edward Williams

Best pizza this side of the Mississippi. Heavy mozz and parm, excellent cut toppings. Salad bar, beer bar and soda bar and gaming area is phenom. Lunch buffet ?!?!?!

Lexie F.

We live within walking distance and this is our go to pizza place. We normally order delivery, and it always arrives warm and delicious. The stramboli is my favorite pizza, because the sour dough crust is *chefs kiss* and the salad bar YUMMMM!

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