Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

2122 N Cassia St, Nampa
(208) 466-2883

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Amber Lawson

Everything was fresh tasting even though we arrived at 9pm, and there was so much to choose from!

Raymond Garibay

Went with my family and Everytime I asked for a medium rare steak he would give me a very rare steak almost blue looking and I went to get mashed potatoes several times and they were gone and when I asked the lady for some she took her sweet time getting me some.The carrot cake and banana pudding was very delicious and the Hispanic lady server was very nice and very helpful getting us plates and drinks

Chanel Dial

Me and my bestie had so much fun together and the service was amazing ? I would love to come again sometime soon ?

Larae Annette

Very clean and the staff were awesome. The bread pudding was the best!

Janet Matthews

The staff was so nice and friendly and very accommodating thanks guys a million made date night that much better

Payton The Man Manning

Love this place. COVID B.S. still slightly in place here but it won't ruin your meal like it did before. Dropped a star off because of the fountain. It was on, kids were hyped, I was hyped, life was good. Dessert time comes. No fountain. Sad days.

Lester Robson

Very good food.Nice people working there.

Ann Stansbury

We go here off and on as it is a lot of food. Their salad and desert bars have any yummy food you could want. Even with my diagnosis of hypoglycemia, I can find things I like to eat. This last we had the best waitperson I have ever had anywhere. He was cordial and quick to refill drinks and clear excess plates from our table. I hope they realize what a gem he is, I would be sure to sit in his section. Many of their foods here are good comfort food. But they also have some goldstar foods.

page ducheneaux

The food is ok, pretty one note but to he expected. How ever everything was fresh. But the lady worker who was hoarding the cotton candy was to much. She did NOT want anyone to have them. Someone always had to ask then she would put a few out. Lady I just paid 40 bucks for 2 people If I want to bags of cotton candy I should be allowed. Our waiter was clearly more Interested in side conversations with coworkers to keep our drinks ls full. Which is fine he got the tip he deserved. I refuse to tip good for bad service. Come on people for this price please step it up. There's so many food options out there.

Tin Chavez

Food was delicious, and my kids even ate all theirs (that's a good sign). Left happy and full bellied!


I've always liked going to this restaurant when I'm in the area, this time I went with my sister as usual it was pleasant, the food was good, a lot to choose from good dessert bar,Service was decent and got in quick, would go there again, would recommend

Elane Salinas

Love eating here always great food and service

Howard Phelps

My fist time back here since Covid hit. My son and I went here for lunch. $10 each. We ordered water - I think they charge extra for pop, juice, etc... Food was good. Service was good, too.

Sheila Simpson

So much better than other locations. We arrived 40 minutes before closing and all the food was still fresh and hadn't been sitting long. Server was very nice and lots of personality.

Chris T

We met here for a family gathering of old people. They love their buffets. The service is great, the workers are amazing, so my reflection is purely on the buffet food. It's not fine dining, but they don't pretend to be. It's homie, mass produced food. Good people watching.

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Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

2122 N Cassia St, Nampa, ID 83651
(208) 466-2883