Chu's China Bistro

1 State St B, Calumet City
(708) 862-6622

Recent Reviews

Stephanie Rodriguez

The food is good and affordable but the lady’s attitude isn’t always great

Dwayne Garner

Use to love it.. Today gravy was watery and bland tasting...


Food is good but the portion sizes have shrunk and the prices have gone through the roof.

The One & Only Melissa (Mel)

My mom loves the pepper steak from here

The One & Only Melissa

My mom loves the pepper steak from here

The Witch Next Door

This used to be my go-to Chinese place because I just moved here. And the reviews was great! I love their shrimp fried rice. That is the only thing I get ?? But after about a year the food has went down. And I'm not a fan of keep ordering something and you don't ask to replace my order. Insted the lady on the phone ALWAYS SAYS "I'm going to tell them to do better."?? If you knew better you would do better. And you not about to keep playing with my coins.

Yeager VR

Love the food. Prices keep me coming back. Try this place and you'll become a loyal customer also.


One of the best fried rice I've tasted .

Maria Elena Patiño

It waa so good ? Its super close.M y kids loved it. Totally going again!!

GOD Child

One of the best fried rice I've tasted .

Crystal Taylor

This is my first time experiencing the food I ordered this pst Saturday. It had no taste, wet and just nasty. It was a big turn off for me when I called and all the lady offered was a do over..umm no! My son went and demanded and refund..The one lady was talking trash in her language as she gave him a refund and they wanted me trust them redoing my order, no!Will I patronize this place again, no! TURNED OFF

Tara Samuels

Good food nice helpings and rude customeer server today

Dan Ferguson

Decent food. Quick service.

Lawanda Postell

Good food, good prices. Clean, fast and polite employees.

Cynthia Cooper

Quick tasty and affordable.

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