2030 Sibley Blvd, Calumet City
(708) 868-6690

Recent Reviews

Gary Doman

Subway turns out tasty & filling sandwiches.

Jose Diaz

Claims they are open until 11PM but I tried going at 10:20PM and the employees had already closed up. They were just in there ready to leave just waiting. They even have a sign saying they are open Mon-Fri 8 AM to 11 PM


I love my tuna sandwich on Friday! So, thank you for your great customer service too!

Al Greer

I always love my chopped salad!

Ofelia Tovar

I love my tuna sandwich on Friday! So, thank you for your great customer service too!

Linda Bodkin

It's always good keep up the good work

Robert Williams

This particular location is not as good as others that I have ate @/from.

Ravashing wes

The night shift manager is awesome. She's tired. She's very tired but makes it work. All the call offs here at this location is bogus. She shouldn't be the only manager there working !!!. The owner is bogus for allowing this to happen and by not making changes ASAP. This young lady is prompt, professional , and still fast even with the call off handicaps. If youre visiting this location and it's a lil slow. . its not her fault !!!


What about what I like about the Subways in Illinois is that the meat taste totally different from California you taste the freshness of the meat I love subways but there's a different taste between the meat in Illinois and California

Ugly Fanta

The people who talk about the people that serve them just don’t want u to go there it’s a clean place u won’t have any problems with your Order the people that say that the person making your food makes rude remarks just wish that someone said that to them so they can brag about how much of a comeback they created to make themselves look good overall a great place

G. William Leftridge

Clean. Helpful sharp people

Michael Bergeron

I celebrated my graduation earlier this evening in this great place. happy to tell that we had a phenomenal evening and the venue was definitely the reason for this strong celebration. The crew cooperated in a graceful way, the meals were appetizing and my buddies were very overjoyed. We shall definitely visit again for more joyful events. Thank you very much.

Latrice KeyMason

Always clean, great service all the time

Hugh Oconnell

The customer service is always rapid, lovely character, very friendly employees. Will return here again when I arrive here.

Amanda Brown

Worst place to work ever they treat you like your not even human the owners are husband and wife they have no respect for the customers either they do not care if the costumers leave out because of the owners disrespectful ways they expect you to have no life they want you to come in everyday but the pay isn't worth is $8.25 an hr they don't properly train you and they throw fits if you honestly mess up they talk to you as if you are illiterate

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